Happy Monday!!

IT’S SUNNY IN BOSTON!!!!! WAHOO! Thank goodness; we’ve had so many gray days– it’s about time!

It hasn’t been full week since my last update so this one will be kind of brief, but chalk full of heavy lift updates. I hit some big numbers in the gym last week, as did my clients!

Make sure you check out the fitness reads, too. Some really helpful articles are in this week’s batch.

As for me, I deadlifted this morning, had a yummy green shake and am preparing for a very busy week.

Last week was pretty mellow; the weekend was fun and crazy.

I managed to take myself on a social tour of Boston starting at a Derby Party with my friend Lauren.

i don't know this guy, but I liked his outfit and he liked mine, so we took a photo together. I some really great outfits for the derby on Saturday!

I don’t know this guy, but I liked his outfit and he liked mine, so we took a photo together. I some really great outfits for the derby on Saturday!

After the Derby I went on a solo mission to meet friends in Back Bay, then other friends at Lincoln in Southie and then ended up having a heart to hear with my BFF Jonathon in Cambridge. Good times!


It was nice to be super social after such a crazy week; I needed a good 24 hours away from my computer and from the gym. As mentioned, I hit some big lifts last week; you def want to check out in the Training section.

Last week I spent time working on my book because this week I have two writer’s events, (which I’m stoked on)!!!

I have an article coming out tomorrow “5 Snacks for Fat Loss” stayed tuned for it!

Then Wednesday I will release my “5 negative aspects of bikini prep,” article too!

Today’s Client spotlight will feature two badass bench (presses)  from my badass betches Sara and Lindsay.

Don’t skip over Sunday’s workout- it was FUN!

Check out Nutrition to find out how crazy high my “maintenance calories” were last week!



Monday: Deadlifts

Monday was nuts. I did 3 sets of 5 paused deadlifts with 185 to start.

Then I hit 3×5 beltless deadlifts with 225.

I still felt energized so I tried 3 sets of 3 *with* my belt at 240.

After ALL the deadlifts I did 5 standing tucks, grooving “fast hips” and making sure to get my flips in for the month of May!

Tuesday: FUN (front squats, chins, push-presses and abs)

I love getting to train at Titan. last week I hit front squats at 125 pounds, 5×5 and then 5 sets of ONE rep with the 20 kg kettlebell and 2 sets of 2 with the 16 kg kettlebell.

I continued to do ab wheel rollouts last week (third week in a row) and plan to keep them in my training one more week.

One other move I’ve been doing for two weeks now is an old gymnastics move. It’s kind of hard to do at Titan with the ceilings and def hard to film, but here’s a video of it, taken at Rebell conditioning last fall in Chicago. The overhand grip is what makes it hard for me.

At the end of my front squats, chins, and ab exercises I did push presses for sets of 8 with 95 pounds and lateral and walks.

Wednesday: Bench day 

This week I didn’t get to bench as planned; I ended up doing a Barry’s dumbbell chest and back workout in my building. I did *almost* the same treadmill and upper body workout I taught at Barry’s!

  • heavy chest presses for 5 reps (4 sets)

Then 1 minute of each of the following exercises:

  • 1.5 single arm chest press
  • russian twist
  • 1.5 chest single arm chest press
  • narrow press
  • renegade rows
  • release push-ups
  • 3 point row right
  • single arm reverse fly right
  • 3 point row left
  • single arm reverse fly left
  • release push-ups
  • renegade rows
  • long lever plank

Thursday: rest

Friday: Squat day!

I thought I wasn’t going to get a chance in the squat rack so I began my workout trying to see how heavy I could goblet. I tried to do the 90 pound first and after one set of 3, I decided to just stay there for two more sets of 3.

Then the squat rack opened and after 3 sets of 5 at 165, I went up to 170 for 3×3.


After squats I had enough time to do 4×8 hip thrusts at 205 and that was it!

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Barry’s workout on my own (25 min treadmill, 25 minutes of lifting–conditioning style)

4 minute warm-up ( 0% incline, 5% incline, 0 % incline 10% incline)

1 min recover

2x 30 sec sprints; 1 on 5% incline, second on 0% incline

1 minute recover

3 minute dynamic mode fast run

1 minute recover

1 minute sprint (speed 9 or higher)

4 minute 1/2 mile challenge (first two minutes on 4% incline, second 2 minutes on 0% incline)

1 minute recover

2 minute, 1/4 mi challenge, (1st minute on 8% incline, second on 0% incline)

90 sec back paddle

3x 30 sec sprints (30 sec on, 30 off, inclines 0%, 2%, 4%)

1 minute to recover

1 minute sprint to finish

Then I did a circuit of 15 squats, 15 crawling steps forward and backward, 15 ball slams (3 rounds)

Then, chest press for 20 reps, diamond push-ups for 10 reps, ballistic row 20 reps (3 rounds)

Then, 2 chin-ups every 20 seconds for 8 rounds.


This week was super boring but also tasty (for me!)

I went to sweet green three times and ate dinner at whole foods almost every night. I am borderline addicted to their roasted cauliflower and carrots.

I had my green shake daily and oatmeal and eggs in the morning.

There’s really not much to talk about except that I think I might be growing…

Just kidding, but seriously!

I ate about 2000-2200 calories last Tuesday-Friday. I was just nonstop hungry, as if I was growing. The best thing I could do was listen to my body and feed it more. However I do think part of what I needed was more sleep. It was nice to go to bed early most nights last week!

If you are feeling more hungry than usual, and its not due to menstrual cycle or increased exercise, take a look at your sleep patterns! If you aren’t getting your normal amount, that could be sparking your hunger!

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Client Spotlight(s):

Lindsay’s bench:

Lindsay was recently featured in the CROF weekly update April 20th for her first ever powerlifting meet that she absolutely crushed!! Since the meet she has been resting and slowly working her way back up to heavy lifts. Check out her bench presses from last week! She makes 115 look so darn easy!

Sara’s Bench:

My client Sara was featured very recently, you may remember her “5 diet tips for college girls in the CROF Weekly Update April 26th. She decided to get back to benching last week and hit 95 for sets of 8. She is ridiculously strong! Way to go Sara!


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