Can you believe it’s the last week in October?!

I sure can’t.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year due to my candy obsession growing up.

Unfortunately this year with the #bikiniprep I will have to say no to the copious amounts of candy I wish I could be eating– but don’t worry, I will collect the goodies and save them for later!

As you can see from this snap last night, I am getting pretty great at faking things 🙂


My friends and I went to a mexican place last night and I had an enormous plate of veggies (onions, more onions, salsa, lettuce and roasted red pepper) and I pretended to have some drinks.

Was it fun to not eat tacos that looked amazing? No. But, all of the tiny, mini-sacrifices I am making are adding up. I hit my lowest bodyweight yesterday.

I haven’t seen 112 pounds on a scale (besides when I cut for a powerlifting meet) since maybe 5th grade! (I was a chunkster).

Check out the updates below to find some insane progress photos of clients, great articles to read and an exercise video of the week!


Monday: Glutes

Monday was the first day back after resting Saturday and Sunday and I wanted to squat.

However the squat rack was taken and I was on a time crunch so I used the smith machine to squat– which I haven’t done in two years (and for good reason, I hate using it).

I am not kidding you when I say this, my butt was sore until Thursday!

I did sets of 10 reps with the Smith machine and for whatever reason (I was using my glutes more perhaps?) I could barely teach class Tuesday morning at Barry’s.

I did the following exercises on Monday:

  • smith machine squat
  • barbell walking lunges
  • gun slingers
  • hypers
  • push presses

Tuesday: Bench 

Tuesday I hit 4 sets of 5 reps with 85 pounds.

After benching I did the following circuit(s):

  • feet-elevated, single leg hip thrusts
  • single-arm chest press
  • decline chest fly to crunch


  • diamond push-ups
  • heavy machine rows

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: More glutes and arms

This week was the first truly intense week of caloric deficit for me.

I felt less energetic than ever before and even after resting Wednesday I did not want to train Thursday.

However, in order to get myself into the gym, I made it fun and set a personal challenge for myself of doing a back-tuck (back flip) for the first time since last January!

I went in a warmed up with some handsprings.

With the backhandspring and the backflip, fast hip extension is crucial.

I would argue that the back tuck is very similar to the deadlift wherein you start from a hinge position and quickly extend the hips with explosive power.

However, in my instagram I said, “Ask me how the back-tuck applies to the squat!”

The answer is, it’s a huge mind game for me.

I tend to fear heavy back squats because the descent scares me with bigger loads and it involves sitting backward when you can’t see where you are going, just like the back-tuck.

Attaining the back tuck was a HUGE mental thing for me. It took me about four years in middle school and junior high, counties private sessions and lots of fall to get the skill.

It was so mental for me.

Similarly the backsquat has always freaked me out.

On the caloric deficit for the #bikiniprep I have less energy and was kind of scared to go heavy Thursday, for no apparent reason.

In order to combat the fear I decided to warm-up with the back tuck, a skill I have learned to master and conquer as an adult.

Mindset if everything, guys, whether its performing a lift or skill, self-efifciay is huge.

Self-efficacy is what gets you through a fat loss program, what helps you PR in your lifts and how you accomplish you goals.

I decided to do the flip to remind myself that #Igotthis and transfer that empowering feeling over to my squat.

Sure enough, it worked.

It wasn’t able to go heavy, but I was able to hit 4 sets of 8 reps with 135, which was remarkable given my caloric deficit.

Afterward I did my least favorite exercise of all time: the hip thrust.

I truly despise this exercise.

Here is an old video of me from last summer hip thrusting (I did not film this week).

I hate how hard it is for me to actually feel my glutes. It has almost been a year now that I have been working on getting my glutes to fire and this exercise is so hard I have to make myself do them every week.

However the hip thrust PAY OFF big time, which is why I make myself do it. My glutes have grown 2 inches in 16 weeks, and I attribute that to the hip thrust.


Friday: shoulder and arm circuit

  • row to high pull to front raise to lateral raise (3 rounds = one set)
  • Crawl to crab press (8/side)
  • spiderman curls
  • hinged lunges
  • strike overhead press

Thanks to Men’s Health for some new-to-me more creative dumbbell exercises to try!

Saturday: Barry’s Bootcamp class

Exercises to highlight:

  • single-leg deadline to shoulder press
  • lateral step squat to reverse lunge
  • sumo curls
  • chest press with a leg drop
  • spider man push ups to renegade row
  • 1 minute sprints
  • 6 minute uphill run


This week I stayed between 1,000 and 1,200 calories with on 1,400 day.

It was not easy.

However, my mind is in the zone. I have tunnel vision. In fact today is 3-weeks out so I have got to see if I can get any leaner.

I ate very boring things this week:

  • tilapia for dinner most nights
  • Tripact Protein powder and spinach shakes (two-three per day)
  • turkey (only once)
  • two apples
  • Quest bars
  • Oats and egg beaters every day
  • Shritaku noodles


I feel good about where I am with my figure. However, it is all a science experiment from this point on.

I feel like I baked a cake three days early for a birthday party. I am lean; but now it’s a waiting game to see if I can stay this lean and keep this up for 3 more weeks and hope to look good if not better by stage time.

If you missed my 4-weeks out update, here it is!

I have been drinking a lot of diet soda, but plan to remove it this week. I will be taking out artificial sweeteners two-weeks out.

I plan to drink more water this week and eat more chicken.

4 weeks out

photos taken this morning


What I am Reading:

  1. Beautiful Girls, Big Guns via Crossroads of Fitness
  2. Build Glutes the Melt the Internet via T-Nation
  3. Breast Implants for Girls that Lift via T-Nation
  4. 13 Foods to Eat When Pregnant via Authority Nutrition
  5. Overnight Success in Business and Sport via Rossy Training
  6. Your Responsibility via JillFit
  7. Your First Powerlifting Meet and Performing Under Pressure via
  8. Why You Shouldn’t Listen to your TV Doctor via Ryan Wood Training
  9. Three Carry Variations for Your Core via Girls Gone Strong

Exercise Spotlight: Crawl to crab press

This exercise is an advance variation of one of my favorite mobility warm-ups, the crawl-to-bridge drill.

This warm-up (shown below) will activate your core, influence T-spine mobility and encourage you to fire your glutes. What’s more, this drill takes a lot of brain power because it is kind of tricky and out-of the box, if you ask me.

After you master the crawl-to-bridge drill, you can make it a strength exercise by adding in one dumbbell.

This exercise kind of mimics the renegade row. Then you perform a narrow or neutral grip press. I was actually shocked at how difficult it was to press from this position. Make sure you only try this if you have healthy shoulders. Try doing 8 reps with the right side, then 8 with the left. Do not try to go super heavy with these.

As you can see when I filmed it I did alternating sides. I can assure you that the exercise is more efficient and challenging if you do all the reps on one side first before switching sides.

Client Spotlight(s): Progress and Dress Clothes!

My client Meredith lost just about 8 pounds on the #Daretoeat Program She is now a #Daretomove Strength client. She trains hard and is in maintenance mode, which is helping her lean out (see this article to understand how and why).

She sent me this photo yesterday. You can see her “before” the #daretoeat Program and after:


Meredith was also featured in the Beautiful Girls, Big Guns article this week, she is strong as hell!

GO Meredith!

My client Sheehan is having a GREAT week. If you don’t remember other posts about her, she has lost about 11 pounds on the #Daretoeat Program. She is now coaching others too! Sheehan is a #Daretoeat Monthly Member for nutrition and business coaching and she is KILLING IT.

Not only is Sheehan’s first client down 8 pounds, but Sheehan herself is still losing inches and about to finally break a mini-plateau she’s been facing.

She sent me this yesterday, excited to rock to a fun wedding this weekend.


Isn’t she stunning?! Go, Sheehan!  Way to pay it forward!

My former #Daretomove client Katie has been working really hard on her running game. She has run several half-marathons and 5k races since last spring but has not lost site of her nutrition. Katie was featured with Meredith in the Beautiful Girls, Big Guns article last week as well.

Yesterday she updated me with her most recent progress update. She is killing it! Go, Katie!


Finally, my long-time client Erin, (who lost 13 pounds on the 12-Week #Daretoeat Program) has continued to lose weight and get stronger.

She deadlifts over 200 pounds and just hit an all-time low bodyweight of 116.4 this week!

When we started working together she weighed 136. That is 20 pounds down! Below you will see her “END of #daretoeat program photos” and her most recent update.

I am so impressed with her drive to continue to lean out, even though she is no longer a nutrition client. She has done this on her own, with my help in strength training. I could not be more proud of this sweet girl!

Go, Erin!!!


Left she is 122-123 ish, right is 116.4




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