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Wow– what a week!

In case you missed it, CROF published three articles this week all surrounding that one thing we all want for summer, (besides cold beers, sunshine, warm weather, tacos and fireworks), a lean rockin’ bod!

“Nutrition Tips for the Occasional Traveler”

“How to stay lean 365 days a year”

“Getting Lean(er) Challenge”

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Personal updates:

It was a LONG WEEK!!!

I had to be at a few work events which required getting dressed up. It really is nice to get dressed up every now and then. I forgot how good it feels to look pretty!

After traveling for the first half of the week and spending the other half teaching like a maniac (four classes on Thursday alone) I was ready for some R&R over weekend!!

But as always, I stayed more active than a labrador retriever (well, more active than my family’s lab).


Yesterday Jordan and I got lost in the woods at Houghton’s Park (literally) for about two hours.

Afterwards, in all seriousness, we felt like eating Subway so we searched for one nearby and went to a smelly one! Seriously! The ONLY Subway I have ever been to that didn’t smell good.

Here’s what I had (sorry I forgot to take a photo): Spinach, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper, three slices of turkey, one chicken breast, one slice of cheese and honey mustard on the side.

On Saturday night we went to Legals and I got the cioppino.


THIS WEEK!: TUESDAY I am teaching a PREVIEW CLASS for Cyc Fitness  at David Barton’s Gym in Boston!! 7:15 p.m!! Be there!


This week, without planning, I hit a personal record deadlifting.

After two days in Vegas doing some benching, pull ups and booty work, I decided to deadlift once I realized there was a barbell!

I began with warming up 5 reps at 135, singles at 165, 185.

Then I did sets of three at 200, 215 and 225.

I then pulled 235 as a PR! See video below.

Otherwise, in Vegas I was able to lift three times.

I got back to Boston super late Tuesday night so on Wednesday I slept in and didn’t have a lot of time to lift heavy Wednesday morning.

On Thursday there was no way I could lift with teaching four Barry’s classes, AND taking the first official Cyc preview class.

My friend Becky and I after she took my 6 am class and before we did the Cyc Fitness class!

My friend Becky and I after she took my 6 am class and before we did the Cyc Fitness class!

On Friday I brought my PINK lifting belt to AMP and that meant BUSINESS. With Jordan as my coach I did 4×3 heavy squats at 155 pounds! Woo!


As a welcome home gift, Jordan made me a delicious meal of Shakshouka.


Throughout the entire week I ate quite a bit. I had cocktails in Vegas and over the weekend.

Here’s the thing: getting ready to do a nutrition challenge is stressful.

I think the “getting ready” aspect of it is the WORST. I ate MORE this week than ever for a few reasons but the biggest reason is the looming, imminent change.

I KNOW that I will be reducing my calories significantly and it’s like an elephant in the room.

But just like I noted in my article— I WILL LEARN from this challenge.

Even this past week alone  I learned something: I felt exactly how my new clients must feel right before they begin day 1 of their first week on the #daretoeat program.

The combination of being at an unintentional deficit this week (due to travel and teaching a ton), the weekend coming after a hell of a week, and the looming nutrition getting lean(er) challenge I ate a LOT more over the weekend than usual.

But the cool part is: muscle.

Having more muscle doesn’t give you a free pass to eat anything, but it does help you not gain a TON of weight after a few days of eating more than you need. Honestly I feel ready for an awesome workout today and to crush this week!

What I am reading:

1. “Is Cardio or Strength Training Better for Fat Loss?” via The PTDC

2.  “7 Things Female Lifters Do that we’re not Ashamed” via Spot Me Girl

3. “6 Mindset Struggles You’re Still Having That Are Keeping You From Getting Results” via JillFit

4. “Why We Lift” via T Nation

5. “Meal Plans vs. IIFYM: What is the Superior Method?” via Shredded Nation

6. “The Ten Most Polarizing Fitness Topics” via The PTDC

7. “Combatting the Major Causes of Weight Gain” via Nate Miyaki

8. “Compound vs. Isolation Movements” via FitnessRX Women

9. “Tempo Running for Athletes” via Skill of Strength

10. “How to tame Big Tatas Part 2” via Jen Sinkler

11. “Chia Seeds 101” via Authority Nutrition

12. “Flexible dieting Foods that are Truly High in Protein” via Bret Contreras

13. “How to Use Your Lats in the Bench Press” via Adam Pine

14.  “4 of the Worst Deadlift Mistakes you could Make” via Syatt Fitness

Exercise of the Week: Dead Stop Kettlebell Swing

Why the deadstop swing? I chose this exercise this week because a few of my clients are having trouble with their normal swing. Whether you are new to kettlebells or just want to revisit your form, this exercise is great because you focus on one rep at a time.

Tip: before each swing, at the bottom position with the bell tipped toward–Imagine you are dragging the bellengage your lats by trying to pull your armpits down tightly. You’ll know if you’re doing it correctly when the bell does in fact drag closer to you before you swing.

Another reason I love this exercise is because it is a great ass-kicking tool. Once you practice it a few times, try doing this with a heavier bell than you would normally swing for 10 reps… your glutes will thank me later.


Try incorporating the deadstop swing  in the following circuit:

10 dead stop swings

heavy farmer carry 20 steps (2 kettlebells/dumbells in each hand)

cluster push-ups with a 10lb plate on your back 3-3-3-3

moutain climbers

ball slams

8 double kettlebell cleans

Timer: 15 minutes

Client Spotlight : ME

As mentioned, I am beginning a new challenge for myself and my clients. Just like an avid runner might training for a marathon, I am testing myself with nutrition starting today.


Before pics

I want to see if I can get insanely lean without going insane.

Therefore, each week my updates will be specifically geared toward that in the nutrition section of the CROF Weekly update.

Next week’s client update though is one you do not want to miss– it hits close to home.

Get the deets on my challenge here.

And as always,




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