For a little over three years now, CROF has been my place of business, a platform for me to share helpful information about strength training and fat loss and hopefully a hub for you to find the motivation, inspiration and information you seek in efforts to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Since May I’ve been silent on the CROF “News” tab. The News tab has historically been a place for there CROF Weekly Update wherein I share personal information about my current fitness goals, nutrition tips, exercise videos and client spotlights. A journal for me, and a tab for helpful information for you, I never planned on ceasing these; however some things with my health came up– things of which I wasn’t ready to discuss. Being fully vulnerable and open with you, I held back from posting in efforts to be able to more clearly and honestly communicate about my life.

That being said, I am more than ready and super excited to fill you in today with all of the BRILLIANT new things CROF has to offer, updates on my life and training and give you a refresher on some current CROF products and services.

I appreciate all of you for following along in my sporadic newsletters, keeping up with us on Instagram and to the clients who inspire us daily!

Read on to find ALL the updates about CROF, ME and the newest CROF coach, Lauren 😉

Sidenote: this is a very long/overdo CROF Update. In weeks to come we will have shorter, more fun updates!


Personal Updates:

Woo! WHAT. A. SUMMER. My midwestern self had a blast getting to know New England on a deeper level. Spending time on the ocean off the Rhode Island coast fishing and swimming, hiking in New Hampshire and dining in the Seaport was lovely.

I also made it to the Hamptons for the very first time

In spite of family gatherings with my boyfriends family, attending weddings and trying some new restaurants, I was able to stay consistent with my powerlifts. More on that in the strength section.

As for my health, I was at various doctors appointments (12, in fact!) over the summer. The root of most of my issues (we think) stems from being Celiac and not following a strict GF diet. The other culprit? Lack of sleep to help my gut heal. A third culprit? Low calorie dieting while not strictly- GF. Putting those three things together lead to a bacterial overgrowth, other infections, anxiety and again, lots of doctors appointments. The good news is that I’m on the right path and if you follow me on instagram you’re probably seeing a lot of anit-inflammatory meals I’ve been trying!

More on my health as I figure it out. If this is TMI, I apologize; but I feel best when candid. If my struggles can help others, then I will share. I will be sharing more once I know more. My current issue is that my inflammation is very high and I am still fighting a mean bacteria!


Summertime makes me want to run outside more often. Quick jogs in the park in June with my boyfriend Jeff lead to longer runs 1-2x per week by August. Running helped me mentally deal with stress of the unknown in my body.

As I became more conditioned, I wanted to do Barry’s more frequently. Since June, I’ve done Barry’s (with running) 1-2x a week, and double-floor once a week, Chest Back and Abs. I’ve done two barbell lifts (squat and deadlift) per week with chin-ups and a few accessory exercises like barbell reverse lunges, single-leg deadlifts and hip thrusts.

As weekends included more fun activities and the weeks were busy, for five straight weeks I was training Monday through Thursday and resting Friday through Sunday. My Monday-Thursday routine included 3 cardio (2 outdoor runs + one barrys or vice-versa). Rest is important!

I was fortunate to get to take a floor-only Barry’s Bootcamp class in the Hamptons in July

In the past three weeks it’s been 1-2 Barry’s class and three lifts. The doctor asked me to tone down cardio to decrease my stress level, but reminded me/supported what I already know: strength is the best for everything 😉 So I continue to lift heavy and actually feel that by theme my stomach clears up, I just might be able to lift 300 pounds in the deadlift. This Monday  I did 3 sets of 3 reps at 250 pounds.


You name it, I’ve tried it when it comes to gut-healing. Everything from home-made veggies broths to low fod-map diets, I’ve tried them all in the past four months.

I bought spices/seasonings without onion and garlic, social ketchup from this company, FODY foods, and more!

The main lesson I’ve learned is that food is fuel and it is medicine. In the past two weeks especially I’ve been more concerned with eating the most calories and colors as possible. At age 22 I was very concerned with eating all super-f00ds all of the time, but as my lifestyle changed to one that involved less time in the kitchen and more time at airports I began eating the best I could in the moment, and prioritizing protein. After moving to Boston, I got into bodybuilding and low calorie diets leave little room for healthy fats and extra fruits and veggies. My outsides looked great, but my insides were struggling.

NPC New Englands 2015, I took Runner-Up

Right now weight loss/gain is not on my radar, but healing my gut and decreasing my inflammation while I figure out what else is wrong is key. Below you’ll see one of my new favorite breakfasts!

Chia Seed pudding (coconut milk + chia + 1 tbsp kefir overnight) + pineapple +blueberry + walnut

Aside from colorful breakfasts, I’ve been making sure I have an egg most days, veggies at lunch and dinner and every other day I have a BIG GREEN JUICE!! They are the best. I also have been drinking many protein shakes from Barry’s Bootcmap Fuel Bar. Oh-SO-GOOD. I’ve been prioritizing colors and calories. I’m pretty sure my daily minimum intake is ~2000 calories, but on some days I’m sure it’s closer to 2400.

When it comes to supplements, I hesitate to post too much about this because they are super personal to me and my needs. In short I’ve posted about the amount of supplements I’m taking because in the short-term I am taking a lot of things; however, instead of sharing all of what I’ve tried/what I’m taking here (I’ll soon write an article about this specifically) I just want to drive home these points:

  • supplements are for medical reasons to give a person things they are deficient in
  • the protocol is highly personal
  • the protocol should be given by a licensed professional
  • a lot of what is sold over the counter is not pharmaceutical grade. I learned from my dietician that a lot of things I purchased on Amazon and GNC were not of the best quality.

I’ve been working with Boston Function Medicine and thankful for their help and support. More recipes and colorful recipes to come on the news tab!

Dare to Move, the Book: Yes, I’m still working on this. The end of Part III and Part IV (there are four parts) are in the hands of my editor for the third time. Parts I and II are in the hands of my FINAL editor and VERY soon I will have a book cover!!

I started an instagram page for this project! Follow for writing inspiration, my self-publishing journey and direct quotes form the book!

As soon as I have the book cover, I’ll launch the website that’s been sitting as “almost live” for quite some time!! I am NOT giving up on this endeavor. If you want to be added to the book email list, shoot me an email and I will add you!

CROF Biz Updates:

Today I’m going to walk you through what we offer at CROF, because it’s been a while! We have new followers, viewers, clients and we want you all to know what we do so maybe we can help you, too!

Fat Loss and Strength training: Crossroads of Fitness has always been a strength training and fat loss coaching business. We coach women through powerlifting meets, help men to improve their Dad Bod, young people to find a rhythm with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and so much more, via our Dare to Eat and Dare to Move programs. Since Day One, we’ve offered 6-week and 12-week #Daretoeat programs and we still do!! You can find out more here. If you have any fitness goals this fall, we are here to help you accomplish them! (PS: spy our freakishly strong client, Lindsay, at her powerlifting meet in 2016. SHE NAILED a 281 deadlift!)

One-Time Macro Consultations: This service is very underutilized by new clients and very much used by former clients. The one-time macro consultation is a service where the client pays a flat fee, and with that fee they get one phone-call with a CROF coach, individualized macros for four weeks, advice on exercise implementation with those macros and a follow-up email exchange.

This service is best for someone who knows how to track calories, understands what macronutrients are and seeks a more individualized protocol when it comes to how much they are consuming day-to-day and how much protein is right for them. Get your one-time macro consultation here.

CROF Getaway…. to SNOWMASS!!: We could not be more excited to be hosting a getaway for our friends and clients. This health and wellness retreat is something we’ve been looking forward to! There are still spots available, so feel free to snag your spot here today!!! Read more on WHY here.

Website Re-design: Come November, CROF will have a major facelift. Lauren and I want an easier to use platform for you. With that will come new content, more products and new merchandise! The future is BRIGHT!!

PS: you can still by these cute crops! Hurry before we run out. But them here.

Products: Last August we launched our first ever Dare to Eat ebook, as well as an ebook bundle!

  • The e-cookbook called, “The Basic, Back-to-school Guide to Eating: Recipes, Meal Prep and More for Anyone with a Busy Lifestyle.” You will find, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack ideas. Read more about it here.
  • Ebook Bundle: For $30.99 you get the e-cookbook as well as coupons to other CROF products AND services.

Movewith: I have been coaching on MoveWith since last January. All of the #DTE clients are loving the app, which is a platform on which anyone can have access to their FAVORITE instructor on demand via audio classes. Movewith allows you to sample any of my HIIT classes, treadmill runs, lifting circuits, core workouts and more!! If you’ve never tried it, click here for your free trial!

Coach Lo:

Lauren of “Coach Lo” came on board in June and has been working with several Daretoeat Clients ever since. From my perspective she’s been a sounding board for new content ideas, a creative marketing partner, an ebook designer/writer/aficionado and an amazing support system. I’ve loved running CROF with her and together we will be able to do much more for the company and the brand.

Coach Lo’s Updates:

Personal Updates:
-Now that I’ve passed my personal trainer certification (NSCA), I am on to my new project of studying the impacts of certain foods on the endocrine system to gain a better understanding of the role nutrition plays in hormone management.
-I have recently been hired as a Group Fitness Instructor for an amazing organization called Wellness Collective where I will have the opportunity to teach a variety of classes. I hope to use this experience to become more familiar with and study different types of exercise in more depth to allow me to relate better to clients coming from all different types of exercise backgrounds.
-I am coming up on my one year wedding anniversary (so far so good!! ?) and highly recommend marriage. My husband is in his last year of dental school and we will finally be able to buy a house soon so I’m obviously pushing hard for a puppy.
-I am currently enjoying an “off season” of higher caloric intake to gain some weight in order to build more muscle and continue to increase my metabolism. I have also dealt with hormonal issues for a number of years now (hence my interest in this area of study) and am hoping to experiment on myself with what I am learning about nutrition and the endocrine system. This should be a neat experience and hopefully result in knowledge and results to help guide any clients that may have similar struggles. Fingers crossed!
 -Lastly, I’ve been reading up on how spiritual health and physical health go hand-in-hand; who woulda thought?! But it’s crazy how they complement one another. If you’re on a journey towards bettering your spiritual health too, I’d love to share more about what I’ve been reading- hit me up!
Crossroads of Fitness Coaching as “Coach Lo:”
There is nothing I’ve enjoyed more than getting to know new clients over these past few months and I am still blown away every day by the commitment and dedication of those I’m coaching. Every individual has a story, a reason why, a motivator, and it has been an honor to be included as a part of their journey towards a lifestyle change. I can’t believe this is my job! My parents, mother-in-law, sister, and best friend have all enrolled in the Dare to Eat program and I am SO grateful as it has been such a fun experience to coach them (even if they just use it as an excuse to talk every day ?). Not to give anything away, but some of their results are going to be incredible to share! As a previous Dare to Eat client myself, I’ve seen first-hand how life changing the results can be, and it is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to guide people down the path to getting there.”

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Protein Oatmeal! ??

1 cup old fashioned oats
1/4 cup vanilla protein powder
2 tbsp stevia
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp almond extract
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup fat free Greek yogurt
All the sprinkles ?

Refrigerate over night.
Makes 2 servings!

Exercise Spotlight:

This week we’d like to share a fun lower body combination exercise: the lateral lunge with a pulse, to a modified single leg-squat. Shown below in the Barry’s Bootcamp studio, you’ll see great performing the exercise from two angles.

Butt 'n legs baby!!!! Let's GO!!!!!!!!!!! #barrysbootcamp #daretomove

A post shared by Garrett Wood (@garrettnwood) on

For starters, you want to use a light to medium weight. The goal here is to add a counter balance as you sit into the gluteus medius muscle (side booty!), not to load the body with as much weight as possible.

See the first exercise below, and then read about the benefits.

  • here we are working balance in a less common plane of movement
  • we are stretching the groin muscles
  • we are stabilizing the core as we pule forward
  • activating the shoulders with the forward reach

The second part of the movement forces us to slow down, and perform a longer eccentric movement, putting more tension on the muscles. You can “spot yourself” by putting your back toe down with little to no weight on it for added balance!

Try this on your lower body day!

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PS: Professional photos by Jess McDougall of Jess McDougall Creative. All Dare to Eat clients get a discount when working with her! Check her out here, today!!


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