What a beautiful morning in Boston!!

Happy almost mid- August. Can you believe it is “back to school” time? I can’t!

There is a LOT of good info in this week’s update so don’t read to quickly!

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Personal Updates:

I started the week off right with heavy deadlifts and the BEACH!! I had never been to a beach in Boston and was thankful to go with my good college friend Candace and her roommate Rose.


One of the best parts of my week (besides the excellent weather) was  getting to see TWO of my clients in person this week!

First, on Thursday Laura was in from Chi-Town and we went to Trident for an extended lunch. We talked life, podcasts, nutrition, men, dating and more life stuff. She is an incredible person and I am SO glad I got to see her. We met in Chicago just after she had moved there and just before I left for Boston.

LauraThen on Friday it randomly happened that my client from Erin from Ohio was on Newbury Street and was finishing up lunch. We met for a coffee at  Trident too! I was thankful to meet Erin’s BFF who lives in Boston and her lovely boyfriend Mitch. Erin used to take my spin classes at Miami of Ohio religiously. It was so good to be able to see her again and give her a BIG hug!


This week marked “15 weeks out” for my #BikiniPrep. I sent a summary email to the #daretomove Motivator list describing my every move.

After tracking literally everything for two weeks and seeing it all laid out, I was able to see trends and averages in total calorie intake, bodyweight, training, protein consumption, fat consumption and carb consumption.

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The past two weeks I stayed near maintenance, my deficit was under 1,000 each week. Not huge.

I lifted only four days each week! See below for training.


Sunday: Heavy Deadlifts + lunges + hip thrusts

I took two videos for you of my deadlifts so you can see me from the front and the side.

I ended up PRing on the final set, I went for 215 and did 4 reps!

I switched up lunges this week from constant tension reverse lunges to walking lunges with a heavier barbell on my back.

Monday: Paused Squats + Push Presses + bodyweight max-out

I woke up again at 115 pounds and decided to start there for my paused back squats in this new program. I did sets of 6 reps and will most definitely by increasing my weight this coming week.

It has been since April that I worked on push pressing. Back then I was doing sets of 2 and 3 reps. I maxed out at 110 pounds. Now, to get the groove back I started by doing 5 sets of 5 at 75 pounds. It was tough! I supersetted the push presses with bicep curls because I have a lot of work to do there for the show.

After those I tested my max with bodyweight chin-ups. Last February I did 14 in a row and I was curious where I am at because I haven’t been working on them much.

I got 11 reps.

I am OK with this for now because Sunday was a very low calorie day and I did bicep curls just before it.

Tuesday: Taught at Barry’s + took a Cyc Class with Keoni and the Cyc crew

At Barry’s this week I decided to bring back the “hustle drill;” it had been a while. With this drill we were able to work on power development in the upperbody while running. People forget to bring their arms into the game when it comes time to sprint and this drill really encourages the upper body to come into play.

This is a blended video below of me doing it at a slower speed (6.7 and then a faster speed 8.8).

Wednesday: Got on stage with Keoni!

On Wednesday Keoni asked me to be hi “Hype Girl” and I rode on stage with him in one of the GREATEST PRODUCTIONS (I mean “rides,” EVER).

The only thing I REGRET this week is NOT getting a photo on stage with him. It was incredible. He kicked my ass. We lived. The theme was dance party. My quads were sore until yesterday.

Here’s Keoni, in case you haven’t ever had him at Barry’s Bootcamp or Cyc.



Thursday: Barry’s Bootcamp (partial class)

I took Co-Owner Dustin Martin’s Hardcore Abs class and we crushed dynamic mode. I especially loved the standing windmills we did with the longer lever planks. See videos in “Exercise Video of the Week” section.

Friday: Heavy Squat Day

The video here is terrible quality but I am posting it because it is eye-opening to realize how much I skimmed on depth. My quads were still screaming at me from Barry’s and Cyc but I needed to get the squats in. I did 155 for 3 sets of 8 and a back off set at 135for depth specifically after watching this video.

Afterward I did heavy hip thrusts and single weighted chins with 40 pounds.

Saturday:  Walking/rest


This week I went out to eat four times! I went two Trident twice, Sweet Green once and an italian place another time.

Going into Trident lunches and Sweet Greens was no different than any other meal. I have my go to items that keep me 100% on track.

My Trident go-to is the Tofu Scramble. I add Egg whites, spinach, red onion and broccoli. The biggest difference with going out to Trident in my macros for me is that I add avocado on the side so I have slightly higher fat on those days.

At Sweet Green I make sure that I have an extra 120 calories to spare for the dressing because it would be a shame to go there and NOT enjoy the dressing.

It is ALL about planning and having no guilt.

As far as dinner at an italian place goes, it went really well. I was chatting a lot so I didn’t think too much about eating. I had some great shrimp (ate all of it) a few mussels and some bites of an incredible risotto. The only reason my day turned into a higher calorie day was due to having two cocktails.

Looking forward I will not omit alcohol completely for a while. I was able to keep a VERY slight deficit this week and train hard which is exactly what I had to do to be “on fleek” this week.

I stayed true to my “eggs ‘n oats” obsession this week– I added a drizzle of blueberry syrup on top. So good!

Here was my mid week 15 photo I am using in an article that will be out tomorrow!

week 15

This photos does have a filter. This was taken at 5 p.m. after eating all day.

Here is my “end of weeks 16 and 15” photo:


This photo has no filter. Taken first thing in the morning.

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What I am Reading:

1. 10 Thoughts on core stability training via Eric Cressey

2. The intricacies of Weight Cutting with George Lockhart via BloodyElbow.com

3. Move Better with Hip Prying via Skill of Strength

4. IIFYM video by Alan Aragon

5. Grilling Meat and Cancer via Precision Nutriton

6. Lose Fat by Building Muscle via Bryan Krahn

7. 10 Nutrients you can get from animal foods via Authority Nutrition

8. Police Officers should workout with Kettlebells via Police One

9. Foam Rolling and Self Myofascial Release via S&C Research

10. 3 Bang for your buck mobility exercises for bigger lifts via Mobility 101

11.  Training Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them via Juggernaut Strength

12. The Hip Joint and Why We Can’t All Squat the Same via The PTDC

13. Overcoming a Fat Loss Plateau via JMax Fitness

14. Fixing Bad Pushups via The PTDC

Exercise Video of the Week: Standing Windmill + Longer Lever Plank

After doing these exercises in my classes at Barry’s and Dustin’s class, I was feeling my core on Friday. Seriously. So many feels.

Kneeling windmill: As you can see I am bringing my elbow all the way to the ground for greater mobility. I have very good flexibility and mobility already so doing this exercise helps me work on it more. This is not a move beginners should try. For beginners, only each your left hand to the ground, not the elbow. This is a movement in the Turkish Get Up, and by focusing only on this one aspect you can really groove that movement while getting extra core-work in. Notice how I lower my glutes down toward my feet as I drop my elbow. Keep your eyes on the kettlebell the entire time. Squeeze the hand and lock out your arm.

Standing Windmill: This is a variation we did in Dustin’s class this week and to me it feels a lot like triangle pose in yoga. Everytime I do triangle pose in yoga I feel my entire side body. I really enjoyed this exercise so I thought I’d share it with you. Make sure when you do this you angle your toes to the corner opposite of the arm overhead. Then, stick your glutes back and slightly bend your knees. Keepy our eyes on the weight the entire time. Youc an do both windmills effectively without weight.

Longer Lever Plank: This is a move Dustin had in class and one which has also recently been demonstrated by Syatt Fitness. It’s a great way to expose the abs only and not use the entire core. In a hard style plank you squeeze everything: lats, glutes, inner thighs, etc. in this variation of plank you have your armpits behind your elbows so the lats are NOT involved. Then, relax your glutes and everything BUT your abs.

Do 5 windmills per side followed by 3 20 sec plank holds with 5-10 second breaks between planks (3-5 rounds).

Client Spotlights:

My girl Erin, (who you saw above) is literally SO CLOSE to the 200lb deadlift club. She hit 195 for reps this week! Check it out! She can taste it!


Then, my client Meredith got two chin-ups in a row on Tuesday and came back with vengeance on Thursday and got 3 reps!! Go Meredith!

My client Sheehan is just finishing week 9 of her program and here are her 8 week progress photos she sent me at the beginning of this week! She is seriously killing it with her numbers! I couldn’t be more proud! Go, Sheehan!!!

Sheehan prep



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