Happy Monday!!!

Last weekend was a jam-packed and included more “firsts” for me in Boston.


Friday night I went to see DJ Fetty La Grande at Royale with my Cyc Fitness team. It was the first time I’d been to a club in Boston since 2014. I made it until midnight 🙂

Despite being a little tired I was able get some extra training in (odd and ends I couldn’t fit into m schedule last week) at Titan Barbell. I always leave there inspired after watching the incredible feats of strength around me. Heavy farmer carries, keg carries, sandbags, atlas stones and 800+ pound deadlifts made my butt and legs workout seem infantile. It didn’t stop me though. Whatever I did made me so sore I could barely walk Sunday and this morning.

After training at Titan I went to a Red Sox game on Saturday with my friend Meghan and we sat in the Green Monster– the home run wall at the field! It was epic. There was even a grand slam!IMG_8882

After the game I got to check out Row 34 for dinner with some girls and had some incredible ceviche with even better wine!

On this week’s update I have a lot of fun things to share including but not limited to: some great fitness reads, two client fat loss updates, my pizza and pancake meal prep last week and a client’s recipe for the Dare to Eat Program!

My Group Nutrition Program begins NEXT MONDAY and I just had one spot open up. Message me for details.



Monday: Deadlifts + Cyc

Monday was rough. Not sure why but 225 felt incredible heavy. I alternate speed work with banded work after heavy sets each week. This week I opted to only hit 3×3 with deadlifts at 225 and then do more volume on the speed work.

I hit 190 for 10 sets of 2, shown below after 3×3 sumo deadlifts.

My following circuit was quick and easy:

  • 1.5 lunges 6 per leg with 95
  • clam shell pop-ups 12/side
  • barbell glute bridge for 10 reps
  • three rounds

Finisher: see below

Tuesday: Front squats and chin-ups with handstand walks

I did lighter front squats on Tuesday with five sets of 1 weighted chin-ups with the 20 kg bell. Afterward I hit back off sets of 1 and 2 reps with the 16 kg bell. It seems like I’ve been here for a while, but I am OK with this. Strength takes time and practice and patience.

In between heavy push-presses and chin-ups I did handstand walks.

Fronts swats were moderate weight this week after going heavy to 135 last Thursday.

Wednesday: Bench Press

I was thankful to hit 105 pounds for 4×4 on Wednesday, which was new for me!!

After heavy bench I did Wide grip lat pull downs, narrow grip pull downs, single arm chest presses and close grip bench.

At the end of my workout I did dips, bicep curls and this fun little spider movement:

Thursday: rest

Friday: Squats ONLY

I hadn’t done heavy back squats in a while so I got back to higher volume, as heavy as possible.

My numbers were the following all for sets of five, until the end:

155, 165, 165, 170, 170, 170, 165, 160, 160, 155,

then 145×5, 145×4 135×8 135×8

The goal was 15 sets of 5 but at the end I decided to go lower in weight and do sets of 8.

Saturday: odds and ends

Saturday it felt hard to walk but I needed to get in my accessory work for my squat day, and some conditioning. I had higher calories and higher carbs this week, so I wanted to put the excess calories to good work.

I did:

  • 1.5 RDLs for sets of 8
  • Barbell Hip Thrust for sets of 12
  • SHELC with med ball
  • ball slams
  • Kettlebell swings, cleans and single arm presses alternated with sets of 5,5,4,4,3,3,weighted chins with the 20 pound dumbbell.

Sunday: Barry’s Bootcamp!

We have New Instructor Greg on the rise! He taught a free community class yesterday and literally EVERYBODY from the Cyc-Barry’s family was there 🙂 too much fun!

I like to call him “New Instructor Greg” because I’ve technically been the “new” instructor since July 2014. It’s fun to not be the new girl anymore! New Instructor Greg killed it! Check out the Exercise video of the week to see something he taught me at his practice class last week.


Last week I wanted to mix things up. I had been craving more pizza, (the weekend prior I had an excellent pizza at Met Bar) but wanted to make it myself.

On Monday I prepped this Hawaiian Pizza below!


  • Schar gluten-free pizza crust (150 cals per 1/2 pizza) or 450 for entire crust– not bad in my opinion!
  • Honey Barbecue sauce – 70 calories for 2 tablespoon dn I only use 2!
  • Fat free mozzerella
  • 1/4 cup chopped pineapple
  • 1/4 cup of chopped red onion
  • Bake at 410 degree for 11 minutes!

Honestly it was amazing. I ate 2/3 of it Tuesday night and the last third Wednesday morning for breakfast!IN order to balance out my macros I made sure to have protein powder mixed with water stirred up in a bowl as an “apple dip” for breakfast and then a green protein shake with my pizza at breakfast and dinner. I could have added chicken but kind of just wanted to see how it tasted without chicken!

The second AMAZING thing I made that was “out-of-the-box” for me were pancakes. And no, they were not protein pancakes. I simple ate egg beaters with them.

The reason I made these was because when I saw that GLUTEN-FREE funfetti pancake mix existed in the world I HAD to try it 🙂


Remember, there is no one food that makes you lose or gain weight. It is all about how much you eat. For instance, my body doesn’t freak out and gain fat because it registers a “funfetti carb” en lieu of a “brown rice carb” the body registers “carb” and the body will put on fat if you eat a caloric surplus. It will lose fat when you are in a deficit.

The third thing I made this week was a newer version of my “cake-batter” shake. You have the recipe if you are on the #Daretomove Motivator newsletter.

I used to make protein shakes with Hail Merry Macaroons back in the day. I still love them every now and then, however, they are pretty high calorie and higher in fat.

Last week, however, I found these coconut macaroons by Aleia, for 20 CALORIES A COOKIE!!!

Seriously– 20 calorie cookies exist!

Naturally I out 3 in my protein shake with Vanilla protein powder, truvia and spinach. The shake was very yummy. The one thing I was missing was vanilla extract, but it still tasted great! I found these cookies at a Stop ‘n Shop. Hopefully you can find them too!

IMG_8828 (1)

All in all I was in maintenance mode all wee, or at least banned to be, but a few social events took my calories higher than planned. Do I feel a little fluffy? YES! Am I going to stress out about it? No.

I’ll simply workout a little more with the extra calories in my system and watch my calorie intake this week.

It’s been nice to be able to have slightly more calories without any stress. I just have to be OK without having very visible abs for the time being.

#Daretoeat Client Recipe!

My clients Carlos and Sarah are ON A ROLL! They are engaged and doing the #Daretoeat program together. I’m very impressed with their commitment and accountability to fat loss.

Last week they sent me a recipe to share with you all!

Read on to find out more!

We wanted to share this great recipe we’ve been making about once per week in case you like lasagna. It comes together quickly if you pre-bake the eggplant, makes a huge portion, and has great macros. It will last you for several meals.

– 2 medium eggplants
– 1 pound very lean ground turkey (we have made with 99% lean and 93% lean and both taste great). 
– 1 cup low fat ricotta cheese
– 1 jar marinara sauce
– whatever veggies you want to add such as spinach or mushrooms 
– 1/3 cup shredded part skim mozzarella cheese 
– preheat oven to 350 
– cut eggplant into thin strips lengthwise or crosswise and bake in a single layer on cookie sheets for about 20 mins. No need to add oil or cooking spray to the pan. (I usually do this step in advance on the weekend and store in fridge until I’m ready to make the lasagna).
– meanwhile in a large pan sautĂ© your ground turkey until cooked through. Season with salt/pepper/basil/oregano to taste.
-sauté or microwave your other veggies and add to meat

– add jar of tomato sauce to cooked meat and veggies and stir to combine
– assemble lasagna in a casserole dish: layer of red sauce, then eggplant, then ricotta, then eggplant – alternate until all ingredients are used
– top with mozzarella and bake for 30 mins
– makes 4-6 servings 

Macros depend on how lean your meat is and what sauce you choose but its around 350-400 cals per serving, 10g fat, and 40g protein.


Here is the adorable couple!!!


What I’m Reading:

  1. Break Unhealthy Habits with this simple strategy via Dr. Spencer
  2. Guilt Has No Place in Nutrition via Strength Despite Size
  3. Why More Cardio is Not the Answer via Girls Gone Strong
  4. How Paleo Made me fat…and Pop Tarts Got Me Shredded via Biolayne.com
  5. Body Image in the Bedroom via SarahVance.com
  6. Four Movements to Include in Every Workout via 20 to 80.com
  7. Most Likely Solution to Your Fat Loss Program via Anyman Fitness

Exercise Spotlight: Scoop Press

Last week I attended one of Greg’s mock classes. In one of the floor rounds he did a chest, back and abs section. After some really sweet “snatch-rows” we did this scoop press. We were here for about a minute. I was able to do about 8 to 10 reps with a 12 pound dumbbell, (sound light but it totally burned) before taking rest. I did about 3 sets of 8 reps.

Try this movement on an upper body day. Start on the lighter side using one dumbbell. You could absolutely use two dumbbells but I found one to be challenging enough during an intense workout.

Pro Tip: I tried to think about stretching/elongating my lats (sides/back of my body)as I reached up. Instead of focusing on my shoulders I closed my eyes and focused on my lats. It helped me keep going. Brace your abs and keep a slight bend in elbows and knees.

Client Spotlights:

Kristina’s 12-Week results!

Kristina is a nurse with a crazy-busy schedule. She not only had to deal with night shift and back problems but also taking steroid, (prednisone) midst her #Daretoeat Program. As you may know, prednisone can increase appetite, make you feel puffy, increase water retention, cause moodiness and also upward ticks on the scale, in the short term.

Kristina hit here calories day in and day out, but watched the scale stay the same for weeks on end. But she didn’t give up. She trusted the process and saw the scale finally move in here final weeks!


All in all Kristina lost 6 pounds in 12 weeks! She lost several inches and I think the results speak for themselves. The even cooler part is that she’s not done yet. She is motivated to continue to work on fat loss on her own for the summer and plans to do a second Dare to Eat cycle in the fall.

Read more about her journey below!

1. What has helped you find success the most throughout the entire 12 weeks?
Garrett, Krystina Miller, my mother. The 12 weeks was definitely tough at times but Garrett, Krystina Miller and my mother all helped to keep me accountable in their own ways. Garrett by providing excellent feedback, Krystina for helping me on the side when I needed it and encouraging me, and my mother for providing me with the compliments needs to keep me on track with my goals.
2. What was the hardest part for you in the beginning, middle and end of the program?
I’m such a picky eater. I’ve definitely grown palate-wise the last few years but I have my favorites and my go-tos. This program forced me to try new recipes and foods. I love greek yogurt now and I also am learning to love seltzer water instead of diet soda! Lol During the beginning of the program, I hurt my back. I wasn’t able to work out so that definitely hindered my results. That was one of the hardest parts. Not seeing the results I would have if I had been able to work out. BUT I’m looking forward to getting back into it and coming back for round 2 after a summer of working out and doing the program on my own!
3. Why do you like flexible dieting?
I liked that I could make my own renditions of the program. I hate fish… so I would eat double chicken! I also loved the fact that I could find something anywhere I went. People who knew I was on the program would say things like “oh can you not eat here? can you not come out for drinks?” and I would always be able to say yes I can! 🙂
4. What would you say your “secret weapon” for fat loss has been?
Greek yogurt! 🙂 Easy snack, low in fat, high in protein, and yummy!!
5. What surprised you the most about losing 6 pounds?
I only lost 6 lbs… but I’m smaller and more confident. My shoulders are back more than they are slouched. I hold my head high. I don’t worry about what people think as much as I did. I ‘only’ lost 6 lbs but I feel incredible in my own skin.
6. What is your next goal?
To come back to the program after 3 months of doing it on my own, DURING THE SUMMER (hello cocktails… eek!), while also being able to work out!

Nice work Kristina!!!

Jenn’s old shorts now fit!!!!

Jenn P

Jenn has been going HARD on her Dare to Eat Program She began the #Daretomove Training day 1, and has a new found love for lifting. She is getting leaner and stronger and people at the gym are beginning to notice. Last weekend she sent me this photo– a pair of shorts she bought forever ago, but they never fit in the past! She was home for the weekend and tried them on for fun. Voila! They fit perfectly!



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