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Welcome to this week’s CROF Weekly Update!

I am currently trying to kick the most serious cold I’ve ever had! I’m not kidding you, I’ve been feeling kind of sick for 10 days… I feel like I have lost the right to even say that I am sick because I’ve been saying it for almost two weeks! This cannot be! 10 days?!

The cold, however, did not stop me from having a good time with my Barry’s Bootcamp Boston team last Friday!


We went to Sur La Table for our holiday party and made some delicious steak, shrimp, green beans and a dessert of which, I’m not sure how to spell or pronounce LOL.

If you follow me on snapchat, (g-lovendsauce or GarrettWood), you saw lots of funny clips.

On Saturday I taught a bridal bootcamp at Barry’s for brides and bridesmaids 🙂 I haven’t had a room with such great technique in quite some time! For a moment I felt like there must have been some secret auction for the bootcamp class because everyone’s form was on FLEEK. (Yes, I said it).

Sunday was fun because in my 9:30 a.m. CycLean class I had two CIT (Cycologists in Training) riders and they motivated the hell out of me– such a sweaty class! #comingsoon


In other news I still got my training done last week despite feeling ill and spent the majority of each session focused intently on technique.

Read on to see how my training and nutrition for my powerlifting meet is going and also check out the fitness reads, there are SO MANY GOOD ONES this week! Woo!

One more thing: I’m aunching a new, 8-week group nutrition coaching program if anybody wants in! Please email me at gwcrof@gmail.com for more details.



Monday: Deadlifts (light with banded deads too)

If you haven’t quite caught on yet, my strength goes in waves. Every other week I go BIG on deadlifts, squats and bench. This week was a low week for deadlifts; I took my time grooving form, going lighter from the bottom of the lift and doing more reps.

Here was my first working set of 205:

All in all, the deadlifting adventure went as follows:

  • 205 for 5 reps beltless (shown above)
  • Three sets of two deadlifts with 225 pounds (with belt)
  • 205 AMRAP (6 reps) beltless
  • Banded deadlifts with the heaviest weight yet– 160 for 3 sets of 8 reps.

Note: I started doing these banded deadlifts with a 95 pound warm-up into 135 for the first ever working set. It has taken roughly 12 weeks to feel comfortable going heavier on this movement AND more importantly, the goal is not to be super heavy here. Feeling pressure on your hips gives you a gentle cue to drive forward with more power through your glutes. I enjoy this reminder because fast hips help me pull more weight. After 14 weeks of doing this, it feels natural to increase the weight for me personally.


Tuesday: Front squat, push presses and back flips

Typical day of the “bare-bone-basics training day” (as I like to call it): a push (press) a pull(up) and some front squats because, #ABSandDEPTH.

Front squats will never NOT be a part of my training. There are far too many benefits, like grooving depth, prying knees, engaging core and time under tension to ever let these guys go.

When I get bored and feel like skipping my 4th round (I typically do chin-ups, push-presses and front squats with ONE unexpected, fun exercise that usually deals with glutes) I decided to do some flips.

As many of you know, I said I would do one flip per month in 2016.


Wednesday: Bench

I was so excited to se that my good friend AJ was in the gym last Wednesday so I could have a spot. I play it SUPER safe with bench, and I really did not need a spot. However, I was glad to have help and confidence with a spot.

With AJ’s super cues and superb spotting I did two sets of two reps at 105 pounds with only 1 minute of rest in-between sets. (did not get this on film)

Following heavy sets of two I did narrow bench with 85 for 3 by 8 with heavy machine rows.

Then I did paused bench with 75 and seated cable rows because I haven’t done these since my bodybuilder training phase in 2014!!!!!!

The finisher was handstand walks for shoulder work– check out @garrettnwood on Instagram and you can scroll to find me walking upside down 😉

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Squat (less volume)

I was feeling super down with my cold on Friday and commended myself for simply getting to the gym before my client so I could train.

I did not go super heavy because the week prior I did 190 pounds (an all time PR).

I simply worked up to 165 for sets of 5. I did 5 sets of 5 at 165 and 5 sets of 5 at 155.

All in all, 10 sets of 5 en lieu of my normal 15.

I did paused squats with 135 for 3 rounds thereafter, super set with 3 sets of 8 hip thrusts with 185 (as seen on instagram @garrettnwood).

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: (light glute work and cardio via CycLean)

I did banded hip thrusts, hypers with 25 pounds, and 5 sets of 5 hip thrusts at 225 pounds! Woo! Nice little warm-up!


Last week it was back to tracking my calories and protein but, I  allowed myself to stay slightly higher on calories because 1) I was sick and needed extra energy to do LIFE and 2) because I wanted to have as much power and fuel as possible one more week before my powerlifting meet approaches. #addingALLTHEweightontheBAR

I also conveniently had my last holiday party on Friday so I could indulge and drink and just live without worry.

This current week not only marks 2.5 weeks out from my second powerlifting meet, BUT it is also the 15-weeksout marker for my next NPC bikini contest!



I cannot tell you how nice it is to have an excel sheet with numbers already handy for me to follow as I begin to prepare.

Will I follow it to a T? No. However, knowing what I did in the past worked will help me have more self-trust as I am my own coach.

Speaking of excel sheets, this is why I use excel for my #Daretoeat clients. This way when they finish their program they have a  FULL SHEET  of various meals they’ve had and calorie/protein guidelines they have followed which they can keep and refer to forever!

Here is a really cool video that shows me three days prior and two days prior to my first bikini competition contrasted with two days ago!

It shows that there isn’t a huge change, but I definitely don’t always walk around shredded. It is important when you compete to be able to find a balance between leaning out slightly for a show, and staying healthy and well-fueled and CONFIDENT in your own skin the rest of the year.

There should be no yo-yo. Competing should be a fun thing you do (if that’s how you want to challenge yourself in life), not something on which that your self-esteem rides.

I am proud of how I look around show time, sure. But the rest of the year I am proud of what my body can do, how my skin looks and how much fun I can have being active and healthy.

That being said, since I *am* competing again (since competing is something I do for FUN) I cannot wait to see how this next competition goes!

This week I am eating slightly more protein than usual because I find that I eat less and I can keep my calories in check more easily when protein is higher.

15-weeksout, HERE WE GO!!!

What I am reading:

SOOOOO many good reads! I favorites:  #2, #6 #7 #9

  1. Fitness fads that should fade in 2016 via The Washington Post
  2. How I Lost My “Last 5 Pounds” and How it Did (and Didn’t) Change my Life via Andrea Isabelle
  3. Woman’s Bikini Photo is Going Viral for a Reason You Wouldn’t Expect via Self.com
  4. 5 Significant Reasons to Lose Weight (And Why Isn’t the Media Covering These?) via Precision Nutrition
  5. Top 9 bodybuilding Recipes via T-Nation
  6. Weight Lost Rage Found via Strong Coffey
  7. Pick Your Passion via Rachel Grosz
  8. Common Treadmill Mistakes via Well and Good
  9. What the Body Acceptance Movement Doesn’tWant You to Know via Jessi Kneeland
  10. Don’t Limit the Size of your Toolbox via Eric Dawson of Titan Barbell
  11. 4 Upper Body Exercises You Need to Have in Every Program via Ryan Wood Training
  12. 10 Ways to be a better Human in 2016 via Bryan Krahn

Client Spotlight(s):

My girl Morgan was at it again this week! She is not only improving her form and stance on the deadlift but lifting more weight and crushing chin-ups! This wee she took her stance wider in Sumo and decreased her assistance in chin-ups to only 30 pounds!!! Go Morgan!!!

Rachel’s Powerlifting Antics!

My girl Rachel is quickly becoming a powerlifting fiend! She has an upper body day a lower body day and a “barbellz” day wherein she practices the movements to learn the pattern. Check out her first-ever barbell bench presses– how sweet is her form!? So proud!! PS: she deadlifts over 135 🙂

Kendall’s YEAR-LATER progress!

My sweet friend Kendall did a 12 week #Dareteoat Program last year. She lost 6 pounds going from 125 to 118. The cool part is that she initially reached out simply to learn how to prepare healthy meals and eat more nutritiously as a young, busy girl fresh out of college. The side effect of 6 pounds of fat loss was the icing on the cake!


Just last week she texted me that she got on the scale for the first time post-holidays and over six months since she finished the #Daretoeat Program……. the scale said 117.


She is so proud of herself but mores astonished becasue she says, “It doesn’t seem hard; I guess I found a really great routine thanks to all your help!”


Meredith’s squats!

Meredith is starting to really up the weight on her squats. She is killing 115 and I cannot wait to see how much she can handle when she starts using her belt next week! Look at that form!

Go, Mere!!!


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