Happy Wednesday!

And, happy third day of spring!

Over the weekend I went to NYC to meet Jeff’s sister, brother-in-law and nephew. It was a really fun but quick fun trip!!

While there I got to take Barry’s Bootcamp class at the Park Ave South location. I rocked double floor and was thankful to get in a mini sweat while on the road!! Traveling does NOT make bikini prep easy, but it’s not impossible. It simply requires a more lax mindset and a tiny bit more willpower. Read on in the Nutrition section to see what I’m talking about.

Last week my training looked a little different than normal due to some back issues, but nothing was going to stop me from getting in my exercise! Check out the Training for two free workouts, and to see how I worked around my back issues while taking a step back from powerlifting.

This week/weekend I’m heading to Snowmass, Colorado to work on my novel, Dare To Move, and to get some skiing in! I didn’t get to go out west of Christmas and I’m craving the Rockies. Off to get my Colorado fix! As for my book I’ve been so busy with other things I haven’t been able to finalize the second round of edits yet, but hope to finish the book to self-publish by August! I’m always more creative when I catch some good Z’s, so I can’t wait to write, uninterrupted. But will miss my guy!

Clients–because I’ll be traveling a little Friday morning I’m updating all client programs Saturday, instead of Friday.

If you are interested in the April 10th Group Dare To Eat Program, email me for more info!



Sunday: rest

I spent the Sunday before last traveling back from snowboarding at Loon Mountain with Jeff in -5 degree weather, and got some active minutes teaching two Barry’s Bootcamp classes that evening.

Apres Ski vodka sodas!

Monday: deadlifts

On Monday I was still sore form the 15 sets  of 5 back squats I performed the former Friday. I wanted to get my deadlifts in since I cannot always et to a barbell so trainmen was light. I did 3 sets of 5 reps at 225 and called it a day. In-between my sets of deadlifts I did sets of 7 chin-ups.

Workout was:

1a) 3×5 deadlifts

1b) 7 chin-ups

2a) barbell glute bridge, banded

2b) SUMO RDL for 8 reps at 155

2c) lateral band walks

3a) 5 chin-ups

3b) hamstring curls (SHELC)

3c) bicep curls

Tuesday: Chest and Triceps 

With all of the snowstorm craziness #stella Jeff’s company offered to put him up in a hotel for the night to stay off the roads. I went to meet him at the Hilton downtown and we put together a fun workout in the hotel gym! It was a very simple, but effective chest and triceps workout. I’m going to share it with you because it was a bodybuilding style of training, and not my typical powerlifting bench day.

1a) chest press machine, 12-10-10-8 reps

2a) decline chest press 12-10-10-10

2b) tricep push downs 12-10-10-10

3a) Pec Fly via cables 12-10-10-8

3b) single-arm tricep extension 12-10-10-8

4a) dips 15 reps 2x

4b) quarter rep tricep presses 15 reps

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Barry’s class + bicep workout

Barry’s class was hardcore abs day and I used it to truly work on my sprints. I love Greg Ux’s class because it’s more total body oriented, involving the core — it challenges my body and my brain via unilateral movements and opposite arm/leg movements.

That evening I did biceps because as the bikini competition approaches I want to work on mine!

Friday: Barry’s Bootcamp total body

Friday is usually my squat day, but my back and been feeling off since the 15 sets of 5 back squats I performed the Friday prior. Deadlifts didn’t make it feel better, even though I didn’t go heavy. I opted to go to Chris’s total body class to go easy on the treads for cardio and lift on the floor. It was a great class and left me feeling sore on Saturday!

Saturday: Barry’s Bootcamp Total Body double floor

The 9 a.m. class in Park Ave South was so full I could only fit in double floor which was good because my back was stiff from traveling. I went light on the weights and glad to not run given my back pain. Taking class was more for me to experience the studio than to train heavy given that I’d covered my bases throughout the week. Had I been in Boston, I would’ve rested.


I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous as hell about this competition. I’m not as lean as I was 6 weeks out from my first competition. I cannot use bodyweight as a comparison because I’m stronger now than I was in 2015. All I know is that 6 weeks is enough time to get it done, I simply have to be on point with my tracking, measuring and will power.

When you travel it opens up a lot of opportunity to want to eat things you wouldn’t normally eat in your own kitchen, even if you aren’t dieting!! The good news is that thanks to flexible dieting, if I’m truly craving something I can usually fit it in, just in a reasonable portion. Knowing I have the power of choice is liberating. It doesn’t mean that I’m eating everything I want and snacking on croissant every day, but it does mean that I had a homemade cupcake yesterday and a bite of a funfetti croissant in NYC last wekend.

In order to hit lower calories than usual I take a extra “dieting” steps that the average dieter does not have to take, in order to make room for little indulgences which I’m going to share with you today.

I’m a big morning eater, but when I prep, I cut back on the true breakfast before teaching. Starting last week I began having only 100 ish calories before teaching. Then, in order to cut out 50 calories of banana in my daily protein shake, I put banana oil for the Peanut butter-Banana taste in my shakes. I also make mushrooms and shredded lettuce the baseline of my salads. You can eat a lot of lettuce and mushroom for very few calories (and cook them with spray butter!) and have room for other things throughout the day. Because I get up so early, I need to be eat several small meals throughout the day. This way I feel like I’m eating a lot, when in reality I’m not consuming much more than 200 calories. I ate a lot of cod last week, too.

As for dining out, I keep it simple. My saturday in NYC looked like this:

Breakfast: quest bar and clementine (235 calories)

Lunch: 8 ounces of chicken, light vinaigrette dressing (I estimate 75 calories for dressing) with brussels sprouts, and butternut squash on top. I picked the pecan and cranberries off. The salad had great flavor because the chicken was oven-roasted and had the skin on it. I saved 2 ounces of the chicken for an afternoon snack. I had a bite of Jeff’s Funfetti croissant and a bite of a macadamia cookie.

Snack: 2 ounces of chicken and monster energy drink.

Dinner: one cocktail with St. Germain, tequila and grapefruit juice (my indulgence). One vodka-soda. Dinner was 3 oysters, 2 tbsp of ahi tuna, 5 ounces of black sea bass over cabbage and a bite of Jeff’s pork belly and two bites of dessert. Had I not completed the hour of Barry’s I wouldn’t have had a bite of dessert or the second 90 calorie cocktail.

My measurements are slightly down around my inner thighs (1/4 inch) on each leg. Weird, but that’s all for now! Below is my 6 weeks-out photo. Wasn’t really in the mood to take photos after eating almost a full CUP of oatmeal yesterday but wanted to stay accountable!

Again, I’m not where I’d like to be, but I wouldn’t take back my weekend travels for anything and I think the stage is STILL very realistic for me.

What I’m reading:

This week, I’m going to post this our-long video en lieu of articles because it is SO informative. Check it out!



Client Spotlights:

My client Carlos is KILING his deadlifts! Last week you saw that his wife, Sarah, made it into the 200 deadlift club. This week he hit 270 pounds for two reps!!! GO Carlos!!!!!! The reason these two clients are killing it is partly due to their motivation and passion for getting stronger but also because they put together an incredible at-home gym! They have no excuses for skipping training when their gym is right near their front door 🙂 So proud of their commitment to getting stronger.

In other news, my client Karyn went on a work trip recently and knowing that she’d want to indulge in wine 1 or 2 nights, she knew she’s have to make staying on track during the day a prioriity. We all know that sometimes catered lunches can be sparse on protein and veggies, so she packed all of what you see below so she could wrap her arms around her breakfasts and snacks. So proud of her!

Karyn’s travel pack:

Quest bar and Oh Yeah brand One bars. protein powder, cashews and athletic greens!


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