Happy Sunday!

This week was the perfect July week… seriously. Good weather, little rain, lots of sun and not too much humidity.

And while I am thankful for the incredible weather I am even more happy that I got to share that weather with my family members who were in town for my beautiful cousin’s wedding.

My mom, my brothers, my mom’s boyfriend Barry, and almost all of my Indianapolis family members were in town and I got to share a lot of laughs, dancing and fun.



This week in the  Crossroads of Fitness #daretomove community we talked about donuts and compliments. A lot was shared, learned and funny stories were told. If you want to join the community place your email address in the box at the side or bottom of the website. You will be in-the-know and get this update delivered to you every Sunday!


Personal Updates:

This week I felt very thankful. It was so nice to see my brothers, my mom and all of my extended family. My Uncle not only gave the GREATEST speech at Elizabeth and Carlo’s wedding but he and Elizabeth did the most EPIC father-daughter dance I have every seen– it was actually a sequence of dances to various songs wherein they acted, they slow danced, they jived, laughed and smiled. Simply amazing. I cried!

Aside from the wedding I was able to celebrate my baby brother Wyatt’s 21st birthday, train with my Mom twice and also get to teach a lot this week ­čÖé

Here is my mom doing some kettlebell complexes:


Sunday: rest day + donut consumption day.

Monday: deadlifts and squats

I was able to PR despite feeling particularly tired from teaching so much over the weekend.

I used Jordan’s belt and pulled 210 for five reps. Check it out:

Tuesday: I taught Cyc Fitness spin class and tried out some weighted pull-ups.

With the SFG certification in Boston rapidly approaching, I wanted to see if I was anywhere near close to the 24 kg (52 pound) pull-up.

Lately I have been doing cluster pull ups with 25 pounds so the single heavy pull-up felt daunting.

I got the 40 pound kettlebell and the 45 pounder came up with ease. I tried the 50 and I failed. See the video below, I fail at the 50 so I just decide to do the 45 pound kettlebell right away.

Wednesday: upper body day

  • slow eccentric pull-ups
  • heavy chest presses
  • tricep push downs
  • bicep curls

Thursday: Rest + taught ┬áthree Barry’s classes, one Cyc class and trained a client!

Friday: Squat day

I went into the gym on a mission: do 8 reps of squats at 175 pounds.

I went in on a mission with MY pink weight lifting belt and made it happen! Talk about cardio, my heart was racing. It was the most weight I have ever had on my back. My PR is 170.

Saturday:┬áElizabeth’s Wedding day (aka Rest)




This week was probably the worst on the surface level and the best week for me mentally with nutrition.

It might sound like the worst, because I had donuts, wine, and sushi.

But, all is good in the right portions.

I had donuts on Sunday at a food truck fair with my good friend Candace when we went to SoWa in Boston.

We got some really yummy things and it was not mentally taxing because I went in with a plan. I had an excellent photo to add but unfortunately my phone was stolen Sunday so those photos are long gone.

I had a protein shake, a quest bar and some egg beaters and oats the morning of the food truck event. We rode bikes there and walked quite a bit.

I got one piece of candied bacon and ate about three bites of it.

I tasted it; it was great but I really wasn’t too hungry from all of ┬áthe protein and had no problem tossing it.


Then out of all the other options I had some fried cauliflower. It was fried in a corn flour so it was gluten-free and I thought it sounded so unique it would be a good splurge to try.

It too was rich so I ate maybe half of the small container and tossed it.

Then came the donut stand.

I knew I had to walk three miles to teach then teach a class Sunday night and I would have little time to eat dinner, I had hit my protein for the day an I was dead set on trying one of these FAMOUS Union Square donuts.

Again, I had photos, but they are gone. I enjoyed a creamsicle donut and a bit of the maple bacon donut I brought back for Jordan.

On the day as a whole I maybe went over my calories slightly, but I walked a lot, taught a class and moved on with my life. Then, the Crossroads of Fitness community talked about the whole concept of eating donuts and moving on…you cannot beat yourself up for eating something that isn’t “perfect,” “clean” or “low calorie.”

Otherwise with nutrition I stayed fairly on track. My weight was at 116 all week again. At the wedding I was starving from a long day of prep so I enjoyed my meal and a glass of wine. I also enjoyed the carrot cake– it was too die for!

When you go into an event and you know will have things you don’t normally eat, it is best to decide ahead of time if you will indulge or not. Then you spend less mental energy wavering throughout the night and you simply go, enjoy, and move on!

I am excited to be a bit more precise with my own measuring this coming week simply because I KNOW I can break that 116 number after time on a deficit. It is simply a game of time and consistency. Nothing is perfect, everyday is a learning experience.

One more random find this week by Jordan: powdered cheese. This is the “PB2” of cheese. I put it on turkey in a wrap quite a few times this week. It sounds gross, I know. However I am open and honest here and that is what I enjoyed this week!


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Client Spotlight(s): snack and PRs!

Erin and I worked together for 12 weeks. She began at 136.5 pounds and she ended her official program at 123.

She now hovers between 121 and 122. She has seen as low as 120.

She continues to lift heavy four times a week via the program I write.

Here is her latest 3 Rep PR at 185 pounds! Go, Erin!!!

My next client PR this week was my amazing web designer, friend and client named Jordan. Jordan also strength trains three to four times a week and is amidst planning a wedding. Her goal was to get pull-ups locked down and she is well on her way! This week she did two unassisted pull-ups!!!! Go, Jordan!


My client Ashley sent over this amazing snack she has been trying in moderation. It satisfies her sweet tooth and ties her over mid-afternoon until dinner ­čÖé Check out these Emmy’s Snacks!



Finally, my client Kati has been making some chia seed overnight pudding. She makes a recipe that serves four, and eats 1/4 of it each day mixed into her protein shake. Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber. Try it out!



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