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Happy Tuesday! I’m loving this CROF Update-every-two-weeks thing, because I have SO much to tell you after two weeks have passed! Buckle Up!

This week’s client updates and inspirational as ever, but very near and dear to my heart <3


I’m excited to share some notes on some restaurants in Boston, snacks/recipes I’ve recently tried, and some lifting videos of moves I’ve been doing during my NON-MAXIMAL LOAD training the past two weeks.

After bidding Summer goodbye two weekends ago, we’ve had a few cooler days in Boston (finally) and I’m definitely ready for fall! Make sure you check out the “What I’m Reading” section to find a throwback article for Pumpkin Protein Bread!

Here I am with my cousin at my Goodbye Summer party.

Here I am with my cousin at my Goodbye Summer party.

Two weeks ago I submitted a huge chunk of writing to my editor and it’s safe to say that we are 1/3 of the way through the entire manuscript. It’s crazy to have this huge THING I’ve created. It’s quite the beast of a story, but I can’t wait to publish it! Stay tuned for details in 2017.

On October 3rd I am launching another group Nutrition Program!!!!

A lot of my clients really enjoy interacting with others across the country and getting motivation from the group.

Program Details:

  • 8-week program
  • Run in Private Facebook Group
  • Individualized Guidelines
  • Let me know if you are interested and I will put you down for pre-enrollment! The early-bird enrollment discount brings the total program to $70.00. Email me gwcrof@gmail.com¬†if you are interested! Early-bird cut-off is THIS THURSDAY.

In this week’s training session I’m going to take you through some fun things I’ve tried at Barry’s recently, aka my favorite go-to moves this month for Chest, Back, Abs, and glutes. There’s even a mobility drill too!

I’ve only powerlifted two days in the past two weeks, as I’m trying something a little different with my training this month. I’ll summarize the specific changes I’ve made for this little experiment in any article in October ūüôā Stay tuned!



I’ve been following a 30-day challenge I created for myself. Instead of saying, “I’m going to eliminate ___,___, and ____” I’ve decided to make a list of 6 things I need to accomplish every day. Those six things are things I feel will make me stronger, leaner and empowered.

With all of the 21-day fixes, Whole 30s and other things out there, I want to see what following something for 30 days feels like, and see if I can handle it. I also wanted my “30 day challenge” to include things I love, not take away things I love.

After 1 week, so far I’m seven days in and here’s my “to-do-awesome-things” list:

  • DRINK WATER (aka like 2 liters a day)
  • Do 30 chin-ups in various sets each day
  • Do 20 push-ups in a row, daily
  • do 30 minutes of active walking/movement (can be spinning or Barrys)
  • Eat at least two servings of veggies
  • Stay within my calorie range, (I have a photoshoot coming up).

So far what I love the most is feeling like a bad ass at the end of the day when I check these things off the list. As for the pull-ups, on day 1, I did six sets of 5. On day 2 I did two sets of 6, two sets of 4, three sets of 3, and a single rep. By day 3 it felt easy. By day 4 I managed two sets of 6, four sets of 4, and two sets of three. Day 5 was rough and so was day 6. On day 7, I was at gymnastics and did “assisted” ring chin-ups, three sets of 10.

Whatever gets them done!

I think this will be a cool experiment to see if they get easier. I think it would be REALLY cool to be able to do 30 chin-ups in a row. My best record of all time was 15 reps.

My challenge for you:

Try setting an “active-to-do list” this week. Make sure it’s no more than 6 steps! See what happens after 30 days! For accountability, feel free to list your to-do its in the comment section!

Go-to Chest exercise this month is:

Single-Arm Floor Press. Here’s a really old video. Next Update I’ll show you how I’ve progressed this movement!

I like the way I feel it in my triceps at the bottom and my pec at the top of the movement.

Go-to Ab move this month is: reverse crunch, (modify by doing ceiling stomps).

Read more about 6 Core Exercises You Don’t Want to Skip here!

Go-to Glute exercise is the two-count pause, 1.5 squat!!!!

Go-to Back exercise is obviously the chin-up, given my challenge.

Here’s a link to an chin-up article I wrote, which is still very helpful.

If you aren’t a fan of chin-ups, here’s a few banded exercises you can try at home!

Go-to Mobility drill: arm bar

This drill is one I learned at Rebell Conditioning in Chicago, where I first began strength training. It’s a shoulder mobility drill. If you’ve never done it, try it unweighted first.


  • breathe into the drill
  • pause where you feel tension and breathe deeply
  • try to get both hips to touch the floor



As you can see I’m focusing on keeping my water intake high, veggie intake consistent and calories in check. Starting this coming weekend I’m going to be traveling a lot, so I’ve been using this time “at home” in Boston to get ahead, eat and sleep well etc.

Two weeks ago, I ventured to Dig Inn for the first time. It was very yummy and flavorful. More fat than I would’ve liked on the veggies, but absolutely delicious. I rarely eat red meat because I don’t like to cook steak for myself so I went for their flank steak and it was UNREAL. However, if you are truly watching calories for any type of fat loss goal at the moment, from a caloric standpoint, Dig Inn could potentially be seen as a glorified Boston Market (insert gasps and “how could she say that?!”). I know, I know. But, after competing twice and knowing what food tastes like with and without oil, trust me when I say, do not let all the greens in the bowl below fool you. I knew red meat was higher calorie and I wanted it, but, the veggies were quite oil-y and very salty. Tasted amazing, but not something you could eat and expect to lose weight.


After Dig Inn, my friend Dee and I walked over to FoMu where I sampled one of their flavors. It was very yummy and I’m sure a vegan heaven. I didn’t get any, but that’s because I’m happy to stick with my Halo Top. I love that Halo has protein, calorie counts and an incredible thick and creamy consistency!


Over the past two weeks I’ve also enjoyed the new Blueberry Quest Bar, which I’m sure you all have too. However, this is the FIRST ever bar that I LOVE, but find it so entirely sweet that I don’t want to eat a second one right away. Most Quest bars leave me wanting more. This one is very very sweet.

Last week I prepared a new ceviche recipe, (modified from my friend Paige’s recipe) for a little get together with new friends. It turned out really well, so here’s the recipe:


*Note this is great because once all the ingredients are in the large bowl there is no “cooking” involved. You just wait while it sits!

  • 2.25 pounds of shrimp
  • 6-8 limes (for juicing)
  • 2 tablespoons of chili oil
  • 3-4 mangos
  • 3/4 of a medium green pepper and 3/4 red pepper
  • 3 halepeno peppers
  • 1 habanero pepper
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • fresh cilantro
  • 1 avocado chopped
  • 1/2 small red onion

Add all ingredients into one large bowl. The acid forms he lime will begin to cook the shrimp over time as it all mixes together. If you love sweet stuff, use all four mangos. If the mangos are small you may want to use all of them. I added about 1 cup of my favorite tomato-cilantro *medium* salsa from Whole Foods!


My favorite meal this week: Cod and Salsa with broccoli and Cilantro Lime Bolthouse Dressing.

See this article for how I cook my Cod, (same as I prepared it in this Tilapia article). You can find the 45 calorie Bolthouse dressing at Star Market, market Basket and even Stop and Shop if you’re on the East Coast.


My favorite LOW-CAL steal this week: 30-65 Calorie Thai Noddles!!


Ingredients and directions:

  • strain one package of Shritaki or other brand of¬†yam noodles¬†then microwave them 45 sec-1 min
  • stir 2-4 table spoons of sugar free maple syrup (for consistency–not totally necessary) with 1 tbsp of PB2 (I used Peanut butter flavored Quest Protein powder, but it wasn’t as good).
  • Add 1 tbsp of Tamari (gluten free soy sauce)
  • add Siracha to taste!

Expert hint: add more soy sauce as you pour the sauce over the warm noodles, then add shredded lettuce on top for the ultimate LOW CALORIE 15-50 calorie noodle fest ūüėČ (Soy sauce will dictate if it is 45- cals or more).

What I’m Reading:

  1. ‚ÄúBulking Dangerously‚ÄĚ: The Emotional Complexity of Eating & Gaining in Strength Sports via Barbend.com
  2. Gaining Weight and Loving my Body via BDimez Training
  3. The Five Pound Fuss via Crossroads of Fitness
  4. The Missing Movement via T-Nation
  5. What You Get vs. What You Become via Bonvec Strength
  6. What a Former Meathead-Gone-Vegan Eats in a Day via Fit University
  7. Willpower is Not the Answer to Sustainable Weight Loss via Sohee Fit
  8. #Daretoeat Pumpkin Protein Bread via Crossroads of Fitness

Client Spotlight:

Kaye’s 12-Week progress:


You guys have seen this beautiful mamma’s progress photos in the past, but I thought I’d share her end-of-week 12 photos…. her transformation is incredible. She has found a great rhythm with Barry’s Bootcamp, Barry’s Bootcamp Double Floor and power-walking and never feels deprived. Kayce feels self-sufficient now in her flexible dieting lifestyle and I and OH-SO-PROUD!!! Way to rock it Kayce!!

Sarah hit a Deadlift PR the week before her wedding party!!! 175?! Wahoo!:

Sarah and Carlos’ wedding celebration:


Many of you saw on my Instagram that I had three different guys tell me they could attend this wedding party with me (only to bail) and then the fourth guy bailed the day of… However I was SO thankful to go celebrate this BEAUTIFUL, STRONG couple alone because I haven’t met someone special enough that truly should’ve been there to meet these amazing people. They are clients, but have become fast friends and they attack everything they do in life with such passion. The speeches their friends and family gave had me in tears. I felt lucky to meet their other incredible friends and family. Carlos spent 4 hours on the dance floor. Sarah looked amazing in white. The food was unreal. To say it was a magical night would be an understatement. Thankful to know you guys! Congrats! #Sarlos

Lindsay’s Volume Deadlift PR and notes:

Lindsay’s words of advice:

“Check foot position. Pull slack out of the bar. Spread the floor with feet and drive.”

What I love about Lindsay is she worked really¬†hard don learning how to¬†each herself. After several strength cycles with me, a Group #Daretoeat Program and a 9-week powerlifting prep for her first meet last spring, Lindsay has become self-sufficient. She coaches herself each week and is still getting stronger. My work is done! Last week she his 225 for 3×5, a VOLUME PR!!! Woo! GO Linds!!

Kara’s #DaretoEat Group Program Results (7 Weeks in!):


Here’s a little advice from Kara:

I feel like my 3 major keys are kind of generic, but they are truly what helped.
1. Stay the course. Even if you had a bad eating day, or the scale went up instead of down, I had to realize this way of living is not a race, and consistency pays off.
2. I start eat day with protein powder in my coffee. It tastes great, replaces any cream products which have a lot of fat, and gets a jump on my protein for the day so that I am not trying to play catch up at night.
3. Plan. Most days I eat a lot of the same things, and just bring the groceries to work and make breakfast/lunch at work. On higher calorie days, I may add in a snack or two, but keep the same base meals so that it stays simple.
Favorite go to snacks: Quest protein powder, with halo top vanilla ice cream and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. All blended together is almost sinful its so good! Low fat cheese sticks, deli meat and non fat greek yogurt.
& there you have it… there are no short-cuts! No secrets! Dedication and realistic goals with scientific¬†strategies. #Daretoeat
PS: Don’t forget to email me if you want a spot in the Group Coaching Program Beginning October 3rd! I have 10 spots left!



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