Happy Sunday!!!

Here’s how I started my Sunday….

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I woke up finally a tiny bit lighter than 119 pounds and sincerely hope to hit 114 by the “3 weeks out” marker, then I will know for sure I am in the right spot to compete at the NPC Naturals Indiana.

This week I bought a new computer and did a photo shoot for “lifestyle” images for Cyc. It was a fun time.

I mean, who doesn’t want to do karate moves in the Boston Park Plaza lounge?


This morning I practiced posing again with my friend Brittany before teaching Cyc Lean.

My quads were shot from Keoni’s Cyc Lift class yesterday…. he was in town so I had to take class with him. He slays. It was so great to see him.

The Cyc crew went out to a nice dinner at Empire– if you’re in Boston you must try Empire the food was amazing.


I’m the only one not in a black jacket (whoops).

This coming week is a busy one for me! Tomorrow I am shooting with Jess McDougall of Jess McDougall Creative! We will be taking photos of my new tank tops and crop tops for my website! Woo!

No deadlifts no dates

I am going to be focusing more on nutrition and less on lifting this week with my competition rapidly approaching.

On Friday I am heading home to Indiana instead of my planned trip to Chicago for some much needed R&R.

Check out the rest of the update to see how my training changed last week (or didn’t) a *free* workout and posing videos

Next week I am going to feature several client updates 🙂 Can’t even wait!



Monday: Deadlifts: 

Deadlifts were very simple this week and my workout volume was less than I would have liked on deadlift and squat day as far as accessories went. However, the big lifts were done heavy and well done.

I hit 245 for 3×3 which was a first for me!

After these I did some simple, light RDLs at 135 for sets of 10, reverse lunges for sets of 10 per leg at 95 pounds, and then hit narrow grip chin-ups for sets of 5, as shown below in an old video.

Tuesday: high volume bench and row

With little time to exercise before my Cyc 45 class I tried to see if I could increase my weight for sets of 10 on the bench press against this week.

My workout was short and sweet, four rounds of the following;

  • Bench press 10 reps (70-75 pounds)
  • Hip thrust at 205 for 8-10 reps
  • Machine wide grip, under hand rows for 1o reps
  • Lateral band steps alternating with low jacks (see below)

Wednesday: Heavy bench Press with wide grip chin-ups

I’m not sure if I was simply too tired or what Tuesday but whatever I did was not enough; I still felt like I needed to bench on Wednesday so I ran over to Titan Barbell and did 4×5 at 90 pounds, tapering it back from my typical 95×3.

In between sets of bench and wide grip chins ups for 5, I did band pull apart, (shown below) instead of face-pulls and some bicep curls.


You could say I had a bit of a mental breakdown and hit a wall on Thursday…

We all break sometimes. What matters is how you deal with it.

For the first time as long as I’ve worked at Barry’s I “called in sick.” After driving to Barry’s at 4:45 am and forgetting to turn my headlights on I knew I needed sleep.

Unfortunately I had consumed so much caffeine to get there to teach that I couldn’t nap later on… so what did I do?

I wrote 2,500 words, cried while writing some heavy parts, and then ran 4 miles.

Me, run? Yes. I ran.

Not kidding. I ran 4 miles and then I did a workout inspired by my mom: 4x 500 meter rows.

After I taught the 4:20 pm class I went to bed at 6:30 and slept until 7 am on Friday.


Recognizing I was not gong to be my best self or best coach on Thursday night at 7:40 was a huge win for me. I was able to then get the sleep I needed and be a better coach on Friday.

In the midst of the craziness on Thursday I submitted two query letters to literary agents as well. So in all, it was a productive day.

Side-note, my hips didn’t hurt from running!

Friday: Squats!

I stayed on the same 10×5 program this week with back off, paused squats for 5×5 afterward.

It was really neat to hit 5 of my 10 sets at 170 with a belt and 5 sets without a belt at 165.

The five pound thing is all mental.

Thanks to sleep and carbs I was able to get 5×5 at 145 pounds!! Woohoo!

It was oddly convenient and lovely that my new bathing suits came on squat day!!

Especially because I’ve never worn the cheeky-style (brazilian?) bottoms but I think I’m gonna do it!!

[Squat story]: – The squat was always my weakest lift. It took me two years just to learn how to fire my glutes to goblet squat a kettlebell properly. In those two years I realized there was a significant change in the way my jeans fit me! I was beginning to build a booty! – After beginning to back squat and front squat with a barbell I started experimenting with my own programming. When I compete in powerlifting I compete in the 52kg division, and building strength there doesn't totally augment my glutes the way I want them for the bikini stage, but it does make me ridiculously strong. During my bikini prep (like I am in right now) I try and maintain my strength but increase volume, and 15×5 is a happy medium for me. The past few weeks I decreased heavy sets to 10 sets of 5 and dropped weight for 5×5 paused back squats, as shown above. Yesterday I did all 5×5 paused with 145– a new record! – During my first bikini prep as I leaned out I gained 3 inches around my glutes. And now, since my competition last November I have gained another inch!!!! – I've been very frustrated with my weight and worried I'm not where I should be, however, after noticing my #bootygains yesterday I have faith that the training is working. All I need to do now is continue to follow my macros (which have drastically increased from last prep) and know that I have more muscle now that requires more calories. – I also used to think Kim K had plastic surgery, but now I wonder if she's just on a *really* good squat program!!!! – Check out tomorrow's CROF weekly update to see my one year and one month booty transformation as well as two client progress updates!! #daretomove #daretoeat #daretolift #5weeksout #npcbikini #bootygains #powerlifting #usapl

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After paused squats (shown above) I had enough time to do 4 sets of 10 hollow rocks!

Saturday: Barry’s Upper Body on my own

Practicing what I preach I did the below pump workout for time.

All you need are medium dumbbells!

Do the following for one minute each. In between each section you can rest two minute (the sections are 8 minutes long).

Section one Tris and Chest

  • release push ups
  • narrow floor press
  • single arm press from 1/2 kneeling position (right arm)
  • skull crushers from a supine position
  • single arm press from 1/2 kneeling press
  • 1.5 push-ups clusters 3-2-1

Section two: Back and Biceps:

  • alternating sumo rows from the floor
  • alternating reverse fly
  • alternating sumo rows
  • 3 low rows to 3 high rows
  • hammer curls
  • criss cross biceps at the halfway point
  • hammer curls
  • snatches, 6/arm for 1 minute

Section three: butt and legs:

  • Bulgarian split squat with a pause, right leg
  • Bulgarian split squat, un-weighted with an explosive tuck jump at the top or a triangle hop, right leg
  • 1.5 RDLs for 5 reps then a step up onto a box with each leg
  • 1.5 squats
  • Bulgarian split squat with a pause left leg
  • Bulgarian split squat, un-weighted with an explosive tuck jump at the top or a triangle hop, left leg

Sunday: Posing and Cyc Lean Class

Here is a video of me posing. I am still feeling thicker than I’d like but I’m OK with it.

I know I’ll be fine especially after this upcoming low calorie week and rest in Indiana.


Last week was a survival week. I relied on Quest bars, my favorite protein shakes, tons of egg beaters and oats and that was IT.

Super boring.

But this week here’s what I prepped today and what I am looking forward to:

White-bean Chicken Cauliflower boxes:



  • boiled chicken 2-3 ounces (80 cals)
  • 1/2 cup cauliflower (microwave frozen bag if you’re lazy like me)
  • Ranch seasoning + spray butter
  • White beans (50 cals)
  • Add salsa and / or an egg and enjoy!

Each box= 165 calories, before salsa 12 grams of protein


Butternut Squash Mash-up:

I used to eat this ALL the time. I haven’t prepped it since this time last year!

I took the easy way out and bought frozen, chopped butternut squash this week.



  • microwave one bag of BN squash (250 cals)
  • add two scoops of vanilla Tripact Protein (My fave, read why here) (260 cals)
  • Add two teaspoons of truvia
  • two dashes of cinnamon
  • Hemp seeds if you please (60 cals)

Makes 4 servings; One serving without hemp seeds: 131 calories 10 grams of protein

I am at 118-119 pounds and here’s what I’m dealing with:

I felt like taking my progress photos in a different bikinis for fun.

IMG_7388   IMG_7407


What I’m Reading:

  1. 9 Characteristics of Successful Fat loss Programs via  My Protein.com
  2. 3 Reasons why sugar isn’t making you fat (and what actually is) via JCD Fitness
  3. Bill Hartman Interview: How Important is Strength Training? via Strength Faction
  4. 5 Ways to Avoid Deadlift Hitching via Bonvec Strength
  5. Best Workout Nutrition Strategies via Precision Nutrition
  6. Intention: Doing it like it’s a verb via Doing it Well with Dee





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