Hello and happy Monday!

I’m thankful the sun is up and the IV is out of my arm today. After a wicked long weekend in the hospital it’s nice to be FREE and healthy again.


I still have IV and bandage lines on my arm but otherwise I feel good. I was diagnosed with cellulitis all from a bad pair of shoes! Never ignore a blister.

Thank you to everyone who called, texted and sent messages of well wishes, they meant a lot. It was quite scary to spend the night int he ER alone, without a cell phone. I got a phone charger around 10:30 p.m. Friday once I got the ER observation room, thanks to my awesome cousin Andrew.

Due to my ankle, I wasn’t able to workout from Wednesday until today (minus a little hospital yoga)!


But, there’s a great lesson behind the much needed rest– check out the Nutrition section to read about how I stayed on track in the hospital.

As for training, last week started off really strong but obviously trailed off unexpectedly at the end of the week. Check out the training section to catch my workout today that had one of my friends asking “Who’s that blonde with the great glutes?!” from across the gym!

This week I have a writer’s workshop I’m pumped about– it’s more of a professional development shop where I will be putting together video for my DTMthebook website! One step closer!

Tonight I’m headed to a small, fun charity event. Hopefully there will be pics to come. Here’s a hint as to who I might be hanging with later today 😉


Charity event at Last Call Loretta’s November 2015

Also, this morning I was lucky to see my good friend Courtney from Miami of Ohio! We don’t see each other often but it always seems like nothing’s changed and we jump right back into our friendship. Friends like Courtney are invaluable.


One more thing! Due to my ankle/hospital issue I wasn’t able to publish Lean Habits last week, it will be out tomorrow!

Make sure you check out the NON-FITNESS motivational story at the end!



Monday: deadlifts

I was pleasantly surprised to hit 4×4 at 230 last week, after staying around 225 for a few weeks. My back is still hanging in there so this mini-progress was great.

After 230 4×4 I hit banded RDLs and then left– SUPER quick workout!

Tuesday: Weighted chin-ups 1.5 front squats, push presses and more

I started the workout with weighted chin-ups. These were very hard for me this week. I did 2 sets of 2 with the 35 pound kettlebell then  3×3 with the 30 pound kettlebell… slowly but surely I’ll get back to the 45… strength ebbs and flows. The important thing is that I didn’t miss a lift!

For front squats I stayed at 95 pounds and did 1.5s… see an old video of these below.

In between front squats and bodyweight chin-ups I did circus dumbbell presses, 3 per arm (three rounds) and got bruised as hell. It’s still there, actually.

Wednesday: New Instructor Greg’s Chest bak and Abs class, rocking double floor.

I will probably try to call him “New Instructor Greg” for as long as possible, hazing is a form of endearment 😉

He is an awesome coach and I felt my back and chest until Saturday. See part of the workout below!


Thursday: stair master for 30 minutes

This was the only way to stay awake and alert in-between 5 and 7 am classes without hurting my foot.

Friday :rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

Monday: Deadlifts and Back squats

Carbed-up and ready to rock, I had a very awesome, INTENSE 40 minute workout:

  • deadlift for 4 reps at 215 beltless
  • back squat 5 reps at 145
  • five rounds

Then I did:

  • barbell glute bridge 10 reps
  • RDLs for volume (16 reps) overhand grip
  • weighted step ups with 45 pound dumbbell 8/leg
  • three rounds

Fisher: Barbell complex (only need one 45 pound barbell)

  • 10 bent over row
  • 10 push press
  • 10 reverse lunges per leg
  • 3 rounds!


Last week was SOLID as far as mu numbers went.

Without saying it, I’ve been working on trying to get my glutes as big as possible since my last comp. It was my excise for not reverse dieting. (FYI, “reverse dieting” is the idea that after willing down your calories and following a strict caloric deficit to get ready for competition, you go back up the ladder, not jumping back into maintenance right away). I decided to NOT do this. Thankful for my hunger cues and my healthy body, I decided to forgo any calorie counting or rigidity with numbers to gain weight on purpose to grow my glutes until about two weeks ago. The reverse diet has a lot of benefits and it can help you not regain weight too quickly, but honestly I was OK with gaining a little weight. What matters to meds that I’m healthy to coach and lift. And, I wanted to see if lifting heavy and listening to my body would help me grow my glutes in two months time.

After getting to just a hair under 36 inches around my glutes (!!!!! that’s an inch bigger than they were on stage in April!!!!), I decided two weeks ago to back on my 16-weeks out bikini prep numbers from last August. The first-ever 16-week bikini-prep was the best experience with leaning out I’ve ever had– I loved the longer timeline. After gaining more weight and muscle the past 8 weeks, it’s exciting to slim down now, mainly because I like the way my clothes fit me when I’m leaner.

In the past two weeks I’ve lost two pounds and my goal is to get to 115, so I have about 7 more pounds to go! Gaining weight for my glutes was worth it, because I liked being what I could do with my back side, but it has taken some WORK to eat enough and lift heavy enough. Unfortunately my glutes are slightly smaller already after two weeks of a slight deficit, but nothing crazy.

I did all of my low cal days in the hospital, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The old me in college would’ve freaked out that I hadn’t workout out or lifted since Wednesday, but knowing that lifting/exercise is SEPARATE than how to control my weight (a point I *always* try to hammer in with #daretoeat clients) and that as long as I keep my calories in check I’m good, my body actually welcomed the rest!

I left the hospital feeling rested and actually leaner.

My cousin brought me Quest bars Friday night and Saturday, but other than that I enjoyed some hospital scrambled eggs and had boil eggs on Saturday.


I had some semi-tasty pork for lunch Saturday with some really yummy veggies. And for dinner on Saturday I had some lamb.. unfortunately it was more fat than meat, with literally two bites of cauliflower! It’s like they were trying to put me on a diet! LOL


Sunday morning I got some hard boiled eggs, dates and Canadian bacon as a second breakfast to my Quest bars.

This week I’m compiling some recipes from my Dare to Eat Group clients, stay tuned for next week’s update 🙂

What I’m reading:

  1. A simple reason to stop testing your body fat via Anyman Fitness
  2. Sneaky Calories: 10 ways you’re sabotaging your progress and what to do about it via Best Life Results
  3. 40% of US Women are now obese via Time.com
  4. Why having regular refeed days can help you lose weight faster via Lean Muscle Project
  5. Is it bad to do cardio every day? via Smoot Fitness
  6. The perfect Deadlift warm-up via Juggernaut Strength

Client Spotlight(s):

Carlos the Chef is at it again— here was his high calorie dinner to get in all his cals after a busy day! Doesn’t this look amazing!?


Carlos made steak with eggs, sweet potato, onions and a little cheese! My kind of meal on a diet 😉 #daretoEAT

Next, check out my client, Meg’s upper body strength:

You may remember her by her ABS she earned after the Dare to Eat Program, or her chin-ups.. OR her heavy hip thrusts… This week I’m featuring her insane upper body strength via heavy bent over rows. Last week she did sets of 6-8 with 60 POUNDS!!! She looks lean and strong!! Way to go Meg!!! #daretomove

Motivational Story:

Last week I downloaded Dan and Shay’s new album called Obsessed.

The day after I downloaded it a photo popped up on my newsfeed from a guy named Patrick Tracy, the first videographer for Dan and Shay who also happens to be one of their best friends. He posted an inspirational story about Dan and Shay– one which I totally forgot about!

When I met P.Tracy, Dan and Shay back in 2013 I was at a Christmas party. Dan and Shay were jovial despite how exhausted they were from nonstop radio tours to launch their first album, Where it all Began. Of course being that we were in Nashville, guitars came out and they sang their new songs… here’s an old video.

What I learned a few weeks later was that Dan had moved to Nashville with a friend named Andy (they were a band called Bonaventure), with literally nothing, to live in a crappy apartment without heat. Shay joined them later on that year. The friends would huddle together in tents they made out of hippie sheets to stay warm in the winter, while they wrote songs. Flash forward and Dan and Shay sang on the Bachelorette last weekend and Andy has written several successful songs, one being Blake Sheltons upcoming single “She’s Got a Way with Words,” make sure to listen once it’s out!!!

Dan and Shay are my inspiration this month and hopefully yours too. Download their album if you haven’t! I’m currently #obsessed with Already Ready and Lately. These guys are proof that passion and hard work pay off. Never give up on your dreams.




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