Happy Monday!

I’m back from a stellar weekend in Snowmass, Colorado with my baby brother and ready to attack the week.


If it seems like I just up and left, it’s because I did. There are few times in your life (as a big sister) that your baby brother actually wants to hang out with you!! Baby YY was alone in Snowmass in-between summer school and fall semester, so I booked a flight for Aspen last second to go hang with him.

It was like the saying, “Go where you feel the most alive,” and without a doubt, Aspen makes me feel alive.

This week I am trying to NOT say the word “bro” because after hanging out with 22 year-old boys all weekend my vocabulary was quickly transforming into “Bro, dude, man that was due, bro…” Oh to be 22 and in college again….

My best attempt at the "bachelorette shot" of a girl standing in a field LOL They are always standing in fields!

My best attempt at the “bachelorette shot” of a girl standing in a field LOL They are always standing in fields!

Side note: if you haven’t been to Snowmass in the summer, it’s just as fun in the summer as it is in the winter — GO!

Today’s update has two awesome client progress updates, a little bit about how I use rest to my advantage when bikini prepping, some of my go-to snacks from last week and some great fitness reads!

Also, if you see the big cut/burn on my hand, the scrapes on my arms, bruises on my shoulders or welts and scratches on my left thigh I’m OK. I just fell a few times mountain biking, nobody is hurting me!


Also– I’m excited for a few things relating back to Chicago, (one of my fave cities)! 1) Barry’s Bootcamp is about to open in Chicago. 2) just took on three new chi-town clients and 3) my BFF Luca, (from Chicago) just moved to LA and made it through training at Barry’s Bootcamp! Congrats Luca can’t wait to visit and take a class!!



This week I was very active but as far as resistance training goes, I only lifted three times. I front loaded my training Monday through Wednesday. Read on to find out about my training and then my active rest!

Monday: deadlift day

I wanted to go heavy, but the calorie deficit from Sunday made it tough.

Here was the work out:

  • Sumo Deadlift 3×5, at 225

Three rounds of:

  • Rest then stiff legged with 100 for 12 reps
  • bodyweight hypers 16 reps
  • bent over row with 60 for 8,
  • barbell hip thrusts 225 for sets of 5

Here’s the only thing captured from the workout: these rad high waisted leggings from Cyc Fitness.


Tuesday: front squat day

Stayed lighter on front squats because I was definitely sore from deadlifts and felt my calorie deficit big time.

Here were my two circuits

  • Front Squat 115 beltless 5 sets of 5
  • push press with light mini-barbell, 70 pounds for 8
  • tricep push downs 8
  • weighted chin-ups, (3×1 with 40 pounds)


  • 4×5 chin-ups, 2 wide-grip sets, 2 neutral sets (at the end)
  • inverted rows for 6-8 reps (4 sets)
  • clam shell pop-ups (4×12/side)
  • Single-Leg Deadlift 3×8/leg

***If you follow my blog you know that I’ve been doing 40 pound chin-ups for sets of 1 for quite some time. I know that until about next week in my prep I will not break this. I need to get lighter (physically) and then that 50 pound chin-up will come back. The good news is that I ended last week lighter, thanks to a strong nutrition week. Read more in the Nutrition section. Progress takes TIME and consistent effort. Don’t stop pushing.

Wednesday: bench 

Simple short and sweet workout:

  • bench press: 95 for 4×5
  • machine chest press, tried to of heavier here but couldn’t yet
  • seated machine row 3×10


  • 3 point row with 45 pounds 3×5-6 reps
  • single-arm chest press 3×8
  • 1.5 pull-overs on a flat bench 3×6
  • narrow barbell bench press, feet elevated

Thursday: Rest and travel

Friday: Rim Trail Run + Mountain Biking

Wyatt and I started our day with a run up the Rim Trail. It took us 19:55 to get to the top with only stopping to walk about 8 times. After taking some sweet photos we ran down the trail and made it to the bottom in 10 minutes flat.

In the afternoon we went downhill mountain biking and I had more fun that I’ve had on the ski hill in years. We started with Vapor and lapped it three times. I only fell twice but they were hard falls. The video below shows some funny outtakes of our day!

Saturday: Rim Trail Run + Ute Trail Hike

I did the Rim trial run on my own and made it in 20 minutes. Then I hiked the entire Ute Trail with Wyatt and his friend Jake. According to Jake’s fitbit, the two hour endeavor took over 10,000 steps. It was very tough, but fun! We didn’t push the pace too hard.


Sunday: Rest day

Spent most of the day sitting on airplanes. Was excited to go to Saltie Girl for dinner, a new spot in Boston! I had an SFG friend in town from Nashville and had to show off Boston’s best seafood!


It was easier to eat less with less lifting, but with all of my “active rest” in Colorado, I was able to kind of eat whatever and still make progress.

The beauty of consistently tracking is that over time you get to know your own energy demands very well. For instance, I ate sweet potato fries, pulled pork and a kale salad with heavy dressing on Saturday and didn’t bat an eye, because I knew I had expended a lot from the two-hour hike.

More importantly and beyond knowing what you can eat without gaining weight, understand your own energy demands, or how-to find your energy balance, rather, helps you from getting too hungry and binging out. Before a new client works with me, they tell me all about how they are “good” with their diet for like 5 to 7 days and then they want to eat everything in sight. I have to reassure them that it’s not that they don’t have any will power after 5 to 7 days, it’s that they are under-eating for too many consecutive days and  creating and unsustainable deficit.

If you are training heavy or just super active in general like me, working hard to find what “energy balance” is for you is a really easy way to lean out and achieve fat loss goals.

Read this article I wrote during my #bikiniprep last fall, “How to Lean Out Without Severely Restricting.” By taking this approach you file yourself well for workouts so that you can get stronger, but avoid hitting that breaking point when you want to eat everything in sight!

Bikini Update:

I haven’t taken progress photos because as soon as I landed in Boston I played host to my SFG friend from Nashville.

However, I am FINALLY 123 pounds, and that is after traveling and eating a late dinner (which can cause bloating).

If you haven’t been following my bikini prep this round, I started about 125.5 pounds, shot up to 127 at one point and finally, after 4 weeks of prep, I am 123 pounds at 12 weeks out.

Two pounds down in 4 weeks….

This just goes to show you that 1/2 pound of weight loss per week takes HARD work and dedication. The first four weeks are ALWAYS the hardest, the first few pounds off are ALWAYS the hardest.

But remember, as long as you get started, you can only improve!

Here are a few of my favorite meals and snacks from last week:


I made ground chicken with taco seasoning last week. I cooked one pound and added 1 can of fire-roasted tomatoes, 2 cups of mushrooms and then ate the chicken mix on corn tortillas throughout the week! So good!


I ate a LOT of cereal last week. I had 2 cups of Rice Chex (200 cals) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning with 1 scoop of Cookie ‘n Cream Quest Protein powder (110 cals) for a total of 310 cals. I mixed the cereal and protein powder with water and a little Truvia 😉 So good!


I found this at the airport! The macros are great! 150 cals, 7 grams of fat and 11 grams of protein!

Fat loss tip of the week: I’m going to sound like a broken record, but, DRINK water!!!!! The more water I drink, the better my digestion is…the better my digestion, the better my mood and the better my mood, the better nutrition decisions I make!

What I’m reading:


“The Opposite of Loneliness” by Marina Keegan and “Tribe” by Sebastian Junger. Both of these books are fabulous, quick reads I highly recommend for the millennials.


  1. Do Strong Girls Do Cardio? The Do’s and Don’ts of Cardio via Girls Gone Strong
  2. The Most Effective Way to Blast Belly Fat and Keep it off via Ryan Wood Training
  3. “Girls” Gone Wrong via Girls Gone Strong
  4. Lats are the Glutes of the Upper Body via Dean Somerset
  5. Servus Snape was Not a Hero via Roman Fitness Systems
  6. Keep Your F****** Opinion to Yourself via Meghan Callaway Fitness

Client Spotlight(s):

Rina’s diet tips for a social summer:


Rina has lost 16 pounds on Dare to Eat since February. She didn’t hide in a closet and eat out of tupperware. She didn’t workout twice a day.

Her social life didn’t suffer in the least. Here are Rina’s tips for losing weight and staying social!

“In febuary 2016, I went to the doctor and like any other woman I refused to look at the scale – but my doctor left me no choice when she told me I gained 12lbs in 2 years- which on my short frame is a bit “out of the norm”.  So, I did what any other woman does- I turned to the fads- no gluten, no carbs, no starches – NO FUN! 

After about a month of this nonsense and no changes – I decided I needed some help and wasn’t sure where to turn. Per my usual morning Facebook creeping session, I saw Garrett’s client update and coincidently bumped into her at Barry’s where I decided to pick her brain. – she quickly understood my struggles as a vertically challenged woman and was amazing enough to take me on as a client!!

My biggest obstacle is my social life – I am a single young gal in the city, I love to travel and enjoy time with my friends – so I stressed that cocktails were a MUST!!!!!!  She put together a program for me weekly that worked with MY LIFE – I still went out and enjoyed myself…. 

Some tips:

  • skip the wine and go straight to the hard stuff- I may sound like a lush but it’s gets you tipsier faster and half the calories!!!
    • Sometimes I just get a soda water with a shot of chilled titos on the side- and I just add as I go! 
  • If you plan for a night out- enjoy a protein packed lunch, will keep you satisfied for longer, so you can REALLY enjoy a night out!
  • I love a good sweat session at Barry’s or B/SPOKE- but keep in mind it will get you hungry after, so sometimes an morning or evening stroll can do the trick too!

Way to go, Rina! You look amazing!


Nicole’s Birthday Beach Photo!


On August 6th, my client Nicole turned 44. We’ve been working together for two cycles now and she is *very* diligent with her check-ins.

I hadn’t heard from her in a week (she was busy and forgot to send daily check-ins) but when I did hear from her at the end of last week she sent the photo above ever-so proudly, saying that she was “so thankful to wear a two-piece on her birthday with her kids!”

Way to go, Nicole! KEEP IT UP!




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