Happy Leap Day!


It’s been a minute!!

I have been training hard and writing even harder (if that’s a thing) and I apologize for the delay!

I have completed 92,000 words in my memoir as of this morning.

I am currently seeking a literary agent, so if you know anyone– I appreciate any help!!

Aside from writing my booty off I’ve been slowly but surely attempting to create a larger caloric deficit as I prep for my next bikini prep.

In this week’s CROF Weekly Update I am going to share two of my favorite recipes as of late, a few meals I’m eating on the reg and a posing video!

I was kind of freaking out that my bodyweight is so high right now (119-122), but since I’ve put on more muscle it makes sense.

What’s really interesting is that I’m carrying all my weight in my glutes in chest.

See below— on the left is me two days before my first bikini contest (I have padding in the bikini top) and then 7-weeks out from my next competition on the right, (without any padding)….

I am happy to know that I have more time to lean out. I have a lot of confidence about both my competitions in April! I can’t wait!


I am also stoked that my BFF from college is going to be on stage with me and she looks amazing!! Go Fingers!!!!!

Fingers 6weeksout

My girl Lindsay is heading into week four of her training this week and her deadlifts are on FIRE.

Last week she pulled 215 for 4×4 beltless. Make sure to check out her videos at the bottom!



It’s been good two weeks since we last caught up.

Instead of giving you a complete play-by-play I am going to talk you through the basics of my training strategy, share some videos (some are lost due to storage issues– I’m headed to Apple in 10) and give you two workouts to try!


I anticipated a drop in my deadlifts as I toned it down with my nutrition.

However, two Mondays ago I hit 235 for 4×4 for the first time ever!

The next week I planned to do sets of 6 perhaps around 225… however I decided to try a set of three at 235 and it felt easy. So I went for 234 for 4, and then for 6– why the hell not?

After hitting six I went back down the ladder 235×4 and 235×3. It felt really good. I feel like I finally got over my mental block with volume (anything higher than three) over 220 pounds.


I did one really intense HEAVY AF volume day, and one girly-girl volume day with some lighter weights the past two Fridays.

Because I’ve been doing a significant amount of weight on my front squat days (and doing heavy hip thrusts on those days) my back squat day hasn’t felt as powerful.

Two Fridays ago I hit 10 sets of 5 with 155 pounds and followed it up with 5×5 paused with 135.

Then I did my “fight the grind” drill which makes you work on really pushing out WIDE with your feet while finishing the second half of the deadlift (which can all of the sudden become a GRIND when you have maximal loads at a meet).

I did four sets of 5 reps with the “fight the grind drill.”

Last Friday I did the following workout and finished it up with some ankle weight drills. Try it!

1. Belt squat. (Stand on two high benches and squat deep) 4×20
2. 5×5 heavy goblets (I used a 60 lb DB)
3. Bulgarian split squats, 4×6/leg
4. Leg raises lateral and to the back with ankle weights, 5-5,4-4,3-3,2-2, hold each position 5 sec on the last single rep (4 rounds)

Belt squat:

Drill with Ankle weights:

The thing that challenges me with bodybuilding is realizing that not only do I not always have the energy to do max powerlifts but I also don't *have* to do max lifts. – I'm obsessed with lifting heavy AF and heavy powerlifts are what keep me going every week! However, the judges aren't going to ask me how much I squat and they won't care how much I deadlift. – I will never stop powerlifting because it has gotten me this far with my physique, however, it is fun to challenge myself with ther exercises that can benefit my body when done in higher rep schemes. – Here's what I did today, without access to a barbell. try it with heavy Dumbbells and let me know how it goes!! – 1. Belt squat. (Stand on two high benches and squat deep) 4×20 2. 5×5 heavy goblets (I used a 60 lb DB) 3. Bulgarian split squats, 4×6/leg 4. Leg raises lateral and to the back with ankle weights, 5-5,4-4,3-3,2-2, hold each position 5 sec on the last single rep (4 rounds) – #daretomove #daretoeat #daretolift #nodeadliftsnodate

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I have done 100% volume training like a bodybuilder for the past two weeks on the bench.

Both bench days were miserable and three sets of 10 absolutely killed me.

The first time I did 3×10 I combined  it with “power Hypers” (see below), glute bridges and wide-grip pull-ups.

The second week I did 3×10 bench I did it with 75 pounds and paired it with 1.5 push-ups and was saddened to only get a set of 8, a set of 6 and two sets of 5– they are so damn hard!!!

Then the biggest thing to know about my “mixed day” (my fourth day of heavy lifting) besides the heavy hip thrusts, 1.5 front squats and push presses is that weighted chin-ups are slowly coming back.

I took one week off and then last weekend I incorporated them for three heavy singles.

I did two singles wth the 40 lb kettlebell and 1 with the 45 pound kettlebell.

Here’s a *very* challenging kettlebell/ upper body circuit to try! If you are also training heavy chin-ups, make sure you do this circuit *after* the heavy chin-ups!

Four rounds:

  1. heavy single-arm kettlebell cleans 4-6 reps per arm
  2. 6-8 heavy kettlebell cleans (after the first round use a heavier bell and do 4-5 reps)
  3. bodyweight hanging dips on parallel bars, 6-10 reps
  4. One and a half chin-ups (4-6 reps)

Three rounds of this finishers:

  1. two pause squat with lighter weight (see video below)
  2. AMRAP barbell strict press
  3. push-ups– do 1/2 the reps from the AMRAP
  4. 20 kettbell swings


You’d think that having competed before and tracking everything meticulously I’d have some master plan to follow this time around,  right?

So did I…

But it’s not that easy. My body has a lot more muscle on it right now and low calorie days have not been easy to do.

This week will be lower than last week, but what’s crazy is that I’ve maintained a “lean-thick” physique, (as famous Katie Anne powerlifter calls it) on 1600-2000 calories everyday.

I am still not eating a lot of fat out of habit, but I have been adding some in here and there, like this breakfast I had last week, it helped increase my fat first thing in the morning:

1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup egg beaters, 1 egg, sprinkle hemp seeds, raspberries and avocado.

1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup egg beaters, 1 egg, sprinkle hemp seeds, raspberries and 1 ounce of avocado.

The last few weeks I have been changing some things up to add more variety and flavor into my life.

I started with tacos because who doesn’t love tacos?

And because #carbs

I can dig a big bowl of 1/2 cup of cauliflower, 1/4 cup of beans, handful of spinach, two corn tortillas and 4 ounces of chicken!

Here’s what it looked like before I mashed it all up with salsa.


The secret ingredient that made it amazing was a certain spice I used.

I feel like a jerk but I can’t even tell you what spice it was.

I found a packet of red-colored spices in a plastic baggy I bought in new Orleans over a year ago. The tag had been removed but it is some type of a chipotle seasoning.

My best advice is to bake the chicken you are going to use in the spice you love. Then sprinkle the same spice on the cauliflower and beans in the botton of the bowl, and inside each corn tortilla.

I put two ounces of chicken in each taco and fat-free shredded cheese on top!

Absolutely amazing.

My other big feat in the kitchen was last week when I managed to cook 3 pounds of 80% lean beef…. and might I add, I live alone!

I bought 3 pounds of beef on sale for 8 dollars a month ago and found it in my freezer when putting away veggies.

The veggie-medley bag I bought looked jus like my friend Jessica’s veggie-madly bag used in her turkey meatball recipe she posted on Instagram sos I gave it a shot.

I weighed 12 ounces of meat and used 1/2 of the veggie bag for 12 ounces, and the other half of the veggie bag for another 12 ounces.

IMG_7196 (1)

In each bowl of meat I added salt, garlic, the unknown chipotle spice and made them into little balls.

They cooked best in a cake pan or cookie tray. The mini-muffin tray didn’t do so well.

Cook them at 415 degree soft 15-20 minutes. (Sorry I cant be precise I stink at following directions. I;m a pro at winging everything– just keep your eye on them!)

It took a long time to cook three pounds, let me tell you!

But they were amazing and I still have some in my freezer!

My nutrition find so far this week has been RANCH SEASONING!!! I have been adding it to Shritaki noodles and rice cakes and I may or may not be obsessed already.


I feel good about where I am at– not as shredded as I am on stage but in a healthy spot 8-7-6 weeks out and really shocked at how strong I am this time around.

See me and my friend Britt practicing our poses the Sunday (day 1) of 7 weeks out.


What I’m Reading:

  1. Stop Foam Rolling your IT Band! Do this instead! via Andrew Millet PT
  2. Exercise for Health Not Weight Loss via Dr. Spencer
  3. How to become and exercise guru in 40 easy steps via Bret Contreras
  4. The Physical Effects of Strength Training a case Study: Tawna Eubanks via Bret Contreras
  5. A logical Argument Against the Tracy Anderson Method via Dean Somerset
  6. Want a Bad Ass Kettlebell Swing? Read This! via Todd Bumgardner
  7. Exercises you won’t believe work as well as they do via Tony Gentilcore
  8. Fix Any Diet Problem via Precision Nutrition
  9. 4 Tips to build an Athletic Body via Eric Bach
  10. Carb Controversy: Why Low-Carb Diets Have it All Wrong via Precision Nutrition
  11. This is why you get fat eating healthy via Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
  12. And I’ll be me. via Crossroads of Fitness

Client Spotlights:

Powerlifting client:

My client Lindsay is CRUSHING her powerlifts I am SO Stoked for her first meet! I am not sure she realizes how strong she is!

Check out her deadlifts 4×4 at 215 last week!!


My mom is painstakingly committed to her training. She lifts heavy and she stretches. She rolls out and she does yoga. She also deadlifts like a mofo.

Check her sets of 3×3 at 155!!!


Stay tuned to see how I coach clients who are not feeling the whole calorie counting thing…..





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