It has been a busy week guys!

Socially, professionally and personally I have been ON-THE-GO!

I accepted two new clients this week and couldn’t be more thrilled to work with them. What’s neat about my two new clients is that they are the mothers of two of my current clients. I now have three mother-daughter client pairs!

In other news, all of my clients are KILLING IT. If you need a little motivation on this Sunday morning scroll down to the bottom and you will see some HIGHLY motivating progress updates!

Last night I grabbed a fun dinner with J.B. my teammate from Cyc. Nice view from our table at Met Bar right??


If you haven’t checked out her classes in Boston, you haven’t lived. She will push you past your limits!!


Personal Updates:

This week I got eyelash extensions (as did four of my BFF’s) and I love them! Not sure if mine will last as long as your Average Joe’s considering how much I sweat– but I will keep you posted!


This coming week I am subbing two classes Tuesday night at Barry’s for Butt ‘n Legs Day and couldn’t be more thrilled! Don’t forget to sign up!

On Friday night I was fortunate to grab a yummy dinner with my friend Luca from Chicago and her adorable family! We went to Francesca’s in the North End and then Modern Pastry. If you live in Chicago and haven’t been to one of her classes at Shred415– get there! She is an amazing instructor. I miss her treadmill programming a lot! Always a great challenge!



This week marked week four of my program cycle and therefore the last week I will be doing it. However I really loved it; moving forward my sets and reps will change and some things will be tweaked, but not much.

As a reminder, (if you are not on my newsletter) I am tracking EVERYTHING and will be releasing my strength program to clients interested in the end of my entire #BikiniPrep experience.

This coming week I will be doing lower reps on the big lifts and increasing weight. I will also be doing a LOT more accessory work and higher volume drop sets to keep on building that booty.

One of the reasons I am lowering my reps is that I have been preparing for a powerlifting meet since May. However it is sold out and even though I cannot go, I am still training to test my 1 RMs in October before I severely increase my deficit to lean out. I am targeting a date of October 1st to test my lifts.


Last Saturday I did a Barry’s bootcamp class that entailed back peddling, lateral skater hops, TONS of sprints, dynamic mode and heavy chest pressing. Needless to say Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling rested for deadlifts like usual. Because of how I felt, I omitted my normal sumo deadlifts and used a trap-bar to deadlift. I did five sets of five reps and my top three sets were at 205 pounds.

Then, I increased my Sumo RDLs to 155 pounds this week for sets of 12.

Tuesday: Paused squats, front squats and push pressing

Tuesday I was able to hit paused back squats for sets of 6 at 135 pounds. They felt VERY heavy. Then on front squats I moved up my top set to 125. The front squats were hard to get through after all the glute work I did on Sunday.

My push press increased to 95 pounds for three of my five sets of five reps. I felt like a beast!

And finally I did some bodyweight dips as a random program change while waiting for the barbell at the gym. I realized after filming I was not quite going low enough!

Wednesday: Cyc+ Bench

My bench felt AMAZING this week. I hit five fives of five at 95 pounds which was strong for me.

When I really set my mind to bench (i.e. actually do it and accessory work that bodes well for bench) it takes me a long time to go up in weight. I am only benching once a week right now because my main focus is my booty, but I am happy with my progress. I hit narrow grip bench as well and then weighted-chins afterward. I hadn’t done heavy chin-ups in a weeks so I used the 30 pound kettlebell and did 3 sets of 3.

Thursday: rest + taught four classes

At Barry’s I finagled a way to incorporate the palof press into my programming for the small 5 a.m. class. See video below. The palof press and modified woodchopper get my abs EVERY TIME.

Friday: HEAVY SQUAT DAY + Barry’s Bootcamp

I was able to hit 175 for the first time in four weeks! I was a bit scared squatting without a spotter so I only did sets of four, but man! It felt so great to be back.

I also hit some fast reps at 135 and 155 belt-less shown below.

On Friday I did Emily Susen’s class at Barry’s with a friend in a really FUN way. One of us started on the floor and one on the treadmill. You would think that it would be pointless to go with a friend and not workout next to them…but it’s not. What we did was compete for the most mileage. My friend started on the treadmill and would tell me how far he went after the round. Then I would get onto the treadmill with a mileage goal in mind to beat. It made Barry’s even more difficult than usual. I think my total mileage for the day was just around 2.5 miles, we did 12 minute rounds with active recoveries like rowing.

Saturday: REST


This week was weird for me mentally. As you all know I am prepping for a bikini competition on November 14th. This week marked 13 weeks out.

I am trying to eat at a caloric deficit but due to my activity level it gets confusing. Technically, I ate at a deficit at 585 calories this week (barely a deficit) which is fine in theory because I am lifting heavy and have 13 weeks to go. However, with all of the Cyc classes I taught this week it is weird to try and stay below maintenance.

abs 13 weeks out

I hit my lowest bodyweight yet this week yesterday at 114.2.

If you want to know my exact macros, calories intake, deficit, activity level etc (all aspects of the #bikiniprep) make sure you sign up for my #Daretomove motivator. Every two weeks I send out a summary of every single move I make with nutrition.

I always encourage my clients to take measurements and try on jeans or dress for accountability over the scale. I myself had an aha! moment with that this weekend. Last May I wore a dress for my website headshots that was absolutely unable to zip. The delicate zipper would have ripped in four parts if I had tried to force it up! This weekend the zipper went up without a problem I had to document the progress 🙂


This week was hectic and I was eating a LOT of deli meat and egg white salad from Trader Joe’s. I have a strong feeling that the crazy high amounts of sodium were affecting my weight in the beginning of the week because of what the scale showed despite my low calorie intake. The good news is that weight doesn’t really matter at this point and I feel really confident with my current progress.

My bikini came this week too! It is GETTING REAL. I practiced posing for like an entire five minutes this week (did I mention I hate posing)…. I really need to step up my posing game. The clock is beginning to tick!

13wks out

If you want to see my posing videos, my macros, and tracking system, sign up for the #Daretomove Motivator and you’ll receive updates weekly!

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Client spotlight:

Ashley #1:

My client Ashley is newly engaged, just moved to Iowa, is fixing up a house and hunting for jobs… crazy-busy right? Right. But clearly she has made nutrition a priority because in just six weeks she has lost over 8 pounds. You can see her “before photos,” progress at week four and her current week 6 progress below. She is very consistent and strategic with her numbers. She is prepping for the wedding and even though she is only halfway through her program, she cannot wait to go to her dress fitting!

ash progress

Ashley #2:

My client Ashley is very committed to her program as well. What helps her is her dedication to Barry’s Bootcamp. She goes three to four times a week and then rests on the weekends, kind of. Ashley is a musician and her weekends are jam-packed with concerts and shows. Therefore planning ahead for the weekends and working out during the week are her secret weapons! Ashley’s weight has barely dropped 5 pound in 11 weeks, however, she has lost SEVERAL inches. The best way to measure Ashely’s progress is through trying on clothes and taking measurements. She has clearly lost SEVERAL inches.jeanshortprogressJordan:

Jordan was featured a few weeks ago with a three rep chin-up PR. This week she knocked out 6 reps!! She is WELL on her way to doing 10 chin-ups! She never misses a training day and her progress is a testament to her commitment. Way to go, Jordan!!! 10 reps on deck!!



She has been making strides for six months now AND has maintained her 12 pound weight loss post #Daretoeat 12 Week Program!! After a two week vacation she walked into the gym and hit 200 pounds for three reps! Go, Erin!



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