It’s officially chilly enough to throw on ski socks when the windows are open in my apartment.

I’m thrilled about this.

Also, I had sushi at my favorite spot last night and had an incredible time hanging with my friend Jill 🙂


You CAN go out to eat while bikini prepping, I swear!

Anyway, I hope you are warm and having a great fall weekend!

I have a lot of great info to share about this past week including but not limited to:

  • a deadlift PR
  • how to eat surf and turf
  • how to survive a caloric deficit
  • why you should go to Barry’s

The past week marked 6-weeks out for me and my NPC #bikiniprep and I am feeling great!

Read on to find out about this week’s insane training schedule, interesting nutrition regime and to learn find some other great articles!

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One more thing… today is my BEST FRIEND’s 25th birthday, and this photo was before Instagram existed, so naturally I instagram filtered this photo 🙂


Happy Birthday Shay Baby! Cannot wait to see you in Chi-Town this week!


Sunday: Bench-density circuit

Just made up that term. Basically I needed to bench, had little time, wanted to start doing more volume so I actually threw the bench press into a circuit, which is very un-powerlifter-like of me.

The circuit was THREE rounds of the following:

  • Bench press 10 reps
  • single-leg hip thrust 15 reps per side (because #glutes)
  • single-arm chest press
  • bicep curls
  • 3-3-3-3 cluster of pauses push-ups into 1.5 push-ups

Monday: Rest

Active recovery you ask? Daydreaming about deadlifts.


Tuesday: Deadlifts!

I’ll be honest, I was incredibly stoked to deadlift and knew I wanted to go heavy for sets of three before doing some speed work, but I did not anticipate a personal record.

When I went for 215 it felt fast so I did 3 reps.

Then I pulled 225 and made myself stop at one rep because it was so fast I knew I was going to try for more and didn’t want to get tired.

Then instead of doing 235 (my old personal record) I did 240, and it too, felt fast!

So then it just happened, 250, nice and fast, very strong and VERY exciting!

After these I went on to do speed deadlifts (10 sets of 2 reps at only 185) and then banded deadlifts to work on form and glutes.

I accidentally deleted this week’s video, but her is two weeks ago so you can see what I mean by banded deadlift:

Wednesday: upper body and front squats

I was shockingly not very sore and I wanted to do some upper body work and front squats for more glutes!

Circuit was THREE ROUNDS quick and fun:

  • 10 front squats with 85 pounds
  • 8 inverted row, feet elevated
  • 5 push presses with 85 lbs (I was sore for three days after this)
  • hammer curls

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: HIGH VOLUME squats at Titan Barbell

For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge Layne Norton fan and I follow several of his powerlifting clients. Oddly enough, a few of the Pro bikini women I follow for inspiration recently began doing his programming. One of them posted that he had her doing 15 sets of 5 squats last week so I decided to see how that would go for me! After PRing in a deadlift I was not about to try and do the same with squats. Instead of going for heavy singles I decided to see for how many sets of the 15 I could sustain 155 pounds.

I had to use a board to keep track!


My goal was to go as low as possible and not cheat depth. (Say that really fast and it sounds like I was trying to cheat death LOL).

I was more concerned with depth and volume than actual pounds lifted, but I came out pretty well!

Then I went on to try and pull a 24 kg chin-up for the first time in three weeks. I warmed up with the 16 kg for 20 and did two singles with the 20 kg. They felt slow but I trusted my strength and went for the 24 kg kettlebell.

Saturday: Barry’s Bootcamp Total Body

I love total body because it forces me to do the pump-style training stuff like bicep curls and tricep work which I get lazy about in my own training, it pushes me to do some fast sprints, and I always leave with my glutes blown up!

Nicole started us off with single-leg deadlifts and I used 20s trying to get AMRAP per leg. She then took us into lunges with a curl and an isometric hold.

On the treadmill I got a special one that went up to a 14.0 speed and you better believe I tried it. I could only hold it for 20 seconds but guess what?! Now I’ve got a new goal– hold 14.0 for 30 seconds. Boom!


This week I actually prepped a little bit!

I need more fat in my diet and therefore I bought a pound of ground bison and cooked it with a can of tomatoes and four cups of mushrooms.

I calculated how many calories were in the entire pan and divided by four. That way I could just randomly divided it into what looked like equal portions and track 1/4 of the serving each day, knowing that for the week as a whole I ingested 940 calories of bison tomato and mushroom.

6 weeks out

6 weeks out

I am starting to feel leaner but my weight held steady at 114.6-115.6.

I started tracking butter and not using spray butter this week, which was actually not as bad as I thought. The real stuff adds a LOT more flavor and the actual gram amount I am using is the PERFECT amount for my eggs and oats!

I am still having a hard time getting enough fat so I am not cutting out Quest bars anymore because they help me get more fat without thinking about it.

My calories this week average 1,340, due to one high calorie day.

Did I mention that with my bison I also ate 100 calories of tilapia?

It was a surf and turf kind of week!

On Wednesday I was so hungry even the bison and tilapia didn’t make me feel full so I had my spinach and Tripact shake early. However on Thursday and Friday it felt like a JOB to eat.

I channeled my inner football player and chowed down anyway.

My glutes are feeling strong and looking better, IMO, and so it my posing (well sort of!) If you want to see the posing, click here or here. Note: I pose in the evening AFTER I have eaten all my meals.


One thing I bought yesterday and had 6 pieces of……


You better believe I will be eating these before I squat this coming week! They are organic and Oh-So-Good!

If you follow me on instagram (@_daretomove) you have saw my post-squat lunch on Friday:


The secret ingredient with my ham and spinach wrap is BUTTER!!!!!!!

Again, trying to slightly increase my fat intake and I will have you know that butter on ham should be illegal. I used a “light” butter spread for 30 calories and it was a game-changer.

There were three nights this week when I went to bed hungry. To combat the hunger I bought a case of diet, caffeine-free root beer! It did the trick! If you are on a caloric deficit soda can be very helpful!


What I am reading:

  1. The Best Protein Sources via Born Fitness
  2. 4 Strategies to Avoid Unwanted Weight Gain Over the Holidays via Ryan Wood Training
  3. 3 Steps to Lean Out without Severely Restricting via Crossroads of Fitness
  4. 8 Most Effective Training Splits via T-Nation
  5. Crossing the Finish Line 25 Pounds Lighter via NY Times Blog
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  9. Why We Do the Stuff We Do and How it Affects Your Workouts via Dean Somerset
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  11. The Biggest Lesson the Gym has Taught me via Bryan Krahn

Exercise Spotlight: Reverse Crunch

I love these because they remind me of gymnastics “candle stick drills” in slow motion. If you didn’t already know, I was a gymnast for ten years. I grew up loathing conditioning yet now I am so passionate about training hard.

I think the lifestyle was ingrained in my heart after spending 20 plus hours a week in the gym as an 8-year old.

Nevertheless the reverse crunch is awesome because it requires a lot of control.

For a step-by-step tutorial watch this video and read this article.

In your training, try including this exercise as an active recovery or towards the end of your workout. I like to do these as an accessory drill in glute circuits to give my glutes a short rest.

Client Spotlight(s):

This week I want to feature the mother and daughter of the entire family I am working with and their “Jean-success!”

Taylor is on week 9 of her #Daretoeat Program and is now wearing a size zero for the first time in years!

Her mother sent me this photo after realizing although the scale hadn’t budged, inches are being lost!


Denise has lost almost 10 pounds in 10 weeks!

Taylor, her Mom Denise, Denise’s boyfriend Phil, Taylor’s sister Brittan and her sister-in-law Erin are now all on the #Daretoeat Program and it is such a cool experience for me to see an entire family working hard together to change their eating habits!







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