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Personal updates:

This week was hectic but fun.


The temporary space where we hosted preview rides for Cyc Fitness

Cyc fitness had not ONE but four preview rides at David Barton’s Gym this week! I was lucky enough to teach one and attend two classes despite having a lot on my plate.

Keoni taught two classes and his music was killer, per usual.


My Tuesday night class went well; it motivated me to become even better with this new method. I made some errors but learned from them. Getting on the bike with my Cyc shirt on made me THAT much more antsy to get into the actual studio (which is still under construction) and start teaching! Stay tuned for a tentative date.

On Saturday Jordan and I had a very very early dinner (4:30/5 pm) at our favorite sushi spot we missed on Friday. We walked to dinner slowly and took in all the sites and craziness that surrounds our apartment with the eyes of the tourists around us. It was fun to take on the perspective of a tourist.


#lovenote: On our way home we stopped at the Pru to go to the Top of the Hub. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to the top because of a big event. We wandered into one of my favorite shops (Club Monocao) and Jordan told me to “pick something.” (#everygirlsdream) He is actually quite fun to shop with and I am very thankful for the beautiful crop top he got me.


Last Sunday, after posting the Weekly Update Jordan and I lifted together. I was feel tired, but after a big dinner I wanted to use my extra calories to pick up something extra heavy. I brought my lifting belt and suited up.

**I was careful to make sure the belt matched the shirts, because #fashion.

210 for three felt really fast.

This week, without planning, I hit a personal record on my bench.

Friday I needed to sleep in slightly (6 a.m.) and went to the gym where Jordan coaches to get some reps in with speed deadlifts and benching.

My bench felt good at 95 for 3×3, so I did two singles at 100, two at 105 and then jumped up to 110!

The other workout(s) to note, aside from Cyc and lifting were great too!

I did paused squats at Achieve Fitness on Monday morning and #allthepullups with my friend Georgia.


On Wednesday night I did a glute pump-y workout with bands!

Try this at home:

  • 20 banded good mornings
  • 12 banded sumo deadlifts
  • 10 single leg hip thrusts
    • 3x through
  • 10 bat wing rows
  • 6 bicep curls slow eccentric
    • 4x through
  • 10 face pulls
  • 8 split squat jumps/leg
  • alternating hammer curls
    • 3x

Click here to see videos of banded goodmornings and banded deadlifts!


This week was the very fist official week ONE of my own getting lean(er) challenge.

After a heavy eating last weekend I went into the challenge at about 120 pounds.

I ended week ONE at 116.4 (one pound down from my normal weight).

I took my updated week ONE photos on Thursday because the progress pics I posted last weekend were done on the previous Thursday.

BW 116.4

BW 116.4

The toughest part of the diet this week: As many of you know I get up at 4 a.m. most days– especially for the 5 a.m. Barry’s classes I teach in the city. This means I have to be very strategic with how much I eat and meal timing because otherwise I will be very uncomfortable on less calories.

On Thursday my plan didn’t go so well! By 3 p.m. I realized I was pretty much where I needed to be with my calories after eating my first meal at 3:45 a.m.

I had a town hall meaning for my real-estate work. The seller we are working with took the attorney, the engineer and myself out for drinks afterward. I hadn’t eaten since 3 p.m. and there were were at 9 p.m. with very yummy smelling bar food and popcorn surrounding us.

I had a diet pepsi.

Did I feel deprived? Not really. I knew the popcorn would put me over my calories and not fill me up; wine would make me tired.

It was a temporary feeling of being uncomfortable that was only exaggerated because of my setting. I reminded myself that if I was at home I would not be eating heavy, buttery popcorn.

Two things I fell in love with this week: GF spinach wraps with turkey, egg whites and spinach and rice cakes with turkey and egg whites (with a spray butter). Both are low calorie and allow me to eat multiple of them in one day and hit my numbers.

sandwichricecake wrapgf

Over all, I felt pretty good this week!

I was still able to cook for Jordan and myself, too. On Wednesday we took dinner to the roof. I made him to pieces of pork tenderloin, curried jasmine rice and tomato-mushroom-broccoli sauce with quail egg.


Mushroom is good because it is low calorie and filling. I bought large mushrooms and sautéed them in the tomato sauce, added broccoli and we each had some. I had tilapia because I am still #obsessed.

Diet tricks of the week: quail egg and Nu-Salt

These little guys are like 14 calories each.

These little guys are like 14 calories each.

The one other switch I made this week was to Nu-Salt. I used Nu-Salt because I have been getting a little carried away with adding salt recently. When I add salt to my food and eat packaged food on-the-go, (and high sodium sushi on the weekends), I fear I might just be having a little too much. Therefore I bought the stuff my grandma uses called Nu-Salt, a sodium substitute.

tastes JUST like salt

tastes JUST like salt

What I am reading:

1. Four Reasons Why Women Must Deadlift via T-Nation

2. Shoulder Mobility for Overhead lifting via Skill of Strength

3. Fifteen Fat Burning Foods and Beverages Supported by Science via Authority Ntrition

4. The Perfect Carb for Lifters via T-Nation

5. Rags to Riches! A Journey of Happiness via The Strength Shed

6. Flexible Dieting Foods  That are Truly High in Protein  via Bret Contreras

7. Pull-ups during Pregnancy via Sistas of Strength

8. Fifteen Reasons you Aren’t Losing Weight on a Low Carb Diet via Authority Nutrition 

9. Five Tips for a better a Kettlebell Swing via The Girls Gone Strong

10. How Should I Treat My Sore Hip Flexor via The Girls Gone Strong

11. The Difference Between nutritional Strategies and Nutritional Crutches via JillFit

12. How to Pre-&Post-workout Fuel for Fat Loss via Crossroads of Fitness

13. Five Femal Fitness Myths Debunked by Science via Dr. John Rusin

14. The Feet Elevated Bench Press is Way Better than the Floor Press (Here’s Why) via Syatt Fintess

Exercise of the Week: Batwing Row

I personally I have trouble using my lats and back muscles in generally. While I am very strong, I still pull through my neck and shoulder sometimes during pull-ups or lat pull downs when I start to fatigue.

This upper body pull exercise allows me to really hone in on my mid-back muscles without scrunching my shoulders up.

I like doing bat wing row by pulling two heavy dumbbells or kettlebells up, and then pausing at the top before slowly lowering them down.

You will see in the video below (which is from my exercise video bank) I am speaking to my clients. If you want the entire bank sent to you, sign up for the  #DARETOMOVE MOTIVATOR at the bottom of the page and it will be sent to you!

Try this exercise in the circuit posted under the Personal Updates!

Client Spotlight : My Mom

Her name is Laura, aka MOM but we call her Larry.


My Mom began working on strength training last August at Force Barbell in Indiana.

After seeing hug #gains in strength, working on pull-up and achieving the ability to goblet squat a 70 pound dumbbell, she was more motivated than ever to work on her nutrition to really fine tune her body.

For Larry is was one step at a time.

You see the thing is, my mom lived with ED, as she calls it, her whole life. That’s right, she had an eating  disorder.

My mom began talking to me about ED when I was a pre-teen. The interesting thing is, even though she may not have been suffering from it then, or even now, the effect it had on her mindset was heavy.

She spent her high school and college years battling anorexia. She was 90 punds at 5’6″ her senior year of high school.

Her focus for the majority of her life was to eat very little. I can remember my high school years when we all worked on eating healthier foods.

She was very helpful in teaching me about healthy foods then and preparing them for the family; but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t struggle with wanting to not eat much. And in fact she would eat more than she needed to later on after dinner.

Overall I think the entire family ate much bigger portions than we should have.

And now as a client of mine, we work on portion sizes and tracking everything. It has been very eye-opening for Larry to really own everything she eats– knowing that is is FUELING with nutrients that get her to get her to hit her numbers for the day and that taste good to her.

She has lot 12 pounds since February.

These are my Mom's legs. She has seen the MOST progress here. She is turning 50 this June.

These are my Mom’s legs. She has seen the MOST progress here. She is turning 50 this June.

Here’s her side of the story:

For years I have watched Garrett train and study and experiment with nutrition and exercise. I watched her track her protein and watched her work at ways to get more protein in her diet.

I didn’t get it.

At the same time I watched her develop into a strong, healthy, motivating woman. I watched her inspire others. She has always tried to push me along toward a healthier state of mind and life but I just thought she was, well, crazy!

Not crazy crazy but something I thought I could never do due to my past issues. I have battled an eating disorder for 35 years first anorexia, then bulimia and then just overeating. I was afraid to restrict and it blossomed into weighing in at 180, 7 years ago. Too bad my goal wasn’t heavy weight boxing!

I made some gradual changes on my own and lost about 15 pounds over 3 years as well as finding out I had a thyroid inefficiency.

In February of this year after continually being inspired by Garrett’s client stories and her gently persuasion I hired her.

I am her nutrition client.

Just like all her other clients she has counseled me, encouraged me and listened to my fears and concerns regarding my fitness/health history.

Yes, she is my daughter but, she has taken all my past issues and helped me throw them out the window. She is my coach! With her by my side(figuratively as she is in Boston and I am in Indy) I have committed to a fitness/nutrition regime that is doable despite my fears.

I have become eager to track everything that I consume.

Knowledge is power.

It’s not scary or obsessive as I worried about. It is empowering. I am in charge of my body. I turn 50 in a month. My goal is to be able to wear what I want, run, jump and play whatever I feel like with no limits like a did when I was a kid.

I don’t have a time frame for my actual weight goal but I just want to continue improving and getting stronger. Most importantly I want to spend the next 50 years playing with my kids and grandkids, traveling, playing tennis, paddle boarding laughing and enjoying life and my family…oh, and I want to do an unassisted pull up!!







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