Happy Sunday!

I am feeling like a million bucks after sleeping almost eight hours.

Beauty sleep is a thing.

Not only do I feel great physically but emotionally I am overjoyed for a few reasons:

  1. I had an awesome weekend with family and friends and
  2. I woke up to a motivational note from my BFF in LA who know things are starting to get very tough with this #bikinipreparation.

She sent me this meme and said,


“Cross country distance (and not to mention, time zones!) have kept us physically separated but not spiritually. And most importantly, we have confidence in each other. We are the risk takers. The dreamers. The doers and makers whose determination and will to succeed carefully crafted the standard that most people abide by.”

There is nothing more motivational than an unexpected pep-talk from a best friend whom you miss dearly. Thank you Ere-Bear.

On Friday night I hung with the Barry’s Bootcamp Boston crew at the Barry’s Bootcamp Two-Year Anniversary party.

Honestly if there is one MAIN thing holding me here in Boston is Barry’s. They were the first people I met in this city and each trainer, each client and staff member motivates me to be my best, to do more and be more. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

I was thankful on Friday to have all the trainers and friends and staff of Barry’s in one place at one time!

We are rarely all at Barry’s to see each other throughout the week. However, with my #bikiniprep I was not drinking much (one drink and a few sips of another) so I didn’t stay out past midnight.


I chuckled to myself Saturday morning because although I am stupid young (I am going to keep talking about only being 24 years-old for as long as possible because a part of me doesn’t want to turn 25) my party girl days seem like another life. I mean, would you believe I once performed live on stage at a burlesque show in Chicago… on a whim? Yeah, me either; but it happened. (Email my BFF Shannon for vids).

Anyway, this week I took the NSCA-CPT and feel great to have passed! I also took on two new #daretoeat clients!

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Sunday: Cyc + Walk

Monday: Bootywork + Biceps + Sprints

    • belt squats (modified) 3×20
    • weighted step ups, 1.5 goblet squats and split squat jumps
    • lateral band walk and cable pull throughs (hip extension)
    • hollow holds
    • Glute circuit finisher

Tuesday: Deadlifts and Cyc

This training day inspired the article that will be out tomorrow, “Surrendering to the deficit” for more details about this training day sign-up for my newsletter and you will get the article tomorrow.

Long story short, the three low calorie days I had, around ~1200 cals/day leading up to this session made my lifts feel so incredibly heavy.

I felt there was no way I could even hither reps I planned with my warm-up weight.

Luckily for me, there were a few “fun” exercises I have been curious about and planning to try and it seemed like a great day to do it. I recently found my new inspiration on Instagram: Justine Munro. She just took 2nd place at the Arnold and she has an amazing physique. She has several; videos on banded exercises. I tried the banded sump deadlift after watching this. 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Hip Thrusts + Sprints + Chest + Lunges

Thursday night my bootcampers seemed to really struggle on the treads. They all said it was a good challenge, but I was curious about it so I ran the program Friday morning at 5 a.m.

Before the sprinting I did some biceps and chest work. Then I trained my client Carol.

Before my next client I was finally able to do some hip thrusts! I cannot find a good pad for my hips at David Barton’s Gym so I made sure to squeeze in some sets of 15 at Titan Barbell.

After the hip thrusts I did reverse lunges (95 pounds shown below–but I was able to jump to 100 pounds for sets of 10!!!) RDLs and unweighted high step ups.

Who says you can’t lift in a grandma sweater?!

Saturday: Front Squats, heavy chin-ups, biceps, and glute finisher

Here are some videos of my training from Saturday morning. There’s nothing better than having the gym to yourself!

Front Squats: I stayed light (you will learn more about why in tomorrow’s article)

Weighted chins with 25 pounds, ladder down from 5:

Banded lunges (thanks Justine!!!)

Banded hip hinges:

Banded lateral lunges:


This week was a transitional week. I attempted to drop my calories slightly but wasn’t pressuring myself to eat too fewer calories because I wanted to ease into the 6-weeks out crunch time calories I have planned to hit this coming week.

Last week and the week before I ate fewer Quest bars than normal but noticed little changes.

I am hoping that the changes I make in the coming two weeks will affect my midsection because thus far the only changes I notice more than anything are in my glutes.


17-Weeks 0ut to 7-Weeks out

I will be adding in cardio this coming week and eating less– NO exceptions.

I feel like I really will have to be less social in the coming weeks but I have no qualms about it.

I want this.

I haven’t worked this hard to stop now.

I have new inspiration and I am so excited to see what I can do in the next six weeks!

I will be adding more fish and broccoli into my diet this week, more spinach and Tripact shakes and keeping my eggs and oats in the diet, as always!

I still have not been craving much– jus plugging along making sure to try my best to calculate everything and watch for total calorie intake and protein intake.

This week I am going to try my best to eat more fat and moderate carbs. It has been a huge struggle for me to eat enough fat. I find myself to be 15-22% fat which is super super low. I have made a plan to get more this week!

I also plan on eating more whole foods and less PB2 this week. I will be summarizing the changes next weekend on the Weekly Update.

If there is anything else you guys want to know about– email me at gwcrof@gmail.com

What I am Reading:

  1. Are GMOs bad for your Health? via Precision Nutrition
  2. Strength and Conditioning Research Review: Sprinting Edition via Bret Contreras
  3. The Best Time to Burn Fat or Build Muscle via Bryan Krahn
  4. Why Don’t I have any Willpower? via Girls Gone Strong
  5. How to Overcome Willpower via Crossroads of Fitness
  6. 10 Things Every Lifter Should be Able to Do via T-Nation
  7. I’m Not Hardcore and I’m OK with that via JillFit
  8. Coaching Cues to Make Your Strength and Conditioning Programs More Effective-Installment 12 via Eric Cressey
  9. A Quick and Dirty Way to Add Muscle via Tony Gentilcore
  10. Training the Diabetic Client via The PTDC
  11. 21 Tips for Up and Coming Fitness Professionals via Eric Cressey
  12. Five Reasons Why you don’t look like you lift via T-Nation

Exercise Spotlight: Dumbbell Snatch to Offset Squat

This exercise, the dumbbell snatch to offset squat is the excise of the week because it was an awesome finisher to the final round on the floor this week at Barry’s Bootcamp in the total body class. A lot of people felt very challenged and enjoyed the movement.


  • lead with your elbow (on the snatch)
  • fast hips
  • chest up on the way down
  • abs in on the squat–keep your forearm upright like you’re in a forearm plank

Client Spotlight: Jo

This week was my client Jo’s birthday! She hit an all time low of 114 pounds in her 10th week of the #Daretoeat Program.

When Jo and I did our initial consultation call she told me she was ready and eager to jump right into everything! She wanted me to write her strength training programs and do her nutrition.

She spent hours meticulously studying my YouTube videos, hopping on quick calls with me to answer questions and sending me numerous videos of her training.

Jo began deadlifting for the first time in her #Daretomove training.

She mastered 6 unassisted chin-ups.

She is doing 1.5 goblet squats with a 55 pound dumbbell.

This past week she began a new strength cycle and crushed four towel grip chins. I am beyond proud of her!

Go, Jo!


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