Happy Monday everyone!

My weekend was filled with laughs, old friends, new friends and a whole lot of sunshine! Hope you had a great weekend!


Check out today’s update to ready about my #bikiniprep, what the #Daretoeat Group clients are eating in week 1, how I’m training and some client training videos!

Also, if you like line dancing, I found out that Loretta’s has line dancing on Tuesday nights– and it’s finished by 9:30 so you can be in bed early (if you’re a grandma like me!) So if you want some low impact movement post-dinner, head on over and hit the dance floor; I’ll probably be back tomorrow! #daretomove




This week was a higher volume, lower intensity week. After a heavy week two weeks ago (DL 240s, squat 200, bench 105) I decided to go light on everything this week and push the amount of reps completed.

**Note: I take two days when I do absolutely nothing, to recover fully and therefore be able to train intensely the next time I’m in the gym. Also notice that I kept it very simple, most training days had only 4 exercises.

Monday: Deadlift

205, 4×5 touch and go

  • 1.5 RDL with 155, 3×5
  • Stiff leg, greater ROM 100, 3×5
  • bent over row 3×8 with 60
  • reverse crunches

Tuesday: 4 exercise total-body circuit

  • heavy weighted chin-up 4 sets of 1 at 40 pounds. (failed at 45 pounds)
  • circus dumbbell presses 3/arm (4 sets)
  • back tucks, four flips
  • 1.5 goblet squats 4×10

Wednesday: bench press (4 exercise circuit)

  • 85 pounds for 4×6 reps
  • quarter crawling push-ups to 2 push ups (3 rounds = 1 set; did 4 sets) (video below)
  • machine chest press (4×8)
  • machine row (4×8)

Thursday: rest

Friday: back squat 

  • Squat 165 4×8
  • weighted step-ups with double racked 16kg bells, 4x5xleg
  • paused back squat, 115 for 5 reps
  • banded hip extensions
  • L-chin-ups for sets of 5 (video below)

Happy Friday! Here's the drill that got me through squats! Gotta have something to look forward to!! #daretomove

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Saturday: Cardio, via track workout and stair walking

Track workout:

  • jog one lap
  • two laps of jog curves, sprint straights
  • one 600 m run
  • one 400 m “push” (faster run)
  • 200 m sprint
  • two laps of jog curves, sprint straights

total: 8 laps, two miles

Then we walked the stairs, completing half of the stadium.

IMG_0214 (1)

Sunday: rest




Last week I carried on my Subway salad addiction, utilizing my own salad dressing at home. I ate at Whole Foods four times and had oatmeal everyday. The biggest difference last week was my morning oatmeal ingredients: I used real syrup and butter, (no spray butter or sugar free butter).

Things I did not track: cream in coffee, olive oil used on veggies from Whole Foods.

My weight actually did not change this week, but the scale weight may or may not be attributed to eating more salt than usual. I was particularly hot and sweaty last week and craving salt. The scale ready 125.2 every single day.

Interestingly enough, my 14-weeks out and 16-weeks out photos show a pretty dramatic difference from the back, despite not seeing a big jump in the scale. From the front I look no different, so I didn’t feel the need to post a photo. The lack of change on the scale after 3 weeks isn’t really bothering me though, it’s only been 3 weeks and this is exactly what happened last fall too 🙂


Read on to see my calorie counts and macros this week, each day highlighted by something I ate “out” no in my own kitchen. Hopefully these will inspire you to stay on track AND find things you love on-the-go!

I want to demonstrate that I EAT, I indulge, AND I stay on track. I like to color outside the lines, so here is how I made it through the week without meal prepping at all– the only thing I ate at home each day was my protein shake and oatmeal!

Monday: 2100 calories 29% p, 28% f, 43% c

treat/snack/ interesting meal: Broad beans! low fat, 7 grams of protein and 100 calories!


Tuesday: 1500 cals, 44% p, 20% f, 36% c

treat/snack/ interesting meal: roasted veggies and turkey kabobs from Bacco’s Fine Foods in Back Bay

***Wasn’t able to know how much olive oil was used, but due to activity level, (teaching two Barry’s classes, one Cyc Fitness class and lifting), it didn’t matter. Plus, I went line dancing!

Wednesday: 1327 cals, 46% p, 21% f, 34% c

treat/snack/ interesting meal: I had an amazing green shake from Juice in Chestnut Hill. Instead of almond butter, however, I opted for spinach because the hemp seeds and hemp protein had a significant amount of fat already. I tracked the shake by simply adding in the ingredients in guesstimated portions that came out to the total calorie count on the menu, minus the almond butter. The photo was on snapchat! Ended up forgetting to track some gummy bears I ate in a meeting.

Thursday: Unable to track, guessing 2100, indulgent dinner at Orinoco!

If you haven’t been here, you have GOT to go to. The quaint place with great windows sits in a beautiful south end neighborhood setting and has quick, friendly service. There I had the best pork arepa I’ve ever had, 1 bacon wrapped date, juicy chicken and mahi-mahi. SO GREAT!

Friday: 1636 cals, 52% p, 19% f, 29% c

treat/snack/ interesting meal: I had my favorite ONE bar, birthday cake flavor and also some amazing low cal shrimp salad from Whole Foods!

Saturday: 1600 (over-estimated guesstimate) 50% p, 20% f, 31% c

treat/snack/ interesting meal: I had 1/2 of a vodka soda and indulged in swordfish tacos at Loco. This week I had to only eat ONE of the tortilla, in 16&15 weeks out I ate both tortillas. I also counted my chips (8 chips) and had a few bites of roasted cauliflower.

Sunday: 1367 cals, 43% p, 22% f, 35% c

treat/snack/ interesting meal: Protein Fluff Vanilla Maple frosting butter (with protein-200 cals) onto of 1 pint of arctic zero! 250 cals total and it tasted like cookie dough ice cream! Expert tip, for 15 extra calories add sugar free creamer to soften the arctic zero and better stir in the nut butter!

This week I will be receiving cake-batter flavored egg whites and protein doughnuts! Stayed tuned for my review next week!

What I’m Reading:

  1. Mind-boggling bullshit of health and fitness via Nia Shanks
  2. Letting Go of These Two Words Will Make You More Powerful via Girls Gone Strong
  3. The Power of Sleep via Precision Nutrition
  4. I went a year without a rest day via Go Fit U
  5. What you MUST know about strength training and getting older via Girls Gone Strong
  6. Even More Reasons Why Athletes Should Eat Carbs via Tony Gentilcore



Kym grabbed these on-the-go to hit her macros and satisfy her sweet tooth without packing on too many calories! Kym and #daretoeat approved!


This was Leakhena’s BBQ pork and lime-cauliflower rice! I think the idea of making cauliflower lime flavored is an excellent alternative to adding butter to oil!


Robyn made these Ham and egg muffins in a muffin tin! She said all she did was put one slice of ham in the tin, one egg and 1/3 cup of egg whites with salt and pepper to taste! #daretoeat


This is Bani’s sweet-tooth fix! She added 1/2 scoop Tripact chocolate protein powder to 1/2 cup of greek yogurt with 1 tbsp of chocolate peanut butter PB2! YUM!

Client Spotlight(s):

The couple that deadlifts together….

It sure was a Happy Birthday week for her, Sarah hit 165 for 5 this week! She also PRed in her back squat!!! She is relentless with her training and her drive inspires me daily! Way to go Sarah! Happy Birthday Week!

Carlos enjoys the conventional deadlift style and little do you know, he is hyper mobile! Check out his deadlifts below, and then his skin-the-cat drill! So impressive! Go Carlos!!!

Meg hit a new VOLUME PR this week, crushing 185 for 5 reps, (I only filmed the 165) and then hip thrusting 205 for 5 reps, BANDED! Go Meg! Side note– she also did two unassisted chin-ups last week!!!




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