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Geez, it’s been a minute! I’m thankful to have the time to get an update out to you guys, there is a LOT going on over here at Crossroads of Fitness!

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I’m gonna start by saying that the Fall 2016 Dare to Eat Group Program is KILLING IT! They are currently in week 3, and will follow #Daretoeat right up to January 6th. If you are already plotting to get in the best shape of your life in 2017 , or want to get stronger, shoot me an email and pre-register for the next group program OR one-on-one coaching in 2017. I am giving 25% off all programs between now and my birthday, December 9th.

Because some of you may be new to the CROF Weekly Update, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Garrett. I’m an instructor at Barrry’s Bootcamp in Boston. I teach spinning classes at Cyc Fitness.


I did a powerlifting meet and a bikini competition in 2015, and then one of each in 2016. I love lifting heavy, running sprints and doing gymnastics when I’m not teaching fitness classes or writing.


I’m an online fat loss and strength training coach. Crossroads of Fitness is a business I built when I moved to Boston in 2014, allowing me to stay in touch with friends and clients in Chicago, and continue to do what I love (coaching), reaching people all across the country. If you click on the “News” tab, you will find hundreds of CROF Weekly Updates and in each one there is always a client transformation. I’ve coached over 300 unique individuals and I love what I do.


Two of my amazing clients, Carlos and Sarah.

I’m a huge believer in practicing what I preach, which is why I typically post my training sessions/workouts in my blog. This week in the “Training” section I will share my training from last week (although it was not typical for me) and talk about my current and upcoming fitness goals, leading up to my next powerlifting meet.


In the “Nutrition” section I typically post recipes and details about my macros, if I am currently prepping for something. Today’s nutrition section is actually more of my own thoughts on a YouTube video titled “Is Competing Healthy?” by Layne Norton.

As for personal updates, I have a few! To begin, this December I will be submitting the final chunk of my novel, Dare to Move, to my editor. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been writing #DTMthebook for over a year now! My plan has always been to self-publish a June 2017 summer read, but that may or may not happen. The reason I’m not 100% sure is because I’ve oddly enough been in the process of interviewing for a reality show. I did the interview process via phone call, online questionnaire, background check, Skype interview and highlight reel, now it’s just a waiting game. If I end up making the cut (that sounds so weird!) then I’ll be filming in the beginning of 2017 and will likely delay self-publishing. Stay tuned! If I do not end up doing the show I’ll be launching my website www.DTMthebook.com sometime in March.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are ready to get back into your regular routine… I know I am! I had an awesome time at home in good ‘ole Indiana, but I’m glad to be back.


If you are looking for some fitness motivation or workout ideas, check out the Training section for some workouts listed, OR head on over to BarrysBootcamp.com or CycFitness.com and some take a class with me if you live here in Boston! I teach every day but Saturday!

At the end of this Update, I’ve featured three, 6-week client transformations. Check them out and let me know if you have any questions. Also, don’t skip over the “What I’m Reading” Section… there are some great articles!



If you’ve been checking the CROF fitness blog, chances are you’ve read this article “How to 24kg Chin-up” and you know that my goal was to pull it last week, the day before Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately I tweaked my back– whether it was from lack of stretching, sleeping in a different bed, I’m unsure– and decided not to do it last week. And, not only did I not do the chin-up, I toned down my regular training intensity entirely. I’m using this week (week 1 of my new powerlifting prep) to get back into heavier lifts and my regular routine and hope to try it next week, still aiming to get it before my birthday.

As mentioned on Instagram, I’m registered for a powerlifting meet February 12th in Chicago at B&W gym. I love this USAPL meet because it’s all women, which is empowering and a shorter day over all. I’ll be competing in the 52kg class (~114 pounds) again, so I need to start watching my diet more closely. More on that in the “Nutrition” section. Before I give you a summary of my training from last week, I want to make it known that for the next several weeks you will get my training logs more specifically, last week was kind of an off week for me. The volume was much greater, but that’s because the resistance used was much less than normal.

My current powerlifting stats, 11 weeks from the USAPL competition:

Deadlift: last meet PR 275 lbs, last training PR 265 lbs for 2 singles

Squat: last meet PR 200.8lbs, last training PR 200 lbs for two reps

Bench: last meet PR 115 lbs, last training PR 3×5 at 105 lbs

former total: 590

2017 Powerlifting goals:

deadlift: 300 pounds

Squat: 215 pounds

Bench: 120

goal total: 600+

Last week’s training log:

Monday: deadlifts

1) 5×3 Sumo with 225, emphasis on speed

3a) 3×5 1.5 RDLs with 135

3b) 3×7 chin-ups

3c) banded hip hinges 3×20

4a) 1.5 goblet squat

4b) 1.5 chin-up (2×4)

4c) 3×8 hanging leg raises

Tuesday: mixed day (front squats, upper push and pull)

1a) front squat 4×6 @85 pounds

1b) push-press 4×6 @80 pounds

1c) weighted moderate chin-ups 3×4 with 25 pounds, one set of 3 singles

2) Complex: single kettlebell clean 8, kettlebell swings 8, Kettlebell deadlifts 8 (24 kg used)

3) Complex: bent over row 5, clean, front squat 5, strict press 3, (70 pounds)

4c) rope slams, 3×20 slams

Wednesday: bench day + playtime

1)Bench press 3×5 @105 pounds

2a) narrow press 75 pounds 3×8

2b) high pull down machine, 3×12

2c) decline chest press, wide grip 3×8

3a) face pull 3×10

3b) single-arm cable row standing with oblique twist 3×6 er side (35 pounds)

3c) tricep push-downs (rope) 3×10 25 pounds

3d) half-kneeling windmill 3×6/side

Conditioning: 3×8 30 sec sprints, 15 min stair master, towel handstand-push-ups (see below)

Thursday: conditioning fun

1a) standing shoulder press 3×10 20 pounds

1b) renegade row, 3×6 (14 kg kettlebell)

1c) paused push-ups, 3-3-3 cluster (3x)

2a) weighted step-up 3×5 /leg, (double racked 14 kg)

2b) double Kettlebell snatches (see below)

3) 15 min stair master

Friday: Squats

1)Back squat 155×5(2x) 165×5(3x) 175×5 (3x)


2a) 135×8 (3x)

2b) hack squat machine 3×12 narrow stance

2c) hip thrusts 3×8 225 pounds

2d) hypers, unweighted 3×10

Saturday: conditioning + gymnastics

1)power development (see below) tumbling passes and basketball 😉

2a) heavy sled push 26 steps

2b) 8 conventional deadlifts with 135

2c) 26 rope slams

2d) 26 steps crawling

2e) 26 steps farmer carry (50 pounds per arm)

3) 20 min stair master

Sunday: 3 mile run 


I currently weigh the most I’ve ever weighed! My glutes are bigger, I am stronger, but I’m ready to lose the weight. I watched this video yesterday and Layne Norton mentions that if he takes 6 months to diet, he needs 6 months and then some, to come out of the diet and feel normal. I dieted 16 weeks for my first bikini competition and maintained that leanness for a powerlifting weigh-in and a second bikini competition for a total of about 21 weeks. Conversely I took about 33 weeks off of dieting from last summer until now, still tracking what I’m eating–but not to create a deficit but to keep tabs on what I’m doing, (allowing myself to enjoy outings and socializing) and I finally feel normal….. just in time to compete again!

Many of you may be asking, “why do it again?” Well, like Layne mentioned, there’s no way to judge what someone else wants. If someone wants to run a marathon, then they should! I want to deadlift 300 pounds and I want to pull the 24 kg chin-up. I must weigh in 114 pounds for the meet, and that lower body weight will make the chin-up easier. These are my goals. This is what I want. And, also as Layne mentions, you have to be 100% in. It has to be your number one priority. Tentatively these things could change if I end up being asked on this reality show, but if not I plan to do the powerlifting competition, and then after a quick surfing trip with my Mom, get ready for an April 8th bikini competition.


There was one other thing Layne said that I agree with, and that is that the bikini /bodybuilding thing *can* be fun if not taken that seriously and I think my second meet with Lauren Fingers was characteristic of that. Did we get as lean as possible? No. Did we make *some* sacrifices? Yes. Was it easy? No. Did we have fun? Absolutely! And that is the mindset I plan to have this spring if I can do bikini again… to have FUN. I want to match the physique that got me runner up in Boston 2015, but also have fun. Time will tell!

As for my current nutrition and stats, I weigh 125-127 pounds (last week), and will update my weight next week on the CROF Weekly Update with training logs. I’ve been shooting for two high cal days (1800-2000) two low cal days (1200-1300) and three moderate days 1400-1500. My “before” progress photos are below:



I still have my typical egg whites in oats with pancake syrup every morning. I’ve been making one egg -veggies scramble a day (egg, egg whites, mushroom, red onion, broccoli and salsa), having one protein shake a day and alternating between eating boiled chicken with yogurt or quinoa, (85 cals) or gluten-free crab with broccoli and quinoa.

Sometimes I go out to eat, but when I do I keep it simple. Side note: the aforementioned was not possible last week when home BUT, I ate a PF Changs twice and had the “under 600 calorie” Shrimp with Lobster sauce (shrimp, peas, mushrooms and water chestnuts).


Next week’s update I’ll share some recipes from the Dare to Eat Group Program, some other things I’ve been enjoying and my progress updates!

What I’m Reading:

  1. You went on a diet… now what? via Crossroads of Fitness
  2. What’s your exercise personality? via Crossroads of Fitness
  3. How to become a powerlifter via Jen Sinkler
  4. My September Experiment via Crossroads of Fitness
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  8. 6 Reasons you should care about your poop health via Precision Nutrition
  9. 7 Unsexy Fat Loss Truths You Need to Hear via Physiqonomics

Client Spotlights:

Today’s Client Spotlight section features 6-week success stories. The Dare to Eat program is widely known for the 12 week experience, but I also offer 6 week programs for people with shorter-term goals, less weight to lose, or for people who want to go from lean to shredded. Read below to learn more about three different clients’ experiences with the 6-week Dare to Eat program!

Throwback spotlight to Adam’s 6-week transformation:

In the spirit of 6-week transformations I wanted to start with re-sharing my first ever 6-week client Adam’s progress. Adam was a client of mine at Shred415 in Chicago and worked with me in the fall of 2014 when I moved to Boston. He’s a fit guy who loves any tough fitness challenge. When he got this lean however, the fitness challenges went by the wayside. He did far less cardio and his gym sessions decreased significantly. He felt lethargic and tired and was ready to be done with the challenge by the end of week 6. Once he began carving back up after his final few low carb days of the 6-week challenge I’d say he was most please int he four weeks after the 6-week cut, as he filled out but stayed rather lean. He learned a lot throughout the journey and felt armed with the knowledge that she could get chiseled, if he wanted, whenever he wanted, after studying how to do it.



Tali’s 6-week transformation:

Talk went from 120 pounds to 115 pounds in 6 weeks. She will be the first one to tell you that it was not easy. She felt lethargic and tired too, experiencing almost all of the symptoms mentioned in Nick Smoot’s article on Anyman Fitness.com, “9 Reasons Losing Bodyfat Sucks.” But she gave it her all, got to her goal and learn a TON along the way. Eliminating snacks and minimizing alcohol was helpful for Tali, as was doing slightly less exercise. I’m so proud of her short-term, rapid fat loss transformation. Go, Tali!


Alexa’s 6-week fat loss success:

Alexa is an old friend from my hometown and she reached out wanting help for how to eat better. She’d never counted calories before, nor tracked macros, so learning what goes into her meals was very enlightening. Alexa lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks. Like Tali, her experience was quick and no easy feat, however, having never counted calories before and having little more to lose, Alexa didn’t suffer any poor effect, minus dealing with a cold. I’m proud of her for being open-minded to all of my suggestions and being motivated to each out to improve her own health and knowledge base in the first place. Way to go Alexa!



If you have any questions at all about today’s update or want to become a client, shoot me an email at gwcrof@gmail.com!




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