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I am currently writing you from Indianapolis because this weekend was one for business and pleasure:

  • My beautiful mother turns 50 today!
  • My lovely cousin’s bachelorette party was this weekend!
  • Jordan and I pitched a business idea to some potential investors on Friday.

Just some girls and their moms <3

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Personal updates:

This week CROF published a series of tips on fat loss I am thrilled about.

If you didn’t catch them see below:

100 Fat Loss Tips for Summer: Part I (restaurants)

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100 Fat Loss Tips for Summer: Part IV (traveling)

Along with nutritional fat loss strategies I wanted to write a piece on exercising for fat loss.

Kettlebells are my favorite exercise tool and they are highly effective when used correctly.

However they can be daunting at first because they aren’t used exactly like a regular dumbbell. Many people aren’t quite sure how to get started using them.

Therefore, I created this guide to help you learn the very first steps on how to start lifting kettlebells.

This beginner’s guide will teach you how to do effective exercises and build strength with just one kettlebell!

You can do these exercises at home!


It is safe to say that this week was cardio and rest central. I am excited to do some big lifts this coming week.

Sunday: Sprints and .25 mile runs with some total body met con training

  • single leg deadlift to reverse lunge right leg (1 minute)
  • weighted step ups right leg (1 minute)
  • split squats jumps right leg (1 minute)
  • 1 & 1/2 goblet squats (2 minutes)
  • same exercises with the left side

Monday: Achieve Strength Training

5 x 8 Deadlifts (nothing heavy)

narrow bench press

Heavy KB swings

Single leg deadlift to reverse lunge

Heavy Kettlebell swings

Tuesday: Barry’s Butt n’ Legs class

This class was amazing because not only did we do some sliding reverse lunges with towels on the deck, but the runs were incredibly challenging.

We finished with a 1 mile run. When was the last time you ran 1 mile? The mile was set with parameters:

first .25 miles on a 2% incline

second .25 miles on a 4% incline

third .25 miles  on a 6% incline

final .25 miles on an 8% incline

I finished JUST in the nick of time at 7:50 and quickly tried to snap a photo.


Wednesday: First day of Syatt Fitness coaching

Deadlifts 4×3 (legs were dead so I stayed light) @ 195 lbs

Barbell reverse lunges 6/leg  @ 95 lbs with squats  x6


  • heavy kettlebell swings for 12
  • double kettlebell RDLs for 6
  • double front squats with 16 kgs and 20 kgs
  • reverse crunches for 8
  • 5 rounds

P.M. workout: Cyc class lead by Keoni followed by an amazing after party at Liquid Art in Boston.


Thursday: Rest

Friday:  Rest


bench press with 4 second eccentric

Bench press with bent over rows

weighted chin up clusters and kettlebells presses


This week was pretty average. I had the same exact breakfast and lunches most days.

Breakfast: Banana Kale PB2 Tripact protein shake

Lunch: Egg white salad from Trader Joe’s and boiled chicken breast with broccoli

For dinners this week I was on-the-go so often that they were more snackish than a real meals.

My go-to snack dinner is an apple and Tripact with water. (use “daretomove” coupon code for 20% off!)

Because I was headed out of town this week I barely grocery shopped and had two salads on-the-go this week: one at Sweet Green and one at Whole Foods.


Friday and Saturday I had to go off track slightly. I decided to have one cocktail on Friday evening and a dinner roll.

On Saturday I went to two wine tasting, a happy hour and a fancy dinner.

Luckily, I had only about half of the alcohol as the rest of the bachelorette party but that was still a significant amount of drinking. Not my normal thing. But I am glad I indulged slightly and had fun.

For me, it was not my most successful week nutrition wise but it was on where I tried to hold myself accountable and know that going slightly off track was inevitable.

I still took a photo despite my time of the month for accountability.


Client Spotlight(s):

I want to highlight several of my nutrition and strength clients this week because they all are giving it 110% day in and day out. Their results speak to their diligence with getting into the gym, planning ahead for nutritional success and not giving into all the temptations on work trips, family get togethers and date-nights they encounter.




  • Katie has been working with me for a solid 15 weeks now. She is strength trains four times a week and does interval runs when she feels like it. Her secret weapon is training for pure fun and enjoyment. She likes new challenges when it comes to training and she likes to feel accomplished rather than training specifically with fat loss in mind. Rather, she trains for empowerment, strength and endurance.



  • Adam has maintained his lean bodyweight of 141 from his 6 week #daretoeat challenge. His deadlift is up to 325 to from 275 and his push press has increased to 185 pounds.  Way to go, Adam!


My client Erin completed my 12 week #daretoeat challenge and lost 12 pounds. In tandem with the nutrition program Erin has been doing my strength training program. Her deadlift has gone from 125 pounds to 175 for 4 reps; see below! She is also maintaining her ending program bodyweight of 123.



  • Lucas is one of the most active people I have ever known. He plays in a rec soccer league, he golfs, he wakeboards and he loves to cycle for long 50 mile rides one to two times a week. He sent me this after his first lower body training day. He is amped to increase his weighted pull ups, his deadlift and improve his kettlebell skill level. More than anything he just wants consistent strength training in his life and a program to follow so that he gets into the gym on a regular basis. Love the motivation, Lucas!


Ban 10 weeks


  • Bani has made incredible strides in 10 weeks. She has taken four trips for pleasure and yet still managed to stay on track (and make amazing strides as shown above!). Her weight is down about 8.5 pounds.  Bani loves to do Barry’s Bootcamp four times a week. Keep up the amazing work, Bani!

The Birthday Girl! (Mom)

  • My mom has managed to lose about 13 pounds in 17 weeks. Despite battling ups and downs on the scale and minor set backs on weeks without her thyroid medicine she is relentless. She inspires me daily. She strength trains on a consistent basis and is getting stronger each week. Yesterday I was lucky enough to watch her PR and FR in her front squats! Here she is, Ladies and Gents, front squatting 110 pounds the day before her 50th birthday.

What I am Reading:

1. A Scientific Approach to Fitness: Applying the hierarchy of knowledge via Bret Contreras

2. Digestion 101: Four Tips for a Healthy Gut via Girls Gone Strong

3. The Absolute Best Exercises for Building a Stronger, Bigger Butt via Evidence Mag

4. What is Exercise Addiction and Dependence via Girls Gone Strong

5. How to Improve overhead Shoulder Mobility via Skill of Strength

6. Is Obesity a Choice via Dr. Spencer

7. 100 Laws of Muscle via T-Nation

8. How to Overcome Food Addiction via Authority Nutrition

9. Rainy Rest Day Activities via Sidequest Fitness

10. 7 Quirky Tricks to Boost Your Fitness Results via Yahoo.com

11. Listen to your Body Not a Textbook via Smoot Fitness

12. How Powerlifting Prepared my for Pregnancy via I Really Love it There

13. How Important is Psychological Stress for your Gains via Bret Contreras

14. Developing a Mind Muscle Connection for Muscle Hypertrophy via Dr. John Rusin

15. How young is too young to train via Skill of Strength

Exercise(s) of the week:

Check out my article and get started using a kettlebell today!

In this article I take you through several exercises step-by-step that will help you create a very good foundation of strength!


Why do these exercises?

  • you can do them at home
  • you only need one kettlebell
  • if you try them and instagram it with #daretomoveKBs you win a free prize
  • you will get strong, get sweaty and have fun learning a new skill!





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