Hello and happy Monday!


Today’s update is pretty short and to the point– I want to update you all on my #bikiniprep, a last minute nutrition opportunity, and a writing update!

Despite having a very fun, beauty weekend I spent about 6 hours working and therefore this update is chalk full of helpful info for you this week!


But first, I’ve noticed a lot of you are new to my Crossroads of Fitness Weekly Update, so I want to take a moment to re-introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Garrett!


I live in Boston. I’m from Indiana and previously lived in Chicago. A lot of you reading this are probably in Chicago, and you probably remember me from Shred415, I used to teach there! I also taught TRX and bootcamp classes at Rebell Conditioning, where I fell in love with kettlebell training.


I’m and SFG certified, Precision Nutrition certified. NSCA trainer, competitive powerlifter who dabbles in bikini competitions. Last last powerlifting meet was in January 2016, and you can read about it here.

Last fall I was runner up in the Open bikini class B, and I took 10th place at the NPC Natural Indiana last spring.  Read about them here and here.

I teach classes at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston and you can catch me there at 5 a.m. Monday-Thursday, Tuesday afternoons and Fridays at 9 a.m. I also teach at Cyc Fitness Mondays and Tuesdays.


When I’m not teaching fitness classes or coaching Fat Loss and Nutrition online, I’m writing my book, Dare to Move, which I plan to self-publish next Spring/Summer. Check out an update on DTM the book in the What I’m Reading section.

Every week I document my training, nutrition and CROF happenings in order to offer inspiration, motivation and information for strength training, fat loss and a healthy way of life.

It’s funny because last fall I documented all of my training to a T, and it wasn’t until I got on stage when everyone started asking, “What did you do for workouts? What did you eat? how did you do it?” I simply referred them to the past 16 CROF Weekly Updates! So, follow along and you’ll get some free workouts, great fitness reads and helpful nutrition hacks!

Today is the last day to enroll for the next #Daretoeat Group Nutrition Program starting one week from today. Ten people are enrolled currently, I will take five more if interested, email me for details! (gwcrof@gmail.com)

Jess Progress

The client above was in the June/July Summer group and lost 7 pounds in 8 weeks.

Interesting fact, since 2014 I’ve worked with 250 unique individuals online! Pretty cool seeing as though I never intended to do anything more than write helpful articles on Crossroads of Fitness.

Make sure you check out the nutrition section for some great snack and lunch ideas this week!



Monday: deadlift3x3 only + CycLean

Monday I was attempted deadlifts twice. In the morning I failed miserably. I was much too tired and 205 felt heavier than it should. I went home to nap and resolved to deadlift at 4:30 p.m. before CycLean class.

Luckily I was able to hit 3 sets of 3 reps just before I had to teach. This sparse deadlift day was better than nothing and it ironically set the tone for a very minimal training week in general.

Tuesday: Cyc45

All I had time for was cardio, via Cyc45 class.

Wednesday: Bench

Wednesday was my most intense and thorough training day last week.

On  bench I hit 100 3 sets of 5 reps at 105 pounds.

After hitting 105 on the bench I did the following circuits:

  • row heavy 50lbs each x6,
  • weighted chins 3x 2-1,
  • narrow bench 3×5 @85 pounds,

Then I did:

  • 10 RDLs with 110, (missed accessories from Monday)
  • bent over rows for 3×8 with 70 pounds
  • Lat pull down, 85 pounds for 3×8,


  • 5-4-3-2-1 paused push-ups clusters
  • 3 sets, 3×8 tricep push downs with 30
  • plank for 20 seconds.

Thursday:  rest

Friday: mixed lower-body day

I planned to get my back squats, front squats and hip thrusts all covered on Friday. However, the universe had other plans. The squat rack was taken so here’s how I started my workout.

Three rounds;

  • hip thrusts with 225 for 6 reps
  • bulgarian split squats with two 35 lb dumbbells 6/leg
  • 5 chin-ups

I found it comical that a guy next to me was using 35 lb dumbbells for regular split squats, and as soon as he saw that we had the same weight he increased to 40 lbs for his third set LOL

After the squat rack opened up I did three rounds of:

  • back squat 6 reps with 135
  • 5 wide grip chin-ups
  • RDLs with 135 for  reps

Final circuit was three rounds of:

  • hypers with 25 pound plate for 12 reps
  • front squat for 8 reps with 85 pounds
  • these fun leg raises (see below)

It’s having fun, new exercises to try at the end of every workout that keep me motivated to get in the gym and enjoy my training!

Saturday: track workout

I met some friends from Barrys to run the Harvard stadium, or so I thought. I walked inside the stadium and received a text that said, “Come to the track.” A pit grew in my stomach as I made my way to the track in 85 degree weather at 7:30 a.m.

I never run.

My friend John told me that he and Daniela start their stadium workout on the track. Saturday’s plan was to do 8 laps of jog 100m, sprint 100m, (that’s a half mile of sprinting).

We started with 2 warm-up laps while we waited for Daniela, then we did 1 warm-up lap before the 8 lap circuit, then a cool down lap. We finished by walking half of the Harvard stadium, and my legs were trembling the entire drive home.


It was a really neat mental challenge for me– not to mention a SWEATY workout.

Sunday: rest


Last week was “week 1” of my bikini prep. It was not bad at all, considering you start off with higher calorie and less exercise. It’s important to get a baseline.

My initial weight was 124 last weekend, however, given the time of the month it oddly creeped up to 127 this morning! I’ve never seen that number in my entire life.

Next week will be a better time to weigh-in. The calories I followed should have put me at 123.5, and I weighed in at 123.0 Saturday, so I know I’m on track. In case you missed last week’s info, I coach myself in such a way that I lose 1/2 to 1 pound a week. This week I am hoping to be more around the 1 pound marker. 122 is the goal.

In the beginning phases I use the scale to get a good gauge on whether or not my calories are prescribed correctly. In the middle (around week 9-7) I throw the scale out and go more based on physique appearance and how I feel, bringing the scale back around 3 weeks out. (13 weeks in).

Last week I decided I was sick of fish and made 5 pounds of chicken!

I boiled it all and ate it three ways:

  1. Plain chicken as a snack with ketchup (self-explanatory0
  2. Honey mustard chicken salad!

Unfortunately I didn’t save my snapchat photo of it, but it was amazing. 322 calories and little to no carbs:

  • 6 pounds of chicken
  • shredded lettuce
  • 2 tablespoons of Boathouse Farms Honey Mustard dressing (45 cals/ two tbsp)
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • salt and pepper

Here is the dressing + another one of my favorite low cal dressings by Boathouse:

IMG_0075 (1)

3. Fiesta Breakfast scramble with chicken

  • 4 ounces of boiled chicken
  • 1/2 cup of scramble egg beaters (or you can microwave them)
  • 1/4 cup of salsa and ranch seasoning

And that, my friends is how you crush 5 pounds of boiled chicken in one week!

Aside form chicken and eggs, I stuck to oatmeal, Tripact protein shakes (with PB2, spinach and banana), cauliflower tacos!

Yes, I went to Loco again. I cannot get enough of their swordfish tacos.

My desert of the week was Cookies and Cream flavored Arctic Zero with 1 tbsp PB2 and sugar-free vanilla creamer 🙂


Follow me on SnapChat (garrettwood) and you’ll see more of my go-to meals and snacks!

Also– another great find this week was this “the good bean” fruit and no-nut bar!

140 calories, 8 grams of protein and 3.5 grams of fat! Woo! Try it!


I haven’t had time to take photos today, my progress photos will be next week, at the 14-weeks out marker!


What I’m Reading!

  1. Meathead Goes Vegan via Go Fit U

2. I Run a Health and Fitness Company and I’m a Fraud via Go Fit U

3. Birth Injuries Postpartum Pain Untreated via Cosmopolitan

4. Improve YourVertical Jump via Bach Performance

5. Get Strong with Bodyweight Training via girls Gone Strong

I’m still working on my book, Dare to Move, with my editor who’s out of NYC.

This week I connected with another Miami University alum who is also writing a book, in fact, she’s already written it! She’s ten steps ahead em and we connected becasuewe are both going to self-publish.

Sammy Luebbers has started launched her own blog, “Choose Your Strength” in order to begin marketing for her upcoming fictional novel titled, Look Twice. 


Check her out ASAP so you’ll be there first to know when her novel is out. Although her book is fictional and mine is based on true events, both Dare to Move and Look Twice are in the Young Adult genres and cover a lot of things 20-somethings go through in this day in age. Congrats, Sammy!!

Exercise of the Week Bent over row:

When I first started doing bent over rows, I had to use a mini-barbell because the 45 pound regular barbell was too heavy for me. After a little over a year I am rowing 70 pounds and very proud. Last week, however, I got a little caught u and tried to go for a 1 RM, and pretty much failed, BIG TIME. See below.

Fun challenges aside, these are great exercises to do to build a stronger back, especially if you want a better bench and the ability to do more chin-ups or heavier chin-ups. T’s one of my favorite exercises.


  • keep your spine neutral
  • take a stance at least as wide as shoulder width
  • keep your abs tight
  • focus your gaze about 6 feet in front of your feet
  • lead with your elbows
  • Do these on an upper body day!


Client Spotlights!!

This week I have two excerpts from client testimonials to share with you. Please read on to hear what tw of the group Nutrition clients had to say about their 8-week experience!

Laura’s feedback:

“Closing in on Week 8:-) I wanted to take a minute to let you know how thankful I am for all of your guidance. I wouldn’t have made this much progress in such a short time without you. Although my goal is to just see where this takes me over the next few months, August will be challenging as I’m away 3 out of the 4 weeks.  I (sort of ?) want to see how I do on my own for a bit.The exercise – I am working on it. Funny (not really lol) my knees are hurting this week so I am sticking to double floor:) Started at 157.5, ending at 144.5. 13 pounds!!!! I probably have about another 5-9 lbs of fat loss I’d like to happen before maintenance.”

Congrats, Laura! Keep it up!

Andrea’s Feedback:

“Just want to thank you for all I learned during the last 8 weeks. I did find out I am definitely a carb person. I learned how to better mange my fats but getting away from carbs for me especially fruit is what made my MACROS off a lot of the days.  I am going to take what you taught me and continue trying to balance them more.”



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