Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a  great weekend! As for me, I layed low and wrote hard A-F.

I submitted my third submission to my editor. So far I’ve sent her 12,500 words for June, 12,500 for July and 12,500 for August.

I’m feeling very wrapped up in my writing, almost to the same degree I was last January. Not sure why, but when I’m feeling it, I don’t hold back. I write until I can’t write anymore!! My Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were spent writing.

Saturday I got to hangout with one of my best friends from college and one of my best friends in Boston to celebrate Meghan’s birthday.  Here we are at Trident after sweating at Cyc Fitness and then getting nails done 🙂


In other news the new #Daretoeat Group Program officially launched today! I’ve got 12 motivated people enrolled and I’m stoked to watch them make progress towards their fat loss goals!

As for me and my #bikiniprep I’m right on track. It’s been weird to feel “bigger” this time around, due to more muscle built over the past year, but I’m trusting the process. More on my bikini prep, including snacks, stats and emotions in the Nutrition section.

This week I’ve got a lot of great fitness reads to share and some incredible client transformations! Have a great week!



Last week was a HEAVY week. I was eating more due to huge spikes in my appetite, thanks to the time of the month. In that time I push the weight big time, or as much as my body will let me. Sometimes during this time I feel achy, but last week I felt pretty strong. Read on to see my workouts.

Monday: Deadlift

Tired or not, I was determined to hit 240 for 4 sets of 4 reps. (progress!!) Two weeks ago I was only able to hit 4 sets of 3 reps at this weight.

After the heavy sumo deadlifts separated by ample rest (4 to 5 minutes), all I had time for were speed deadlifts, hitting  8 sets of 2 deadlifts with 195.

Tuesday: front squat + heavy chins and strict presses

I typically do push-presses on Tuesdays, but for the first time in over a year I decided to go for strict presses, hitting 4×4 with 70 pounds! I had no idea what I could handle, so now I have a starting point!

Along with strict presses I did 4×8 banded front squats with 95lbs and weighted chin ups for 3 sets of 1 with the 20 kg kettlebell. I haven’t forgotten about that 24 kg chin-up, as soon as my weight goes down, it will be much easier for me to crush that number.

Here was my glute finisher, specifically trying to target the upper glute area and side booty as well 🙂

Wednesday: Bench Day

I completed 4×4 with 105 on bench press– not my best, thanks to those heavy strict presses the day before 😉

Then I did the following:

  • 3x 3-2-1 wide grip chins
  • chest press machine!! (to target pecs)with 30pounds per arm
  • 3×8 reps, row machine 40/arm for 8 reps 3 sets
  • diamond push-ups 3×6 reps

After those exercises I took the fabulous Kelly Whittaker’s Cyc class0 check her out, she slays!

Thursday: rest

Friday: back squat day

Friday I felt amazing, I felt fearless and when 155 felt fast, I knew I was going to try for 200 pounds. This will be probably the LAST super heavy squat day i have until after my bikini competition. Never say never, but I have a feeling that by this Friday I will really be feeling my caloric deficit.

I warmed up with sets of 3 reps at 95, 135, 155, 175, 190 and then did 200 for 2 reps, 2 times!

After squats I did:

  • kneeling, barbell hip extensions (3×8)
  • 8 wide pulses
  • banded frog pumps (as shown on snapchat)
  • lateral band walks 16 steps each direction)

****I moved VERY quickly through these accessory drills. Because I’m not lifting maximal loads with these drills, I focus 100% on the booty-burn feeling chasing it holding it and OWNING it. Heart rate was up big time!

Finisher: 5 sets of 10 kettlebell swings with 50 pound KB, planning to add a set or two in coming weeks.

Saturday: Cyc

Sunday: Power-walked with DOMS and stretching

Tried a bow-and arrow, inspired this old photo I found of myself.


Naturally I wanted to try it. I dare you!


Last week marked 15-weeks out from my next #bikini competition in Nashville. Reminding myself that I have the luxury of TIME, my calories were averaging at a little under 1600 every day and I tried really hard to branch out with various meals.

Monday I bought some gluten-free tortillas and ended up having a meal involving a tortilla every day!

The first creation was the “cauliflower burrito,” as shown below and documented step-by-step on snapchat (garrettwood)



I used 1/4 cup of Daiya, dairy-free cheese with my favorite Ranch seasoning, 2.5 ounces of chicken and 1/2 cup of cauliflower.


On Wednesday I had two burritos after bench pressing, totally guilt-free, they hit the spot!

Other days I used the tortillas to have one simple egg + tortilla warmed up in the microwave as a snack and to accompany my Tripact protein shakes in the morning. For some reason I was really craving eggs last week, and they paired well with the tortilla.

The third creation of last week was “Zoats.” It was my first time trying this– it’s when you mix your oatmeal (however you prepare it) with shredded/diced/chopped zucchini in order to be able to eat more volume and add fiber, without packing on a ton more calories!

I demonstrated how I made my “Zoats” on Snapchat.


In true Garrett-style I took the easy way out (or more convenient prep method) and bought already-spiralized zucchini to chop up!

Then I added 1/2 cup of chopped zucchini to 1/4 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of egg beaters and microwaved them.

I normally to 1/2 cup of oats + 1/2 cup of eggs, but with this, I basically double my portion of food, but keep the same amount of oats (1/2 cup) and keep calories low!

After you microwave it you can make it salty or sweet, depending on what you like. I add SF pancake syrup and a little butter to mine! A friend of mine adds siracha and salsa!

The treat of my week was a Gluten-Free Snickerdodle cookie from Thinking Cup! They are my favorite cookies in Boston!

This entire #bikiniprep I’m going to feature one “treat” I have each week in order to demonstrate the mental relief of Flexible Dieting 🙂

Important note: I did not drink any alcohol all in the past 10 days, so fitting in a cookie was really easy.

The final, more significant change in my daily routine last week was the addition of Subway salads! I love them!

For some reason the simple veggies + turkey and my own Bolthouse dressing was really refreshing and filling last week. It also helped me fulfill my goal of adding more vegetables and fiber into my diet. The other reason I love Subway is because with limited options I’m not tempted to add higher calorie treats onto my salad, like I would be at Sweet Green.

As for my stats, I feel EXACTLY like I did last fall– like I’m not moving at ALL  as far as progress goes.

Last fall I didn’t even take 15-weeks out photos last fall because I didn’t feel the need. However this time for accountability I took some, but they only show difference from the back angle. I store a lot of fat on my back. My weight fell from 127 to 124 last week, (likely, 127 was a weird fluke I think), and I predict I’ll be 122-123 this Friday.

My waist measurement went down 1/4 an inch and all measurements stayed the same otherwise.

I’m really excited about a few things this time around…

1) I am going to create a video montage of posing clips that show 16-15-14-etc weeks all blurred together to create a really neat transformation.

2) I’m documenting my internal thoughts, kind of like a diary, of when I feel really good and really bad that will let you in on the “dieter’s mindset.” I also love doing this because it helps me feel like I relate more to my clients. I love working on the mental side of this, the more I can work on my mindset and positive energy I can help others do the same!

What I’m Reading:

  1. How to Take A Food Vacation and Enter the Gray Zone via Strength Despite Size
  2. The Myths of Intermittent Fasting for Weightloss via Positive Health Wellness
  3. 13 Training Tips to Relieve Knee Pain via Bach Performance
  4. I Don’t Care What You Kids Want to Eat via Dr. Spencer
  5. The Forgotten and Often Overlooked Cause of Low Back Pain via Tony Gentilcore
  6. 7 Things I learned getting to 10% Bodyfat and How You Can Do it Too via Ryan Wood Training
  7. Throwback Thursday: My First Big Contest via B Dimez Training
  8. Overcoming the Fitness and Fitness Trainer Motivation Blues via Bach Performance

Client Spotlights:

Kayce’s progress:

SK progress


My client Kayce deserve a spotlight this week because although she is still in her 12-week program, she has made some incredible strides. In just six weeks you can see that she has come a long way. I love having her in class at Barry’s Bootcamp, her energy is unparalleled. She’s very serious about crushing her goals and is very consistent with her tracking, despite travel and summertime parties/festivities! Way to go Kayce!!

Sarah’s Progress:

IMG_0113  IMG_0114

Sarah has been working on fat loss for 17 weeks now. She has stayed VERY consistent with nutrition and she’s super motivated in the gym. After her first 12 #Daretoeat Program I informed her about how the rate of progress tends to slow down anytime after 8-12 weeks of dieting and she may not expect to lose 1/2 to 1 pound a week going into her second cycle. Sarah didn’t care, all she knew was that she wasn’t going to give up and she was going to throw her self entirely into the endeavor of getting stronger. We met and went over her lifts, and let me tell you, this lady is strong A-F. She’s deadlifting 155 for reps, back squatting 130 and killing the chin-up game. As she’s gotten stronger and stronger her progress has actually continued at that faster rate, leaving her another 3 pounds down in week 6 of her second cycle. SO PROUD OF YOU, SARAH!!!

Kelly’s Progress:


IMG_1428  IMG_1427


IMG_0183     IMG_0184

Kelly just completed her second Dare to Eat 12-week cycle. Like Sarah, I warned Kelly about the rate of progress slowing down, and encourage her to set strength goals other than simple scale goals. She committed to getting stronger and getting into the gym to prioritize strength more frequently and successfully lost 1.25 inches from each arm, 3 inches from her thighs, 5.5 inches from her chest,  6inches from her hips, and one inch from her neck!! On the scale she lost 20 pounds. She is the first person to ever lose 20 pounds total on Dare to Eat! WAY TO GO KELLY!

Words from Kelly: “I loved Dare to Eat because nothing was off limits. I ate my favorite ice cream throughout the program, just not everyday. I loved learning about flexible dieting because I love to cook. I make all of my own food so it was nice to be able to make all of the things I love, but just work on fitting them into my day, based on what I was craving.”

So Proud of you Kelly!


I have four former Dare to Eat clients enrolled in the Group summer-fall Dare to Eat program! It is exciting because they can be leaders amongst the new comers in the group. One of my return clients write the following in her goal/eval sheet for Cycle 2, and I thought I would share because it made me smile 🙂

Annelise quote:

“A few months ago I would have definitely said yes, but I’ve gotten much less worried about this since the 6 week program. My stress fracture this spring and the last Dare to Eat program helped me realized that life goes on even when I can’t workout. I really like to exercise a lot, but I’ve worked at not thinking of working out as a way to control weight.”






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