Happy Monday!!!

What a beautiful weekend it was!

I hope you got some sun over the weekend. I sure did!

After spending the weekend prior in the hospital, this last weekend felt like a real treat to me. I was thankful to send a lot of time outside.

I got to see a lot of clients over the weekend as I taught at Barry’s and Cyc.

Big news! I’ve decided to run another group #daretoeat program which will begin Monday August 1st. Email me if you want to pre-register now!

The only other exciting news is that I got to meet 12 Patriots players on Monday at an philanthropic event for Danny Amendola. One of my college friends was in charge of putting on the event and invited me to come along and help out. Here’s a photo of Danny A, was looking great as always! It’s safe to say I have a crush.

IMG_9102 (1)

I also was in charge of body guarding this guy– he might look familiar to you! It was an exciting night and I may be slightly becoming a Patriots fan– (gag) never thought I’d say that!Julian

Read on to see how I approached training, nutrition and more after spending two and a half days in the hospital.



Tuesday: heavy weighted chin-ups

All I had time for in-between clients and after being sore for last week’s deadlift+Squat (two-in-one) day, I decided to ONLY do weighted chin-ups. If I do not keep these win my program as least once a week I lose the skill FAST.

Due to feeling sore from deadlifts I only got three singles with the 20 kg kettlebell, and otherwise did 3 sets of 2 and 3 sets of 1 with the 16 kettlebell.

Wednesday: Chest press DB workouts
Here’s the circuit I did if you want to follow along!

Warm-up with 30 push-ups and 10 pull-ups.

  • Heavy sets of chest press 4-3-2-2 (using 35’s, 40s then 45’s)
  • rest

The second circuit was:

  • chest  presses with a pause, moderate weight (10 reps)
  • Bent over sumo rows 8/arm
  • 1.5 chin-ups for 4 reps
  • 4 rounds

This circuit was 4 rounds of:

  • bicep hammer curls for 10 reps
  • seated overhead press for 12 reps
  • preacher curl 6/arm
  • bodyweight parallel dips for 7 reps

Thursday: Derek’s abs class

I hopped into half of Derek’s class on Thursday and had my abs ROCKED! Also got to get in some sprints!

Friday: Back squats and hip thrusts

I didn’t want to go super heavy because I did some squatting on Monday.

I worked on sets of 8 at 135 and 145 and then backed off to 95 and did 2-count paused back squats.

Afterward I hit hip thrusts with 225 super set with hypers and bodyweight chin-ups. This means I fit chin-ups in three times this week.

Saturday: Conditioning fun

As it gets warmer outside I continue to want to spend more time doing activities outdoors.

Workout was as follows:

  • 10 minute fast run
  • lateral shuffle 40 yards down and back, then 40 yard sprint (3 times)
  • crawling 20 steps forward and back ward (3 times)
  • 20 minute run
  • 8 bodyweight squats, into 8 donkey kicks (shown below!)

Sunday: heavy deadlifts only

I treated my deadlifts this week as I often train my squats and did pretty much ONLY this ONE lift before It tough at Cyc yesterday.

I managed to get 3×3 at 225 with easy and then went up to 230 for 3 sets of 2. They felt very fast!

In case you were wondering, yes, I still deadlift every week. Yes, I still squat every week. And yes, I bench every week. I simply having been filming theses lifts lately. Why? Mainly because I wasn't really excited about my numbers, because I wasn't trying to improve them too much. I've been feeling more passionate about gymnastics, so my attention and filming has been focused on that. However, powerlifting affects my physique in so many positive ways that I plan on powerlifting for as long as I possibly can. After all, it's given me glutes, it keeps me lean and it builds my confidence. – Today I hit 3×3 at 225, and they felt so easy I ended up doing 3 sets of 2 at 230 afterward, focusing on speed. #daretomove #daretolift

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I didn’t have an appetite for the better half of last week. Antibiotics ruined my stomach and so eating didn’t always sound enticing.

I did manage to keep consistent with my oatmeal, protein shakes and cod/tilapia for most days– they were perfect because they are pretty bland and my body is used to them.

I found a new protein bar I LOVE– Oh Yeah! birthday cake bars taste like the sugar cookies my mom used to buy us at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum when we were little kids! SOO GREAT– go buy them, in bulk!

Oh Yeah! bars

I drank vodka for the first time in three weeks–  two cocktails Saturday night. I woke up feeling bloated and heavy and not so great, BUT I thought was was a good time to actually honor my body, treat it well and see where I am, when feeling my worst. Progress photos are a great way to keep yourself accountable and keep your goals top of mind.

The photos below show what I look like when I’m having cocktails, when I’m going out to eat, when I’m *very* active and listening to my body while also allowing for higher calorie foods. They show the version of me when I’m lifting heavy and feeling more womanly/feminine.


Also– I love this bikini 🙂

As for this week I am working on a fun summer recipe for the Barry’s Bootcamp newsletter– stay tuned, I’m excited about it!

One more thing– yesterday I enjoyed ALL the carbs with a new fitness friend… I jokingly took a photo because it would make for a sarcastic version of “eat the rainbow” or “eat a colorful diet.”IMG_9194

It sure was a yummy, carb-y Sunday for me!

What I’m reading:

  1. Lean Habits via Crossroads of Fitness
  2. How to reduce your risk of injury via Girls Gone Strong
  3. Beginner Lifters: How to make the most of your training via Crossroads of Fitness
  4. The education of a Powerlifter via Elite FTS
  5. How to overcome your weekend struggles for faster fat loss via Ryan Wood Training
  6. My 5 least Favorite Coaching Cues via Mike Robertson
  7. Do you even lift (well?) Keeping the cart behind the horse via Kevin Mullins Fitness

Lifting Tip: The last few reps should be challenging

I found myself saying this a lot in Barry’s classes last week, and I hadn’t been saying this lately so I figured I’d revisit this idea on the Weekly Update.

When you are lifting, whether you are going 3-5 reps for brute strength, 6-8 reps for strength or 10-15 reps for hypertrophy, the last 2-3 reps should be very challenging. If reps 6,7 and 8 do not feel very hard/heavy, for instance, you definitely need to be using heavier weights.

This is not to say that you must go to failure every time– the final rep should be clean and hit with confidence; but it should not be a walk in the park. You should WANT to recover after a lifting, kind of like you would after a sprint! Keep that in mind, new lifters!

Client Spotlight(s):

Sarah hit 120 pounds back squatting this week! PR CITY!!! #daretomove


Carlos (my Dare to Eat resident chef ) made taco night tailored to his #daretoeat needs and his fiancé Sarah’s! Who says couples can both diet and stay together?! He titled this email check -in “Make your own Fajita’s His and Hers.”

makeyourown Fajita

He also made this yummy, PROTEIN-PACKED MEAL on a day he had a lot of calories left over and needed a lot of protein! How delicious does this look!? He made shrimp, chicken and sausage to hit his numbers after a very  busy day!

Highprotein dinner

Check out my client Kelsey’s MAJOR progress check in at the 10-week marker of her 12 week program!


Kelsey before

At 10 week Mark:

kesey after

Kelsey has not given up cocktails. She has eaten pizza and celebrated many times throughout the first 10 weeks of her 12-week #daretoeat program. She runs on occasion and lifts heavy at Rebell Conditioning in Chicago. It’s important to know that the scale hast shifted a ton, but her body has absolutely lost inches, becoming much leaner. Keep it up Kelsey!!!

Finally, my client Michaela sent me her final stats for the total 24 weeks she has bene on Dare to Eat!Michaela rocks

Read on to hear her empowered voice when she talks about what she learned in the Dare to Eat program! I am so proud her consistent effort over time. With how intense her MMA training regimen is, it was not always eat to prioritize fat loss. She did this in a very sustainable way. I’m so proud! Way to go, Michaela!!!!


Garrett – 
First, I want to say THANK YOU.  I’ve learned so much working with you, and feel better than I ever have.  I know what you’ve taught me is 100% sustainable for life, which is so important.  I never once felt like I was “dieting” with you, never felt hungry, and have a ton of energy.  I think most importantly, I feel so much stronger, and my MMA training has greatly benefitted.  I’m faster, stronger, and more confident.  Although these 1800 days scare me, I know it’s what I need to keep my body moving, and I know how I can get back on track if I have a bad weekend.  
Quick update, couldn’t have ended on a better note!
Weight: 143.4 (lowest!)
Arms: 11
Chest: 30.5
Hips: 37
Waist: 29
Thighs: 21
I’ve lost almost three sizes and a full bra cup.  According to my January numbers, I’m down 13.8 lbs, and about 18 inches. Now I just need to take some progress pics for comparison!
I’ll definitely be checking in with you over the summer, and will likely circle back with you in the fall to lean out a little more.  Having that accountability (and paying for it! 🙂 ) is huge for me.




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