Welcome to the last CROF Weekly update of 2015!

Wow! I cannot believe the end of the year is already here.

I have had a crazy Christmas week and I am about 99% sure I am doing this whole “vacation” thing right because I have forgotten what day of the week it is for about three days in a row now. Can’t say I am mad about this.


I have also spent more time with my brothers than I have in years. My brothers and I have been snowmobiling, snowboarding, hiking, lifting and having “spritzers” (as Hunter calls them) for the past ten days. Despite the little fights (and the 3 a.m. phone calls I get when they need me to get them from the bars in Aspen) I am having fun a blast. They are the funniest people I know.


As for me, many of you know I got a concussion last week. Many of you also know that I am more active than my labrador retriever, Buster. I don’t rest well.


I got the concussion after I hiked Long Shot in Snowmass. It is the longest run on the mountain, not super steep but a leg burner. I was gong a little to fast over a roller and caught my toe edge. I tumbled heels over head three times until I smacked the back of my head on the snow. I got a bloody nose and saw some stars. I am embarrassed to say I cried, but i think the tears were mainly out of fear and confusion.

I got up, put my goggles back on and rode down to the lift to meet my brothers. I felt okay, but I was little on edge. Soon enough a headache crept up on me and by the time we got to the top of the lift my head was throbbing. In the middle of the run while Hunty and Y were working on back flips I asked Hunty where we were.

He immediately told me it was time to go home.

They made this silly video while I was in the hospital. For the record YY did actually land one.

The thing about concussions is that if I didn’t know any better (and if I was dating) I would think I was pregnant because some of the most common side effects are: emotional outbursts (tears in my case), sensitivity, confusion, head pains and headaches, trouble seeing.

After 24 hours of Vicodin my headache was gone but my neck still feels stiff like I got in a car accident. I did nothing on Christmas but walk and the day after Christmas I went snowmobiling.


Yesterday was my first day back on the hill but I skied (I rarely fall skiing) with a new friend that is not as good as I am so we took it slowish.


Despite the concussion my training went very well last week and I am excited to share some training stuff with you.

This week I have a few new clients starting the #Daretoeat Program but I still have room for three more!

If you are interested in starting a #12-Week #Daretoeat Program shoot me an email gwcrof@gmail.com!

One other important update: I am now offering a #Daretorun program for those clients who are training for half marathons and want to make sure they keep their nutrition in check. The two current #Daretorun clients I have are in phase one and doing very well with sprints, mid-distance runs and strength training. Holler if you are interested!

Also- my memoir is up to 23,000 words and I am still obsessed with it. I cannot wait for what 2016 will bring for this book.



Monday: Deadlifts

Someone once told me that you want your opening number at a meet to be something you could do at 2 a.m. in the middle of the night and half asleep.

Monday morning I went to the gym after 4 hour son sleep and three cocktails the night before. I was as rested as I knew I’d be for a while (no spin classes or skiing or hiking) and did 3×3 at 220. Then I took it to 235 for a single and then 250 for a single.

Afterward I did 6 sets of 2 speed deadlifts with 205.

Then I hit some paused deadlifts with a super wide stance at 195 for 3 sets of 6.

The finisher was single leg glute bridges, lateral band walks, 1.5 goblets.

Tuesday: Hike and snowboard 

Many of you saw my video on Facebook, but I got up for  sunrise hike to find myself in snowy white-out after the sun kind of came up. I always start in the pitch dark (which is oddly not that scary out here because it’s so isolated and quite. The stars right up the night and the whit snow felts their light) but this time int he dark I had no idea it was so cloudy I wouldn’t actually see the sunrise! Darn! I do love a good adventure though. At the very least it was good to get some fresh mountain air.

Wednesday: Bench day with my baby brother.

We did chins, bent over rows, pull downs, paused bench, narrow bench all after heavy sets of three bench presses. I did my third set with 100 pounds but otherwise I stayed at 95.

We also did some single-arm, half-kneeling kettlebell presses with chest flys. Once Baby Y figured out how to do an SFG style kettlebell press his response was “Holy core. This is a lot of core.”

Yup. It is a lot of core, especially from a half-kneeling position.

Thursday: Push presses and front squats

Before the concussion YY and I went to the gym and did my normal push-press, front squat and chin up routine. I typically do this day the day before I bench so it was very challenging because we were both sore from benching.

I was throughly impressed with his front squats and I PRed with front squats! Woo! Hell yes for booty gains!

We did 3 sets of 5 chins after sets of 4 push presses. For our fourth set of chin-ups we did an AMRAP. I did 10 reps, he did 15.

We finished with biceps.

Friday: Rest and walk


Saturday: mobility work, light back squats.

I still did  a lot of volume here. Instead of 15 sets of 5 I did about 10 sets and didn’t go above 155. 6 of my sets were with 155 the other sets were with 135.

I did 3 sets of 5 back off sets with 135 for paused squats.

My finisher was lateral band walks, hypers, 3×8 1.5 goblet squats and banded glute bridges, 8 reps with 20 pulses at the top.

Sunday: Hike and ski with my new friend from my childhood hometown.

This was the last video I got before my phone died on my hike. I started in the dark and this was about halfway up. I am secretly glad my phone died so I could hike in pure silence and have a moment, or an hour rather, totally disconnected.

After this I met up with a new friend who is from the small town I grew up in in Indiana. You seriously never know who you’re gonna meet out here! We made some turns and took few falls, luckily.


I am going to be totally honest and say that I am not totally tracking what I am eating. I am sticking to my go-to meals like eggs and oats. Making sure I eat enough and then having less-structured dinners, (aka eating out at restaurants or eating ym grandma’s really yummy, healthy cooking).

My efforts for the past week have been solely focused on training.

I am still feeling lean-ish thanks to lifting heavy AF.


However starting this week I have to watch it in order to make weigh-ins for my powerlifting meet January 31st. I will make sure three days of the week I consume maintenance calories and eat lower calorie on my rest days. It’s all a numbers game!

I will say that the holidays have crept up on me a little and I feel like a true powerlifter because when I push my belly against my belt in the squat I see it rolling over and under the belt. I think to myself “Man, I am proud of this belly!” haha Soon enough it will be gone!

The thing about lifting and bikini contests and going through all of this is it has taught me that my body can take on many forms. It has taught me to feel confident in every state too. When I am 110 pounds I kind of like the skinny-arm look because it’s misleading.

It’s like, “hey I have a skinny arm (because I lose fat here easily) but little do you know I am strong AF!”

But when I am heavier I love filling out my bras and having cleavage, even though it doesn’t show when you’re wearing sweaters in the dead of winter.

Basically what I am getting at is that your body is always a work in progress. The thing is, you have to *love* the process and learn to be happy in thepresent for what your body can do– not about what the scale says or what size your clothes are. There are positive and negatives in every state of the flux. Enjoy the ride.

What I am reading:

  1. How to transform your body forever via Bryan Krahn
  2. Holiday Baking Recipes via Precision Nutrition
  3. How many reps should you do? via Smoot Fitness
  4. Train Hard; Recover Harder: 6 Tips to Improve your recovery via Cycling Magazine
  5. Redefining the female bodybuilder via T-Nation
  6. The art of letting go via Kevin Mullins Fitness
  7. It’s Time to Finally Convince Your Client that the Scale Doesn’t Matter via The PTDC

Client Spotlights:

Sara’s at it again!

This girl is unstoppable. She went for a new heavy set of three and managed to squat 205. She is maintaining her 9.5 pound fat loss over the holidays via lifting heavy AF and I am so excited to see how she does in her next 12 week phase! Go, Sara!

Jenna’s progress: the scale doesn’t matter.

My client Jenna* has been consistently lifting heavy and training hard for 8 weeks. The scale hasn’t been budging but I trust that she has been hitting her numbers. I kept telling her, “keep pushing, trust the numbers, be consistent and don’t let the lack of scale progress deter you,” etc. Then she sent me this progress update:

TZUT9982 (1)

For those of you out there frustrated with the scale take measurements and progress photos– they tell a better story in most cases– especially for those of you lifting heavy! Go, Jenna!!!!!

Erin’s commitment:


I got a text from Erin that said, “You know Garrett Wood has invaded your kitchen when you have this on the counter” 🙂 I love texts like this from motivated clients!

Rachel’s Christmas gift 🙂


As Rachel continues to work on lifting heavy AF a belt will be necessary and this snap just warmed my heart! 2016 will bring a lot of exciting things her way!







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