Happy Holiday season!!!

If you are traveling home from Thanksgiving safe travels! I hope this blog post gives you something to read to kill the time ūüôā

I was in Indiana for Thanksgiving and I am now back in good ole’ Boston.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving hanging and laughing with my brothers, cousins, parents and extended family.


I even got to spend time with my brother’s girlfriend, Britt, who is from Australia!


Things I learned from sitting at the kids table this Thanksgiving:

-8-year-old Ben and I both love the song “Clean” by Taylor Swift.

-I should be braiding my hair more often (Ben braided it and told me I am prettier this way).

-How to flirt

-Finding a boyfriend should not be hard

-Hunter is much uglier than his girlfriend Britt

-Justin Bieber was not a good guy but he’s good now


Kids are wise beyond their years, right?

Last week was hectic and different than normal seeing as though I was home, however, I still focused on my powerlifting training for the January 31st meet.

Read on to see how I am prepping for the PL meet and how my nutrition has been going post #NPCbikini prep.

Also– there are some super strong ladies featured at the end of this piece and you don’t want to miss my client’s Ninja Warrior practice.



Sunday: Deadlifts + Cyc

I dialed back the load and decided to do more volume last week. I also started from the bottom instead of coming down to the bar really fast.

I did 4 sets of 8 reps this way with 185 pounds.

That single tweak made me use my hamstrings more (unintentionally) and they were sore until Thursday.

Afterwards I did this little drill for a fun challenge because I saw it on instagram and it looked cool!

Tuesday: Cyc + rest

Wednesday: Upper Body / Bench day

On Wednesday my mom and I trained together and it was a blast!

We did the following upper body workout:

  • 5×5 bench
  • 3×6 -8 narrow grip bench with 4×5 weighted chins (she did bodyweight chin-ups)
  • low grip row machine 3×6 with double kettlebell overhead presses 3×6-8
  • Lat pull down with slow eccentric 3×10, paused push-ups 3×8, bicep curls 4×8
  • conditioning: 20 battle rope slams, 12 heavy swings, 10 light barbell front squats

Thursday: Lower Body obliteration

My mom and I took our time doing 15 sets of 5 squats. She only did 5 by 5 and then drop sets of front squats for 3 sets of 8. I was fortunately able to use 155 pounds the entire time.

Then we did speed deadlifts for 10 sets of 2.

You can see the lunges, RDLs, and banded walks we did.

And finally we did weighted hypers, glute bridges, and banded low jacks.

Friday: power development + core + sprints

My mom and I went in to work on our push-presses and do some conditioning.

She crushed push presses with 65 pounds!!!

Saturday: Cardio (yes, I said it) I did the stair master for a¬†little bit and 3sets of 5 narrow grip chins and heavy kettlebell presses. I was so sore I¬†couldn’t do¬†anything else.


The week following my bikini competition I ate pretty much the same things as the week before the competition to make sure I did not rebound and gain weight quickly.

I had high motivation to do this because not only did I *not* want to rebound and feel bad about unwanted weight gain (or have an upset stomach) but also because I had a photo shoot with Jess McDougall of Jess McDougall Creative this past Monday.

My bodyweight stayed between 112 and 116 that entire week before the shoot.

I had so much fun working with them!

A woman named Shannon did my makeup and she did such an incredible job– see her work below!

IMG_5627   IMG_5616   IMG_5626

However, after the shoot I went home to Indy and did not eat as low calorie as the previous week.

I ate a lot of oats and eggs, however I ate things at Thanksgiving I don’t normally eat including stuffing, cupcakes and pie.

Although my weight shot up immensely the cool thing is that doing the #bikiniprep taught me what it takes to get leaner and moving forward I know how to make the right nutrition decisions to stay right where I want to be.

There was no need to do an hour or cardio or starve for a day after thanksgiving. You just have to love the fact that you indulged and move forward!

I simply got into the gym to move (because in Indy you drive everywhere!!!) and rolled out the day after Thanksgiving.

This coming week I will be continuing to go back up the ladder of the reverse diet. I think it is the smartest thing I can do in order to learn what it takes to follow the ladder back up and give my body time to get used to more calories.

What I am Reading:

  1. Do a deep bodyweight Squat Daily via T-Nation
  2. Do this (not that) to burn fat and boost strength via Ryan Wood Training
  3. The importance of chasing strength via Bret Contreras by SoheeFit
  4. Stop Asking for Meal Plans via Smoot Fitness
  5. 4 Myths about Female Glute Training via T-Nation
  6. Pros and cons of following a strength training program via Crossroads of Fitness
  7. 6 Healthy habits you’re already doing (and you don’t even know it) via Precision Nutrition
  8. Quit needing a “clean slate” every single week via JillFit

Client Spotlight(s):

Meredith’s Bench!

Meredith began working on her bench press just this last program cycle. We are currently working on having her bring the bar slightly lower on her chest, however, we discovered she is strong AF this past week when she send me this video of her benching 75 pounds! Go, Mere!!

Sara’s heavy back squats and 1.5 front squats!!

Sara sent me videos of her doing 175 two weeks ago but was cutting her depth short. This week we had her squat to a box. The box is rather high but it is where she felt comfortable starting as sitting down to something kind of freaked her out. See her back squat 185 below followed by one and a half  front squats with 85 pounds! Go, Sara!!

Jordan’s American Ninja Warrior Training!

If you have been following my weekly updates for a while you have probably heard me talk about my client Jordan (she’s the one who crushes sets of 9 chin-ups) who calls my programming “American Ninja Warrior Training.”

I always laugh when she tells me that and then I drop my jaw when she sends me her latest strength update.

However, this past Wednesday I about passed out when she sent me a video of her actually doing an American Ninja Warrior practice course!

Not only did she get do to the fun practice course BUT she nailed it!! See below ūüėČ Glad that my coaching has practical application to her life! ha! Go, Jordan!




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