Happy Tuesday!

I’m staying right in the groove of updating you guys and I will say that it’s MUCH easier to do this when I’m on a firm program with no distractions. The beauty of following a training program is that it makes everything you do quantifiable, and having the ability to look at what your doing through the lens of a scientist, allows you to see what’s working and what’s not so that you can adjust accordingly if you’re not making progress.

If you didn’t catch last week’s CROF Weekly Update basically what you need to know is that I just began a new powerlifting prep cycle for a meet on February 12th. From here on out, you’ll be able to follow my training logs and nutrition as I get stronger for the meet and also slowly cut down so that I can make weight.

Last week’s update highlighted some great client updates and today I have a #daretomove client lifting update!

As for me I spent last weekend celebrating my birthday a week early (my birthday is this friday) with some friends who will not be in Chicago this coming weekend!


Speaking of my birthday, I’m still offering 25% off for any Crossroads of Fitness program, with any start date! If you want to get stronger or leaner in 2017, message me this week to get started with a great discount!

In today’s update I’m going to discuss week 1 of my powerlifting prep, share some great fitness reads, share a throwback exercise video and detail some nutrition strategies I’m using this week!



General notes:

Last week (week 1 of prep), my chin-up volume was far less than normal, as was deadlift volume. I went light on the big lifts generally speaking, but slayed my accessory work. I typically start every cycle with more accessory work because I have more energy and motivation. As calories dwindle and fatigue sets in, I will focus MORE on the big lifts and only few accessory drills. See below.

Monday: Deadlifts

Unfortunately my legs were brutally sore from the high volume work I did on Friday. And, after a day of travel sans foam rolling I was in a lot of pain. Because it was only week 1, and I had to take a spinning class for Cyc Fitness, I went light on deadlifts and did the bare minimum of 4×8 reps, sumo stance.

The weight was the lightest I’ve gone in over a year…. 135×8, 185×8, 185×8, and 135×8

Tuesday: front squat/mixed day

I felt a lot better after foam rolling 30 minutes on Monday and shaking out my legs in Cyc Fitness. Tuesday’s training was great. I added in the important accessory moves from Monday into Tuesday. I taught Cyc Tuesday morning and lifted in the afternoon.

Here was the workout:

1)Push press 4×8 @ 80pounds

2a) chin-ups 4×6

2b) push-ups with 25 pound plate on my back 3×6

2c) Front Squat with 105 pounds 4×6

3) Speed Deadlifts 8×2 @ 185 pounds (do two refs every 30 seconds)

4a) hypers, unweighted 3×16

4b) Single-leg deadlift to handstand (see below)

4c) weighted chins 4×1 at only 30 pounds

Wednesday: Bench Day

1a)Wide grip Lat Pull down 3×8 20 sec rest then 1b)

1b)underhand pull-down with 4 sec eccentric 3×6 rest 20 sec then 1c)

1c)Tricep pushdowns 2×15

2)Bench Press 3×5 at 105

3a) narrow bench press at only 70 pounds this week, 3×8

3b)Pec Fly neutral grip 8 reps rest 10 sec, switch grip, 8 reps overhand pec fly (machine) 3 sets

3c) Bent over row, underhand grip 3×8

4) inverted row, feet elevated 5-5-5 rest 20 seconds between each set (chest to bar)

5a) reverse fly 3×10

5b)bicep curls 3×10

5c) diamond push-ups 3×8 using a bench

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Squat Day

1)4×8 back squat: 155,160,160,155

2a) paused back squat with 105 (3×5)

2b) step ups holding one 45 pound plate cradle-style, 3×8 per leg

2c) half-rep hip thrusts with one hear dumbbell (70 pounds) 3×15

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Teach Cyc, teach Barry’s classes


This is completely unexpected, and not necessarily ideal (when I’m already meticulously tracking what I’m eating), but I had to start an elimination diet after suffering some severe stomach issues.

This week (or since Saturday) I’m working on cutting out the following (Polyols: sugar alcohols): a series of fruits including apples and watermelons (fruit I eat regularly), mushrooms, avocado, cauliflower and peas, and a series of artificial sweeteners, the most difficult of which is erythritol because I love Truvia!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • this will not be that hard and forces me to be more creative
  • coconut sugar has all 12 amino acids in it and isn’t a bad Truvia substitute.
  • my pre workout has Polydextrose in it, so coffee it is!

In other news, I took a new progress photo from the side and compared it to my body when I was two weeks away form my first-ever bikini competition. It’s quite hilarious because the difference between the two photos is 10 pounds! On the left (taken last Friday) I am 10 pounds heavier and I’m NOT trying to push my booty out. On the right I was two weeks away from my first ever bikini competition a little over a year ago. It’s quite evident where I gain my weight. The only reason I’m sharing this is to 100% appreciate my age (my youth) as I’m turning one year older in a few days because I have a strong feeling that in years to come, weight gain won’t be so exciting. Also, I’m not sure how long these will stick around as I begin to cut weight slowly but surely.


125.5 vs. 115.5 pounds

Last week I was eating a delicious egg / egg white scramble the recipe is below. I’m sad to have to cut it this week, or change it, for the sake of my digestion and figuring out what is going on. But I want someone to enjoy it because it was amazing!


  • sautee 1 cup of mushrooms, any work but I love the fancy mix from Whole Foods
  • add in 1/2 of a small red onion chopped with chopped chives
  • add in 1/2 cup brocoli
  • after all veggies are cooked to your liking, add in 1 egg and 1 cup of egg whites
  • after eggs are almost cooked, add in 1/4 cup of daiya dairy-free cheese, OR 1/4 cup fat free shredded cheddar cheese. (I like both)
  • serve with 1/2 cup of salsa. I’m obsessed with the Whole Foods freshly made salsa.

What I’m Reading:

  1. News of the World by Paulette Jiles
  2. Three Reasons Athletes get Injured via Robertson Training Systems
  3. Mental Cues for the Squat via Reactive Training Systems
  4. Settling the Grain Debate via Precision Nutrition
  5. Mobility Myths by Dr. Quinn | Butt Wink via JTS Strength
  6. Step Up Your Core Training with This Exercise via Meghan Callaway Fitness
  7. Don’t Hate the Carbs, Hate the Calorie Game via Sohee Fit

Exercise Spotlight:

Almost two years ago I met one of my now-best friends in Boston when I ask her to help me film this video. The information is still great and this is just a little throwback to a great memory paired with a great exercise! Try it today!

Client Spotlight: Meg deadlifts 200 pounds!!!

My client Meg has been working on getting stronger for over a year now. We train together at Titan Barbell in Medford, MA. She began deadlifting kettlebells last October 2015, moved to 95 pounds and then hit 135 on the sumo deadlift by last summer. A little over a week ago she pulled 200 pounds!! It was a huge feat and I couldn’t be more proud of her patience, strength and confidence. Go, Meg!!!!!



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