Happy Monday!

Hopefully your Monday did not start off like mine:

I stood up and threw my back out. Then I hobbled to the bathroom to find an overflowing toilet; next I realized I left my phone in an Uber yesterday. I pulled myself together, took some advil and drove through a snowstorm to teach a 5 a.m. class and almost got hit head on by a mini-van. A pipe burst in the street as I walked by and the fire alarm was being tested so I began class mic-less.

You can’t make this up….

When your day starts like that though, it can only go up!

On a happier note, this happened today.



Other good news is that I saw a chiropractor this afternoon and will hopefully be on the road to recovery soon! The spasms are decreasing as the day goes on.

I had a semi-busy weekend that included (but was not limited to) a girl date with my friend Megan, giving a speech at the Junior League of Boston, and witnessing Southie during the Southie St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

It was nice to let my hair down a little, if you know what I mean.


I was able to get some deadlifts in yesterday (after a week and a half off) before I tweaked my back and feel good about my strength right now as I head into the final three/four weeks before my bikini competition.

All of my workouts were less than 30 minutes this week but all were entirely effective!

Read on to find some great workouts, read about my nutrition last week and where I am at in my bikini prep!

Check out a Q&A with one of my powerlifting clients, Lindsay, who has her first ever Powerlifting meet in just two weeks at the end of the Update.

Also make sure to check out the protein tips from one of my vegetarian clients!

Next week I will feature a 12-week transformation story and one strong bride to be who is almost deadlifting 200 pounds!!! Stay tuned!



Monday: rest + Cyc Lean

My Back was feeling funky after back squats on Sunday– I feel like my form may have slipped and I used my low back a little bit so I did not deadlift and just taught a CycLean (endurance) spin class.

Tuesday: Bench Press circuit

I did 3×5 bench press with 100 pounds in the following circuit:

  • bench press (including warm-up sets)
  • frog pumps x30
  • diamond push-ups


Wednesday: Barry’s run + handstand practice

I honestly do not remember the first 12 minute round, but here is one to try that is similar to what I think I remember running:

0% run, 8% hold run, 0% push (7-9 speed), 8% hold. (4 minutes)
recover 1 minute
10% push/sprint (7.5-9.5) for one minute
rest 30 seconds
0% sprint 1 minute
rest 1 minute
10% 30 second sprint
rest 30
0% 30 second sprint
rest 1 minute
1 minute sprint 10% incline
0% rest 30 sec
0% 30 Sec sprint
rest 5 minutes
2 minute run as fast as possible 10% incline (strive for .25 mi distance)
rest 1-2 minutes
Repeat same drill on 8% incline
rest 1-2 minutes
repeat same drill on 6% incline

Thursday: Front Squat + Push-press +Chin-up

This was an epic day.

I warmed up with 1.5 front squats for 6 to 8 reps as I worked my way up to 130 pounds.

I did 4×4 at 130 for the front squat and I did 4 sets of 3-4 heavy push presses with 100 (2x), 105, 110 for my push-press.

This was the circuit:

  • front squats
  • push presses
  • bodyweight chin-ups for sets of 7 reps

I warmed up and then once I got to the working heavy weights I did four solid rounds.

I managed to also knock out 67 total chin-ups this day, after sets of 7 I dropped to sets of 5, then sets of 3 and then did some singles to set a new PR.

Friday: Barry’ Bootcamp with Brian Weller

BADASS class I got to take with some friends and clients! If you haven’t taken his class be prepared to have your glutes and shoulders murdered 🙂

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Deadlifts

3×3 deadlifts with 225!!

Then the following circuit(s):

  • 1.5 reverse lunges 6/side
  • heavy hip thrust 6 reps
  • clam shell pop ups
  • four rounds

Followed by:

  • weighted step ups with a 45 pound plate
  • bicep curls 7-7-7 (all range of motion, half-range, half range to the top)
  • 3-4 rounds


This past week was great. I had slightly lower calorie days with two 1700 calorie days sprinkled in.

I ate a LOT of tilapia and white bean/mushroom mix. I simply sautéed some fancy mushroom mix with white beans and nacho seasoning.

I eat the mix sure on a bed of spinach with blackened tilapia and it’s OH SO GOOD.


I also ate a pizza with my friend Megan on Friday at Sonsie. We split the perfect sized gluten-free pizza with extra mushrooms and onions on it.

I was excited to realize that I thought last week was 4 weeks out, but I was one week ahead of myself!

I have more time until my first bikini competition this spring in Indiana (April 16th). Last time I approached the 4 weeks out marker I was in Chicago eating a Mista’s pizza withy BFFs, so it only seemed normal to have one last Friday 🙂


I feel very very happy with my current body/physique. And, I think it’s a HUGE win to feel so happy about my body in this place, which is why my motivation to get even leaner is not as high as I need to to be to follow the diet more rigorously.

I know what I have to do in the next 3-4 weeks and it won’t be super fun, but it also won’t be too crazy. It will be worth it for me personally to get to be on stage with one of my BFFs.

Here were last week’s “5-weeks” out or what I thought were “4 weeks out” progress photos.IMG_7704

This week I am doing a few low carb days after a higher carb weekend, but only because I am resting these few days with my poor back.

What I am Reading:

  1. Fitness Goals via Precision Nutrition
  2. Finding Strength: Titan Barbell via Elite FTS
  3. 9 Fat Loss Mistakes via Nia Shanks
  4. Do Not Confuse Health and Fitness via Kevin Mullins
  5. 37 Fitness Experts Reveal Their Biggest Nutrition Mistakes via Lift Like a Rockstar
  6. Are Leaner People Happier? via Sohee Fit
  7. How to Squat via Strength Theory
  8. The Real Reason I’m losing Fat via Jessi Kneeland
  9. Intermittent Fasting: Where are we now? via Lean Gains
  10. Frog Pumps and Frog Thrusts via Bret Contreras
  11. Dear Tracy Anderson: Stop. via Medium.com
  12. Everyone needs to deadlift via Tony Gentilcore

Client Spotlight(s):

How to hit protein as a Vegetarian, by Megan:

Megan has lost 8 pounds in 8 weeks in spite of taking a one week vacation! (transformation pics to come at the end of week 12).

She is a vegetarian and still manages to nail her protein goals every day, falling between 32-40% protein.

I asked her to share her protein tips as a vegetarian because a lot of vegetarians struggle with this.

Here’s what she had to say!

I basically live by Vega protein (new sport formula, 150cal 30g P), plain greek yogurt (add liquid stevia and cinnamon or dill for a savory veggie dip), and Quest bars. For snacks I tend to rotate between Parmesan crisps (so random but they’re pretty high in protein and lower in fat than normal cheese!), dry roasted edamame, and dry roasted pepitas.

I’m not a huge fan of tofu and rarely have time to cook actual dinner so I tend to go for quick, easy things. Lentil soup is fairly high in protein – at home I go for “Dr McDougall’s” brand or Sweetgreen’s lentil soup if I’m out.



Lindsay’s Powerlifting Prep

Lindsay is a mother of two and a very determined woman. She is in week 7 of her 9 week powerlifting prep. She competes in just two weeks! Last week we found her opener numbers and she is (potential) going to open with 250 DL, 180 squat and 125 bench press!

Chest out her lifts below and read a little Q&A with Lindsay about her thoughts on powerlifting 🙂

1. What made you want to compete?

I thrive when I have a goal. I used to run, and I always trained for races. After getting into lifting, I wanted to challenge myself in the same way, and a powerlifting meet seemed like a good challenge!

2. What are you most excited about right now with training and looking toward the meet?
I can’t wait to see what I will be able to lift at the meet. Lately, I’ve been hitting PRs on the major lifts during my training sessions, and it’s very exciting and motivating.

3. What has been the most difficult part?
As the rep range gets lower, and the weight gets heavier, preparing mentally has been difficult, but like I said, the idea of PRing is a great incentive. The physical recovery is also a challenge, but it’s also a reminder that my body is getting stronger and adapting!

4. What do you think will be your biggest take away?
Since this is my first meet, I have no idea what to expect. I’m trying to look at this as another experience in what will hopefully become a lifetime of lifting/weight training. I think I will gain new insight into what my body is capable of, and I will hopefully come away with future goals.

5. What have you learned so far that you didn’t anticipate?
I’ve started to see a “grander scheme” in lifting programming. Thanks to Coach G, I’m better understanding how planning effective exercises and set/rep schemes affect outcomes and goals. I’m also learning new exercises, which is a great tool moving forward. I appreciate that Garrett only prescribes what she’s tried and found to be effective.

6. How has this changed you?
I don’t know that this has necessarily “changed” me, but it has forced me to really examine my lifting preferences and trusting myself with training—something I’ve talked to Garrett about repeatedly. I’ve started to listen to my body a little bit better rather than blindly focus on the program.

7. Do you think you’ll want to do it again?
I could see myself training/competing again, but I say that now. Ask me after the meet;)

8. Do you have other goals going forward?
After this, I will likely switch up programming and give myself a physical and mental break from hitting heavier weight. I would love to build up again though and see if I can build strength!


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