Happy almost Christmas!

Last week was busy but productive for me, I had the heaviest week of training ever. I was so pumped I already instagramed some highlights! But you can read more about the other small wins in the training section!

This Friday I’ll be headed back to Indiana for Christmas! I’ll stay there until NYE, then I’m headed to Chicago to ring in the New Year with my BFF. I can’t wait!

College BFF

If you’re planning on being in Boston on new Year’s DAY, you should also plan on taking my classe at Barry’s Bootcamp!! I’ll be teaching two classes– 4:20 and 5:30 p.m. YOU HAVE OPTIONS!!! Kick off 2017 with a good sweat 🙂 #daretomove

In other news, I made an executive decision to add another 5 spots to my #Daretoeat Program beginning January 8th. It will be the biggest one yet, but I think it will make for even more discussion and support, so message me if you want one of those spots! gwcrof@gmail.com

One of my group clients from last summer’s DTE group!

Read on to find out my new nighttime snack/drink, my Protein French Toast recipe from last week (as featured on insta-story), and some great fitness reads!



As noted last week was my heaviest lifting week to date. It was also the last week I’ll be running around doing excess workouts. The tonnage is getting to be too much to keep up with and do other workouts. Read on to find out more.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Deadlifts

235 for 3 sets of 5, and that is literally all I had time for before teaching at Cyc

Wednesday: Bench + Corepower yooga

1)Bench press 110 pounds for 3×3, which was a new PR. (shown at the end of this video)

Then I hit:

1a)row machine 50 pounds 3×8

1b) diamond push-ups 3×8

1c) narrow grip with a pause at 90 pounds 3×6 (all time PR)

2a)lat pull down 85 3×8

2b) underhand 85 3×5 slow eccentric

2c) triceps 3×10 at 30 pounds

3a) 4 single weighted chins with 30 pounds

Thursday: Front squat + chin-ups

1)push press 3×4 at 90 pounds

2)front squat 3×6 at 120 (new record!!!)

2a) 3×8 chin-ups bodyweight!!!! HUGE PR

2c) single leg hip thrusts 3×12 per side

3) bicep curls 8-8-8, hammer, regular and half-reps

Friday: back squat day

1)4×6 at 170, ended the 4th set with only 4 reps,

2) hip thrust 235 for 3×5 rep, NOT full ROM reps.

3a) adductor machine 3×15 reps

2b)hamstring machine 3×8

3c)lateral band walks 12 steps each direction

Saturday: Barry’s Bootcamp + Gymnastics

It was easy to feel motivated in a room with these badass ladies. I even survived on the tread next to rockstar runner Kelly! If you haven’t taken Christina Lodde’s Barry’s class, sign up!!!

After class I refreshed, ate a big bowl of oatmeal and then went to gymnastics, I wanted to get in some practice before heading back to Indiana. See my “mess-up” reel below.

Sunday: Cyc class + Yoga


Nutrition was pretty great last week. I had more higher calorie days given my activity level. On average I consumed about 1650 calories daily, but I alternate between low cal and high cal days. My only low-ish calorie days were Sunday and Monday 1200 and 1400 respectively.

My weight did show a 1.5 pound drop to 126.5 last week from a randomly high 128. But I’m thinking I’ll be 125 this Friday, which is right were I want to be. If I hit 123 by next Friday I’ll be on track for my Feb 12th powerlifting me. It’s a tough cut this time of year, but I’d rather put in the work with my diet now, than at a last second like I did last year, those are just too hard!

As for the elimination diet, last week I did well. I only had 5 grams of erythritol on Saturday (the last day) via a Quest bar and I felt totally fine.

This week I’m into week 2: fructans and galactans; which means I’m cutting out a lot of gaseous veggies like broccoli and brussel sprouts, beets, asparagus, and fruits like grapes, mango, banana (which I accidentally had 1/2 of today) pineapple, watermelon and then gluten which is not hard for me.

After cutting out the sugar alcohols (polyols) last week I’m not going to keep them out because I didn’t feel a ton better. However, I did find a sweetener (without erythritol) that I really liked, almost more than Truvia. It is called Zing.

Last week I had a lot of tea since I had to take out fake sweetners, which meant eliminating my pre-workout. Green tea never made me feel as wide-awake as pre-workout, but I also never crashed as hard. I loved pomegranate green tea with a splash of lime juice and a teaspoon of Zing 🙂

My favorite nighttime snack was a vanilla tea with Zing and a splash of Almond milk. It is the coziest, sweet treat you could ask for with under 30 calories!

Fireside Vanilla Spice tea^


If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a funny video I made of me making french toast last week 🙂 Here’s the recipe– it was TOO good not to share.

Protein French Toast Recipe

  • 1/2 scoop Tripact Protein Powder (Get it here and read about it here)
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
  • 3 slices of Udi’s GF bread

Directions: mix egg and egg whites in a bowl with 1/2 scoop of protein powder. Warm he GF bread in the microwave for 10 second one piece at a time and then dip it in the egg mixture. Place in pan on high heat and flip as it starts to sizzle. I poured the excess egg liquid into the pan and layered the pancake like contents in-between the pieces of bread on my plate. I added spray butter and zing on top (like powdered sugar) and ate without syrup.

Calorie total: 389, Protein: 31g, Carbs: 36g, Fat: 12g


Last week in order to properly fuel for training, I ate a lot of eggs and a lot of veal. I hadn’t made veal in a while so I pan fried it and then added in some white rice and tomato sauce for a simple, filling meal. Expert tip, buy microwaveable, pre-portioned white rice containers. Then I dumped 1 170 cal container of white rice into a pan with 1 pound of veal and 2 cups of tomato sauce. I let it all simmer together and then divided the contents into 3 servings. #daretoeat

Last week I also found myself snacking on cherry tomatoes often. Keeping cherry tomatoes on hand is clutch. Love having flavorful, low calorie options to grab and go!

On Thursday I got to check out a new restaurant in Somerville called Kirkland Tap and Trotter for my cousin Elizabeth’s 30th birthday. I ordered the swordfish– it was amazing! But so were the brussels sprouts and sweet potato side dishes… if you haven’t been, check it out! You can’t go wrong! #daretoeat

What I’m Reading:

  1. Life Starts When the Bullshit Stops via Kevin Mullins Fitness
  2. Don’t Yuck Someone else’s Yum via Best Life Results
  3. The leg workout even the pros fear via Bodybuilding.com
  4. Conquering Your Mt. Everest via E Bailey Fitness
  5. 10 Ingredients to avoid in processed foods via Go Fit U
  6. 5 Last-Minute Gifts for your Fit Friends via Go Fit U
  7. Why it doesn’t matter “What a Fitness instructor eats in a day” via Got Fit U
  8. A Fitness Guide to Parkinson’s Law: How to lose fat faster via Bach Performance
  9. The Disease of Singleness via TheWordrace.org

Exercise Spotlight:

When I can’t get to a barbell but want to hip thrust heavy, I’ve been using machines to help me work my glutes. When you have access to something that looks like this, here’s who you can use it to attack your glutes!

Considering doing the following exercises on a lower body day when traveling at a hotel that has this machine.


Client Spotlight:

Friend spotlight:

When I first began CROF, I’d get tons of supportive texts from my friends “Daring to Move.” Last weekend I received one from my college buddy Craiger. He was waling outside in a snowstorm and texted our group “Dare to Move Baby!”

But his text came after a conversation we had the night before in Chicago. Craiger said I need to make some Men’s Dare to Move shirts in 2017, so I need your help, guys!! He wants long sleeve. What would YOU want?!? #daretomove

Cara’s Gainz!!

Below is my client Cara who is KILING her Dare to Eat program. She’s down almost 4 pounds in 8 weeks, but the scale has constantly been up and down. Luckily, she understand how finicky the scale can be, especially when strength training is involved. She’s in it for the long haul. Her commitment is inspiring. Three weeks ago she began Dare to Move and I ran into her last week during her lifting session. I’m so proud of her! Way to go, Cara!!




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