Happy Sunday!

And, happy month of August!!

For me August has always been a refreshing time. I loved getting “back-to-school” stuff as a kid, shopping for some fall clothes, (hello Nordstrom anniversary sale), and looking forward to football season.

My first piece of exciting news is that I will no longer be doing real-estate development by the end of this month.

Many of you know that my real-estate development job is what moved me here last summer and now, our gas station client is slowing down coincidently right as CROF is picking up! It is the perfect storm to pursue my dream full-on!

Woo! I could not be more excited.


Unfortunately with the high of going into my new fitness only lifestyle, it was a very tough week.

On Monday I felt like I was treading water in the deep end and someone tossed me a kettlebell instead of a life raft! My car broke down, my credit card misplaced and  personal stress in my relationship were killing me.

But I will tell you a secret, the people and the energy in the classrooms of the 12 classes I taught this week seriously reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for and how amazing this life is!

Every single athlete I was in contact with killed it this week at Barry’s, at Cyc, and at Titan barbell; they lifted me up even though I am always trying my best to lift them up. Thanks for the positive vibes, athletes!

good vibes

This week in the  Crossroads of Fitness #daretomove community we talked about being lazy. We spoke reviewed my most recent article, “The Lazy Man’s Fat Loss Plan: how to do less and lose more over time.” I had a lot of great feedback! If you want in on the conversation, joing the #Daretomove Motivator and you will get the weekly emails with new updates, thought provoking emails!

This week I announced via the newsletter that I am now offering a 1 time macro consultation for people who want nutrition guidance, but do not want a full time coach or have the money to spend on one. Message me with subject line “macro consult” for more details!


Personal Updates:

I had to unfortunately forgo a trip to San Juan islands with my family this week. They look great here (Hunter missed out on this photo) due to my teaching schedule now that I am full time fitness. Some day I hope to get to San Juan, follow @woodnation or @_downbytheriver for photo updates!


Many of you know that I wanted to compete in a second powerlifting meet in October. Unfortunately I learned this week that it is already sold out.


However there is a bikini competition down the street form my apartment in Boston on November 14th. This past week was 16 weeks out…. what better timing!

I am going to continue with my powerlifting training, only modifying it slightly to compete in bikini in November.

I cannot wait!!

The first step is believing in yourself. I know I got this. For the first time in a while my self-efficacy is 100% there.

Here is my 16 weeks out photo:

16 wks out

Since I began my Getting Lean(er) challenge I am down two pounds and 1 cm around my waist. My face has leaned out slightly and I will be honest, it feels like the pace of my progress has been slower than a snail.

I am active and I can’t always get as much sleep as I need so the changes felt really insignificant. I wanted to see progress every day and it wasn’t happening. It took me 9 weeks to lose that 1 cm on my waist and to have two pounds come off on the scale consistently. However after taking a second to get out of my own head I was able to see that I HAVE made progress. I tis just very difficult to see it on yourself. I am so thankful that i never gave up in those 9 weeks. Fat loss takes TIME.

If you are interested in my #bikiniprep please sign up for the newsletter. When I release the CROF Weekly Update each week I will reveal my calorie intakes, weight fluctuations, nuances in training and mental preparation.


Sunday: Upper Body Day

  • overhead presses
  • heavy chest press with a pause
  • incline chest press
  • 4 second eccentric chin ups neutral grip
  • alternating hammer curls
  • preacher curls

Monday: deadlifts and squats

I was able to PR on Monday and I WISH I had filmed. I hit 210 for three sets of 5 reps. I slowed down my set up a TINY bit and had my lovely pink belt on for extra support.

Next week on the Weekly Update I will share more deadlift videos.

When I went on to squats I simple did 135 for 8 reps three times. I was still sore from 175 for 8 on Friday.

Tuesday: I taught Cyc Fitness spin class and tested my cluster chin up and heavy KB chins

I first pulled the 4 lb dumbbell, then the 45. Then I did 3 sets of 2-2-2 with 20 pounds.

Here is the final cluster set:

Wednesday: took a Cyc class and tested my 1 RM for the front squat.

I was 115 pounds on Tuesday and wondered to myself….. Could I lift myself?

The last time I front squated I was maybe hitting 105 for three reps.

I tried 115 and nailed it for a single, then went back and hit three reps. I am going to do them again this week.

Thursday: Rest + taught  four Barry’s classes, one Cyc class

Friday: Taught at Achieve Fitness + Squat day

I was a bit tired after all of the teaching all day Thursday but nevertheless, after teaching at Achieve I wanted to squat.

In order to ensure I hit depth I used  box.

I did three sets at 155 pounds and boy were the tough!

My camera died after the 5th rep and I left the part showing my belt coming undone to remind you all: make sure you secure your belt!!!! I am so thankful it didn’t pop open DURING the squat.

After squats I did:

  • hip thrust
  • hamstring curls
  • double KB front squats
  • double swings
  • hanging leg raises

Saturday: rest day + teaching at Barry’s


This week with nutrition I had static calorie numbers Monday through Thursday all averaging out to about 1400. Some days were higher, other days were lower but the average for the four days was 1400. Friday was a high day (1800) and Saturday was 1600. Today will be 1200.

Until 12 weeks out I am going to stick around these numbers.

Again, if you want to know more about my prep I will be sharing the war in which I track my progress via the #Daretomove motivator!

This week due to teaching a LOT, I had a few more quest bars than normal and I had more carbs via Eggs and Oats 🙂

I also had some Kix cereal until I realized it wasn’t exactly GF! It was good while it lasted though!

This week I drank on Friday night with some good friends from Achieve Fitness. I will not eliminate alcohol or worry about having some drinks once per week until week 12.


One other thing I have loved this week are sautéed mushrooms! They fill me up and go with pretty much anything 🙂

What I am Reading:

1. The Evidence Supports Artificial Sweeteners over sugar via NY Times

2. 20 Nutrition Facts that Should be Common Sense via Authority Nutrition

3. Inverted Row: the right and wrong via Matt Rossignol

4. How Lifters can Uleash Athletic Power via Tony Gentilcore

5. Fat Loss for New Moms via Girls Gone Strong

6. Women and Lifting: The Trust Revealed via Ryan Wood

7. Core Training with Kettlebells via Girls Gone Strong

8. Cycling to Extremes via Velo News

9. Hey Vogue Magazine, Thanks for Setting Women’s Fitness Back a Few Decades via Tony Gentilcore

10. How to get your clients to really stick to their diets via Evidence Mag

11.  10 Deadbug Variations: Why, Coaching Cues and Program Considerations via LaVack Fitness

12. 7 Better Ways to Lift for Fat Loss via Target Focus Fitness

13. 10 Principles of Weight Loss via The Strength House

14. How protein can Hhelp you lose weight via Authority Nutrition

Exercises Video(s) spotlight:

Today I am releasing the CROF Free Workout for August. The videos below demonstrate a few of the exercises in the workout. If you want the full workout in the exact order,  with set and rep schemes etc, sign up for the #Dretomove motivator and you will get it!

1) Single leg squat to box using counter balance

I love this exercise because it builds confidence. Anytime you do single leg work I think half the battle is the fear of sitting backwards while balancing on one leg. In reality, you have the strength. It takes the confidence to move backwards without being able to see wha toyu are doing. Try squatting to a high box and using a counter balance like a light kettlebell or dumbbell. As you get really good at these, begin to use a lower box. Do 8-10 reps per leg.

2) The kneeling press

This exercise is a really good way to practice your strict press. By kneeling you can ensure a neutral spine and remove any push pressing tendencies. I often notice clients push pressing when they should be strict pressing on reps 6,7,8 as they start to fatigue.  You might have to drop the weight slightly but try and get 6 to 8 reps per arm. Kneeling will make you feel more grounded and it may make the exercise feel harder.

3) One and one half goblet squat

I love this exercise because it gets my heart rate up. I can never get them completed fast enough. If you are feeling like your goblet squats are getting easier lately with the current kettlebell you’ve been using, try using the same bell but doing this variation. Chances are it will push you harder with the same resistance. Make sure to go slowly and do not rush this. Make sure if there was a camera on you, you could see the distinct levels very clearly.

4) Constant tension reverse lunge

These are such a burner! I love these lunges for what they do to my booty. By moving backward I am able to really focus on putting weight in my heal and sitting back. By doing 10 in a row you get a good amount of volume and time under teniosn per leg. If you use a really heavy weight you may need to take a rest in-between legs.

5) Kettlebell high pull

This exercise is an upper body pull drill to groove the patter for the kettebell snatch. Before you can snathc you must be able to lead the bell in an upward motion with the elbow. Your chest must stay tall and proud, do not hunch forward. The lower body exemplifies the same movement patter as the kettlebell swing — the hinge pattern.


Client Spotlight: Erin is at it again!

My client Erin just started a new program cycle with me.

Here are her FIRST EVER Split Jerks!!

Go, Erin!











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