It is November which means my competition is basically here…

Which means I am really nervous…

Which means I am very excited…

Which means I  am actually on a strict diet…

With means I practice my posing forrealllll this week!

IMG_5168 (2)

We had both eaten so little we forgot it was actually Thursday night and we posted photos and snaps saying it was “Friday.”


For 15 weeks now I have been anticipating this month and it’s weird to realize it is HERE!

One thing that’s pretty neat is that I predicted my “stage weight” would be 109 pounds and just last week (3-weeks out) I hit 110 three different mornings. It’s not a fluke!

It was cool to not only see that my predictions (as my own coach) were RIGHT but, actually seeing it happen. At 5-weeks out I weighed between 114 and 116 and thought, “There is NO WAY I’ll get to 109.”

Last week was a major guessing guying game of mine, without a coach, winging this day-in and day-out.

I lowered carbs slightly and dropped my calories.

I noticed a few odd things in the past week….

For instance I had zero feelings of hunger last week yet I ate the least amount of calories I have probably ever eaten….

I also had an insane amount of energy!

I worry that the next 14 days will be Hell. But, the good news is that it will only be 14 days! Yay!

This past week I went to Shag hair salon in South Boston for hair extensions in preparation for the contest.

I feel like Barbie!


I was snap chatting the progress while they did it— the transformation was so neat! Here is the instagram from the salon:


I now understand what the term “high-maintenance” really means… it took me about two hours to do my hair yesterday after taking a Barry’s Bootcamp class and getting super sweaty. I am going to need more time to get ready in the mornings from now on!

Besides getting hair extensions I taught three Halloween themed spin classes (Monday was “Drake-u-la and Halloweezy,”  Tuesday was “Heaven and Hell” class, Wednesday was “Witches of Pop”) at Cyc Fitness and it made my week extremely festive minus the candy 🙁


Saturday I did a Halloween themed Barry’s Bootcamp class (the photo is black and white but I wore orange and black FYI). Photo credit goes to Embo!


This week I announced to my #Daretomove Motivator list that I will be launching a #Daretoeat Nutrition Group Coaching Program November 15th. If you are interested shoot me an email or sign-up for the #Daretomove Motivator (on the side bar) and you will get some info about it tomorrow!

Below you will learn about my training 3-weeks out, what articles I am reading, see my first ever dry-run posing practice, and see some cool progress updates!


This week’s training was all over the board. Naturally I made sure to squat, bench, deadlift and hip thrust. I pretty much NEVER omit those lifts from my training.

However I was lucky to be able to do some front squats and weighted chin-ups this week. Having a good training schedule or program is like having a good wardrobe; it’s like having a closet with all the essentials: jeans, t-shirts and sweaters (that fit well and look good) but the ability to go find a top for a special occasion, a top that makes you feel great, boots you didn’t realize you needed to wear and the body to it into them all. Weird metaphor I know, but these are real thoughts that go through my head…

Sunday: Rest Day + Cyc Class

Monday: Deadlifts and glutes

Monday I pushed my training to the afternoon (which ended up happening a few times later this week as well) and it went OK the booty pump was REAL and I wish I had taken a photo!

The fact that I am eating barely over 1,000 calories was a major reason why I decided not to deadlift maximal loads. I went into training anticipating no more than sets of three for my heavy sets and stuck to 205 pounds. In order to get more volume with heavy(ish) weight I did RDLs and speed deadlifts following the heavy sumo lifts.

After three sets of three I did heavy sets of 6 to 8 reps of 1.5 RDLs… (not as heavy as I could lift if I was eating more). I used 135 pounds.

After RDLs I worked on my speed in the deadlift. I completed 11 sets of 2 reps with 185. I rested only 30 seconds between each set of two reps.

Here is a time-lapse video:

I finished with some hypers, frog pumps and clam shell pop-ups. See the “Exercise Spotlight” at the end to learn how to do the frog pump exercise.

Tuesday: Bench, chest and some rows

I have to make myself bench once a week.. (I hate benching) just to keep my strength in this lift.

For a while I was working on improving it and at 8-weeks out I hit a PR of 3 by 5 with 95 pounds.

Lately I haven’t gone above 85 pounds. This past week I did three sets of three with 85.

After 3×3 I did 3 sets of 10 narrow grip bench presses in a circuit with single-arm presses and pull-overs to crunches. See time-lapse video here:

Wednesday: Heavy chin-ups, front squats and push presses

I wanted to see where my strength was in the weighted chin-up because I hadn’t gone over 30 pounds in two weeks.

After warming up with two sets of two with the 30 lb kettlebell I did three sets of 1 with the forty pound kettlebell. Here is my third set which I made a cluster of two singles.

After weighted-chins I hit front squats. In this lift I stayed exactly where I was last week– at 95 pounds and did sets of 10. These were absolutely brutal.

My belt felt very loose so I have a scarf tucked into it to make it feel tighter. My back was wrecked from Monday so I needed my belt to feel TIGHT.

The end of my workout included banded hip extensions for sets of 20, and weighted step-ups. I am not kidding you I was SO frustrated with the step-up because it was so damn hard!

I cannot believe I can do a chin-up with that kettlebell but weighted step-up literally make me want to quit.

Thursday: Sprints and hip thrusts

After the 5 a.m. #Hardcore Abs class at Barry’s I did 12, 30 second sprints at the gym in my building and BOY! They were tough!

I couldn’t get the right set up for hip thrusts at David Barton’s Gym on Wednesday… I was frustrated and plus, there was no pad for my hips!

Therefore, Thursday I was lucky to get in some hip thrusts at Titan Barbell where there is a good pad for my hips. I woke up at 110 pounds too on Thursday… (the lowest bodyweight I have hit since 5th grade) and I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could hip thrust double my bodyweight.

I set out to do one set of three reps at 220 and ended up hitting three sets of 5 reps at 220. I was embarrassed because that just shows I should be pushing the weight more in the lift more often! Whoops!

After teaching two Barry’s classes on Thursday night I ended up doing my first ever posing practice outside of my own apartment.

I went to David Barton’s Gym and met with my friend AJ who is also competing. I was thankful he made me practice it full out including the LONG walk in across and imaginary stage. It really put my head in the game and made me realize how much work I need to do!

Friday: Back Squat

The original intention was to have hip thrusts and back squat on the same day and take a rest day this week but it didn’t work out with my schedule. Therefore, Friday afternoon I went to David Barton’s Gym and set out to do the HARDEST thing ever…. something I hadn’t done in two weeks…. 15 sets of 5 reps!!

Unfortunately I only got three sets of 5 at 155, four reps at 145, four reps at 140 and the rest with 135.

During my sets there was a man staring at me who looked very concerned. He took a while to say something and then finally when I got down to 135 pounds he told me if I needed a spot to just ask him LOL.

I could barely walk yesterday.

Saturday: Barry’s Bootcamp class with Nicole!

Many of you know that my brother is a professional snowboarder. Here is a neat clip of him he posted this past week on his Instagram which Volcom Snow then re-grammed.

In Nicole’s class yesterday we did a new-to-me drill called the “skateboarding drill” and it made me think of Hunter (he also skateboards *very* well).

This drill would be oh-so-perfect for him!

You place one foot on the side of the treadmill and pump the other leg on the treadmill while it is in dynamic mode. We did one minute on the right and one minute on the left. Thank you Nicole for showing me this drill!


This week I was in robot mode. I only ate two Quest bars and aside from those it was egg beaters, chicken, tilapia, spinach, seltzer water, pre-workout, BCAAs and sugar-free syrup.

If I were ever to win this thing and could give an acceptance speed like I won an Academy Award, my acceptance speech would be a GIANT thank you and tribute to spray butter and sugar free syrup– they save me!


I am also still truly loving tilapia right now and am happy about that.

This coming week I will stay low, low carb (around 65-90 grams) to see how seven days of low carb affects me. After that next Sunday I will decide when I will start to carb UP!

AHHHH this is getting crazy it is SO close!

Articles I am reading:

  1. 10 Random Thoughts on Alactic Training via Skill of Strength
  2. 10 Ways to get the most nutrients from your food via Precision Nutrition
  3. Lean Habits via Jorden Page Fitness
  4. Tweaking Thoracic Spine Mobility via Mobility 101
  5. 5 Critical Coaching Cues Confused via The Strength House
  6. 4 Fat Burning Finishers via T-Nation
  7. Exercise Spotlight: the Skater Squat via Girls Gone Strong
  8. Calories in a Pound of Fat via Authority Nutrition
  9. Eat right for your age via Precision Nutrition
  10. Flip Acid vs. Folate via Authority Nutrition
  11. Your Comprehensive Guide to the Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss via

Exercise Spotlight: the most awkward exercise ever….


This is one of those exercises you should do, (thank you for showing me these Bret Contreras) BUT you feel a little award doing them. Like, you kind of want to do them in you own house.


  • Keep your heels as close to your glutes as possible.
  • Drive your elbows down into the floor
  • Brace your abs
  • Keep your eyes looking out in front of you, chin tucked.

Try them in a finishers circuit with clam shell pop-ups, split squat jumps, and/or squat jumps. I did them in this circuit:

  • Weighted hypers for 20
  • 20 frog pumps
  • 12 clam shells per side
  • single leg gluten bridge with foot elevated 12/side

Client Spotlight:

Carol crushes her lower body training day!!!!

Quick Client Stats to HIGHLIGHT:

-Kati lost 1 inch around her waist in the month of October.

-Laura finished her 12 week program with a total loss of 13 pounds. She went to Europe for two weeks of the program.

-Johnny* (name changed for privacy) has now lost 13 pounds in eight weeks. He lifts heavy two times per week.

-Bailey is down 5.5 pounds in five weeks despite her crazy real-estate development job that entails life on the road.

-Morgan is down 9 pounds in seven weeks and thinks the three-day #Daretomove strength training is helping expedite her results!

-Denise is down 6 pounds in 12 weeks!!! She trains hard three days per week!

-Taylor finished her #Daretoeat Program down 13 pounds in 12 weeks!!!

-Amy is down 13 pounds in 11 weeks and went to Paris during her program!!!




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