Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone is happy to be back in their daily routine and off to a great start this new year!

I for one have some very specific New Year’s resolutions, but they aren’t really just beginning as of three days ago, they began last month when I decided on them. I am not one to wait around for a shotgun start.


However, if you are on my newsletter you read my email a few days ago about my 2016 mantra, “Send it!” or #Senditin2016.

Here’s a little outtake from the email, in case you are curious as to what I mean by this “send it” mantra:

We got off the lift and we tried to find some jumps on an easy blue.
“I’m going to send it over this one!” he said.
I’m not kidding you when I say that both of my brothers said the phrase “Send it” 500 times in a three day period.
Send it referred to attempting very advanced jumps with idiotic confidence.
Send it referred to crushing moguls with lighting speed.
Send it  meant doing something totally ballsy and brave with zest.
Send it had this empowering, daring vibe to it.
I like that word.
I like to test my own limits I like to be pushed; I like feeling outside of my comfort zone.
I like to send it down Sandy Park, my favorite run off of Elk Camp lift in Snowmass Colorado.
So that’s how I’m going to approach 2016.

Basically I am attacking this year with everything I’ve got because…. why not?

Specific 2016 goals include (but are not limited to):

*getting a powerlifting total of 570 pounds or higher

*have my book “Dare to Move” published

*Place top five in both of my bikini contests

*get my CROF t-shirts/tanks/crops out ASAP

*maintain my ability to do flips

*take more random, spontaneous trips

What are yours? If they have anything to do with fitness, holler! I am opening up enrollment for a new group coaching program that will begin January 18th- email me if you are interested!

My powerlifting meet is rapidly approaching and although I am tiny bit behind on my training I am not giving up. I simply need to kick this cold to the curb!

I did a lot of my training last week in Colorado, so there are not a ton of videos, but if you regularly keep up with my powerlifting log, see below!

Happy 2016!


Monday: Deadlifts with a trap bar

Feeling very sore, achy and out of it from hiking, snowboarding and skiing I decided to play it safe with Trap bar deadlifts. These are my go to for a few reasons:

  • they do not seem to activate my groin as much; when my inner thighs are sore I like the more narrow stance on these.
  • I can really hone in on the “push” aspect of the deadlift, which is super important to practice.
  • The grip is different and challenging. I feel as though switching it up makes my sumodeadlift that much better.

After 5 sets of 5 deadlifts I did the following circuit:

  • three single weighted chin-ups with a 30 lb kettlebell  (a step down from three sets of three in a row)
  • 12 reverse flys with 17 pound weights
  • 8 paused push-ups with a 25 pound plate on my back.

My finisher was 4 sets of 10 hanging leg raises with a 20 second hollow hold in between.

Tuesday: rest (cross-country ski and hike)

Wednesday: Bench day

I stayed consistent with 100 pounds for 3×3, I am confident that my opening will be 105 for this meet.

After 3×3 I did narrow bench with feet elevated, bent over rows with a barbell, then paused bench with flat feet with lat pull-downs and tricep push-downs.

Thursday: Push-press, front squat day

It was weird to do this after my bench day. Usually push-press day is the day before benching.

I also had to do the push-presses without a rack so I only did 75 pounds because I felt safe cleaning that up without a lot of clean practice.

Front squats were 4 by 6 at 95 pounds (the guy I was sharing the bar with was using 95). After he finished I went up to 125 for 3×3 and super set them with sets of 5 chin ups with a slow eccentric.

The final circuit was:

  • lateral band walks
  • hypers
  • bicep curls

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Squat

I missed my squat day Friday so I made sure to get after it Sunday. Unfortunately I began to feel very sick so I wasn’t thrilled about attempting bigger numbers when I felt weary.

However, looking on the bright side, seeing how heavy I could go for 1 rep (even though this was supposed to happen a week ago) when feeling sick would be helpful to know so I could make that my opener for the meet.

After doing 4×4 at 155 I did 3 at 165, 2 at 175, 1 at 185 and 1 at 190. I really needed a spot but nobody was around. I went for it conservatively and missed depth but was happy to feel the heavier weight on my back.

After this single heavy I did 3 sets of 5 paused squat with 135 to focus on depth.


As of today I am back to tracking because I have to weigh in under 114 very soon.

My bodyweight has been anywhere from 116 to 119. I am not as concerned with weigh-ins like I was last year. Last year I had to do a very extreme cut from 123-12ish pounds to 114. Not fun!

Thanks to the 16-week bikini prep I am in a very good spot and feel confident about weigh-ins right now.

I am eating more cod and mushrooms this week along with my favorite spinach protein shake to keep calories in check.

For the last two weeks in Colorado I took my regular egg beaters and oats (with sugar free syrup) to a healthier, more wholesome version of oats, 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites with jam, sea salt and butter. I ate that meal two times a day while skiing and hiking in Colorado.

I had three cocktails last Monday, a lunch cocktail on Tuesday and a lot of chili last week.

I also had a lot of chips, some onion rings and some fruit cake 🙂

I don’t feel a whole lot different, I simply feel like my midsection is a little softer and my boobs are back.

Nothing crazy happens when you spend a few weeks away from tracking, consistency with at least a couple meals a day will keep you in check.

In the two photos below there is about 2-3 pounds difference, a spray tan and some major dark circles.

The one on the right was taken the Wednesday after my show, the one on the left was taken last Tuesday.

7 weeks after

Also– I got my photos from Jess McDougall of Jess Mcougall Creative last week and if you follow me on instagram you have surely seen some of them.

It is important to note a lot of competitors get their photos done to commemorate the getting leaner experience and they take them either just before the competition or the day after the bikini competition.

I waited about 10 days to do the shoot due to life being crazy, and I am actually very happy I did because I feel like I look real; I like feeling a little more curvy and normal.

I am proud of my body!


face    woo!

What I am Reading:

  1. Weight means nothing via JillFit
  2. Why Front Squats are the Most Underrated Exercise Around via Roman Fitness Systems by Eric Bach
  3. Here’s the strategy elite athletes follow in order to perform at the highest level via  Observer.com
  4. Don’t Be a New Year’s Failure via Smoot Fitness
  5. What Women Want via Bret Contreras
  6. Stronger in 60 Seconds: The Hollow Body Hold via Adam Pine
  7. Two Strategies to Help You Lift More Weight Today via JenSinkler.com by Dean Somerset

Exercise Spotlight: beginner kettlebell clean to press

This week the #Daretomove Motivator list received a beginner kettlebell workout to try at home.

The clean to press with a single kettlebell was featured in the workout. If you are new to lifting kettlebells, try this exercise!


  • trace your hands around the horns of the kettlebell as you pull the bell up from the ground.
  • Drive through your legs and keep a tight core during the upward pull
  • take a breath after the clean and exhale with force as you press the bell overhead
  • I like to pretend I am a turtle popping my head through a shell as I poke my head slightly through at the top
  • Make sure your arms go up by your ears and brace your abs as you press the entire time.

Email me at gwcrof@gmail.com if you want the workout!

Client Spotlight: Morgan’s Deadlifts!!!

I am so proud of Morgan!

You may remember her from her #daretoeat success! (she lost 12 pounds):


She is now working on getting stronger with the #Daretomove programming. She began lifting on day 1 of her 12 week #Daretoeat Program and after 12 weeks of lifting, this month she completed barbell deadlifts for the first time!

We are still working on her set up, but I am so damn proud of her for daring to try it! It takes a lot of guts to go into a gym and figure out who to set up the bar, where to do it and on top of that to film it for me!!! YOU GO MORGAN!!!!!!!!! WOO! #DARETOMOVE






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