Hi Everyone!!

This week was the most fun-busy week I have had in a LONG time.

I was able to work on my mini-golf skills in the suburbs, collaborate with a new friend on re-designing Crossroads of Fitness, scope out some new bacon and even see one of my college friends.


Here’s me looking out of the cute mini-golf course.

I am now a “bacon of the month” clubber and this month I received an interesting few types of bacon– one of which was “Bacon Steaks.” As an official bacon connoisseur (being a bacon of the month clubber gives you that title) I feel a large responsibility to talk about good bacon when I see it. Here you have a succulent Bacon Steak brand that you MUST try:

bacon steak

These actually have 18 grams of fat in them per serving–for what special occasions would you save them?

The theme of my week and theme of the week on the #Daretomove Motivator list was “Imagine everyone is plotting in your favor.”

This saying is a mindset trick that helps keep us positive and work on positive self talk en lieu of always assuming the worst of ourselves but the worst of others around us.

Honestly I try and channel my innermost diva when I practice this mindset trick. For example, pretending everyone is plotting in your favor requires #positiveselftalk aka: telling yourself you hair is on fleek, reminding yourself you are strong and working really hard to keep out all negative thoughts — none allowed!

Along with the “imagine everyone is plotting in your favor” mentality, we also discussed how to to change perspective in life when it throws you a good plot twist (something unexpected).

Mindset is crucial for success in so many things so discussing how mindset can apply to life’s daily battles was something I wanted to hit on this week. If you are looking for mindset help, sign up for the newsletter! This coming week we are discussing authenticity.

I hope you guys enjoy ALLLLLL the material this weekend. Have a relaxing day!

Personal Updates:

This coming week I will be teaching a LOT. I am on the Cyc Fitness schedule five times, Barry’s schedule about eight times and I am also excited to announce that I will be subbing a kettlebell class at Achieve Fitness tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. Come one, come all!

This week I began working on some new material for my website’s look! I cannot wait to show you what is in store… stay tuned!

I learned this week that I am actually a pretty great mini-golfer. Yes, this is a new type of swing demonstrated below, created by  yours truly.

minigI took on three new clients this week and couldn’t be more excited for these new #daretoeat members!

I have decided that despite NOT being able to compete in the RPS Powerlifting meet October 24th, I am still going to test my own 1 rep maxes in the gym by myself on October 24th for accountability. I have ben training for a while and really want to see where I can get with my maxes.

Here are my current numbers:

Deadlift: 235

Squat: 175 (for 8 reps… unsure of 1PM)

Bench: 110

This week I started a two-part series featuring “Six Diet things I stopped stressing about.” This week’s topics were Sugar, Salt and Carbs.”hqdefault.jpg

Watch the videos and see the article here.

Next week we will talk about Fat, Vegetables and Meal Times.

The last minor update in my life is that I worked on posing this week for the NPC Bikini Contest I will be doing on November 14th. This week was 14 weeks out. The first time I practiced was 16 weeks out and this week I was determined to improve. Let me tell you, posing it is HARD.



Sunday: Deadlifts and Booty work

I was quite sore on Sunday but absolutely determined to pull 225 for 3 reps. It had been since June that I had pulled 225 for three reps. I was eager to try it.

The first video was such a poor angle I did a second set here are both videos:

After the DLs I did Sumo RDLs with only 135 this week. Last week I hit 145, but after the heavy deadlifts 145 felt too heavy for 12 reps.

I also continued working on the walking lunges en lieu of reverse lunges. I hit single leg hip thrusts and then finished with clam shell pop-ups and squat jumps. Booty burn complete!

Monday: Paused squats, push presses and chin ups

I increased my paused squats from 115 last week to 120 this week.

Then I did front squats dropping weight every set from 120 to 115, to 110 and then did AMRAP with 95 pounds for the fourth set shown here (8 reps):

This week I also increased my push press to 80 pounds for 5 sets of 5 reps, still working on grooving that pattern after months off of push pressing and did 3 sets of 5 chin ups with biceps.

Tuesday: Upper Body Bench + Cyc Class

I am back on 5×5 for benching to build more strength. I hit two top sets of 90 pounds Wednesday and felt strong.

After the 5×5 bench I did narrow grip bench presses super-setted with lat pull downs, tricep work and abs.

Wednesday: Cyc Class + Barry’s Class + Bicep work

Here is a video I made at Barry’s from a move I taught twice this week. This is a power development drill to work on explosive hips through glute power. I learned this from Syatt Fitness last January.

Thursday: Taught classes + Heavy squat day

I was incredibly exhausted from early morning wakeups this week but feared on Friday I wouldn’t have time to lift so I went in and had to get it all done Thursday morning. Hitting 155 for 2 sets of 8 was HARD. and the 3rd set I hit 135 for 8. On the fourth set I dropped to 95pounds and did 15 reps.

After back squats I did speed deadlifts (11 sets of 2 this week at the same old 185 pounds). Then, I did the following circuit:

Friday: rest day

Saturday: Barry’s Bootcamp class with Nicole.


This week I calorie wise I stayed more around maintenance calories if you were to look at the exact numbers themselves. However, based on all of the activity I did, I know that I was still in a deficit.

My bodyweight was actually slightly higher on average this week but that is okay at this point. As I have said from the beginning I do not plan on increasing my deficit to drastically until I am less than 12 weeks out

At this point I am just finished with 14 weeks out. At the end of this coming 13 weeks out week, I will be sending my second, complete summary to the #Daretomove Motivator with all my macros, training logs, average weight and more. If you want to get in on all of the specifics sign up at the bottom or side of this page 🙂

New to the diet this week was ham. I haven’t eaten ham in a very long time and this week it was lovely. I also added in some wine one night.

There was one specific night wherein I was absolutely starving but knew I had already had more than I needed for the day (this is what happens when you get up at 3:45 a.m.) so here is what I resolved to do:


This week I was also a fan of sautéed mushrooms again, I found them to be the most filling, nutrient dense snack of my week. When I cook them I add in turmeric, garlic, celery seed and paprika to get some spices in as well.

What I am reading:

1. It’s Not You It’s Me via Skill of Strength

2. Reaching Versus Shrugging via Robertsone Training Systems

3. 5 Lessons Learned from training low back pain via Eric Cressey

4. 5 Fake Health Foods that are Killing Your Fat Loss via Healthy Living Heavy Lifting

5.  5 Reasons you have tight hamstrings via Eric Cressey

6. Fixing Bad Pushups via The PTDC

7. Preventing Shoulder Injuries and Developing Overhead Pressing via Hybrid Perspective

8. 26 Evidence Based Weight Loss Tips via Authority Nutrition

9. Examining Meal Plans: Could this one make you fat? via Precision Nutrition

10. 12 Loaded Carries with Kettlebells via Strong Made Simple

11. Rethinking Your Warmup on Squat, Bench and Deadlift Day

12. Do Cardio, Keep You Gains via T-Nation

13. Finishers do more than finish you via Tony Gentilcore

14. Is Spot Reduction Really Possible via Sohee Fit

Exercise of the month: dumbbell deadlift at Barry’s

Here are a few cues to help ensure that you use the best form even when you are using lighter weight for high reps at a Barry’s Bootcamp class:

Why do this exercise:

  • Targets total body
  • Engages the glutes and patterns the hip hinge movement
  • requires lat recruitment and engaging the core
  • if you use incredibly heavy dumbbells your grip will be challenged
  • my favorite exercise 😉


  • Squeeze your glutes at the top
  • pick the weights of carefully like Megan demonstrates in the video
  • brace your abs
  • keep your chest tall and proud
  • Imagine you are doing the “bend and snap”
  • If you are doing these at home with dumbbells, try doing 3 sets of 10.

Client Spotlight(s):

This week My amazing client Meredith sent me her week 8 progress photo updates. She has lost just over 10 pounds and has been strength training very seriously. She lifts about three times a week, has completed to sprint triathlons during her program and even does running club once per week… talk about a hybrid athlete!

Last week I showed you her first ever pull-up PR when she got three reps! This week I want to reveal her progress update because it is no wonder she can do three pull ups now! She has made huge strides thus far!

Go, Mere!


This week my client Ashley sent me her new favorite nutrition piece: the Fat Out Wraps. They are helping her stay on track because they offer 28 grams of protein per serving. She has been eating them at lunch or at dinner. If you want to Try them, find them here!


Special offer:

This week I wrote “Ode to Protein Powder” (and if you are on my #daretomove motivator you received an actual ode) to help you figure out whether or not you should be taking a protein powder as a supplement.

Often times I have clients ask me if they “need to take protein to lose weight.” And, simply adding it in just because is not always the answer for fat loss. Protein powder should be a tool to use to increase protein intake (if that is your goal) strategically if you cannot get enough through whole food consumption.

If you are wondering if you should consume it, see the article here.

I personally am obsessed with Tripact Protein from Nutrologyonline.com as are most of my clients. If you are on the market for a new protein powder, go to the website and try the Tripact brand. It not only tastes amazing (literally I love it with plain water) but it has probiotics, BCAAs and super greens in it.

To try it for less, type in the coupon code: daretomove and receive 20% off!












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