Happy Tuesday!

Last week I received several selfies of girls in their new Dare to Move Tanks and crops and I LOVE THEM!! Keep sending them my way!


My friend, web-designer, client and pull-up extraordinaire, Jordan!

Today’s short update features two client progress update, a mini-guest article by my client called, “5 diet tips for college girls,” a free hotel workout and some epic fitness reads.

Also, if you live in Boston and frequent Barry’s Bootcamp regularly you probably noticed my schedule has changed.


Don’t worry, I’m still teaching 5 a.m. classes Monday through Thursday, however, I’m now coaching three new time slots:

  • 4:20 Butt ‘n Legs on Tuesdays
  • 7:10 a.m. Hardcore Abs class on Thursdays
  • 9 a.m. Total Body class Fridays

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This week I am looking forward to spending a lot of time writing!

As for my upcoming bikini competition, I have decided not to compete in the Jay Cutler Classic for several reasons; one main reason being that I am tired. There have been a lot of things on my plate the past three months and I don’t feel like spending a day competing when I’m actually really happy and proud of where my body is strength wise (see my tactical strength challenge results below), mentally and physique-wise.


Writing a novel and trying to figure out where you are going to live while running a business is a lot to handle on top of preparing for a bikini contest. I need to have a drink, sit back and relax a little.

Sidenote: my best friend in the whole world was in town over the weekend and I wanted to spend the weekend dancing, drinking and hanging out with her and her boyfriend.


Believe it or not, last weekend was my first time staying out util the bars closed in Boston and the first time in my entire life I late-nighted until the sun came up. #daretodance

Moments like these, staying up dancing until the sun comes up and laughing over brunch are moments I never want to miss.


Like I said in my last article, I am not done competing forever, but I am not really amped about competing this coming weekend so I’m going to sit this one out 🙂



Monday: sprints and Cyc

Monday I was still craving a good run, even after my 5.5 mile run last Sunday! I did 8 sets of 30 second sprints after my 6 a.m. client and then taught a fun Cyc class at 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday: Deadlifts and Cyc

I was very happy overall with the way 225 felt on Tuesday despite not sleeping very well. 225 felt borderline conservative but I hadn’t pulled more than 225 in over a month so I stayed there.

225 3×3, feeling fast. It's good to be back. #daretolift #daretoeat #daretomove

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After 3×3 sumo deadlifts I hit speed deadlifts, which I did not film because I needed my phone as a stop-watch in order to perform two quick deadlifts every thirty seconds for 5 minutes (ten sets of 2) with 185 pounds.

After speed work I had to teach a Cyc45 class, leaving the rest of my training to be done at Titan Barbell before my 10:45 client.

Here was my quick, 15 minute circuit at Titan:

  • reverse lunges 6/leg at 95 pounds
  • 25 banded hip extensions in a sum stance
  • lateral band walks for 10 steps each direction with a slingshot around my quads.
  • finisher SLDL 8/leg using a 24 kg bell

Wednesday: Bench 100x5x5 heavy rows 5×5

Wow— carbs really do help strength. I was pleasantly surprised to hit 100×5 for 4 sets of 5 on Wednesday completed in a superset with heavy machine rows (60 pounds each arm).

After heavy rows I did narrow bench press with 75 pounds for 3 sets of eight, completing one heavy chin-up with the 40 pound kettlebell in-between sets.

After three strong pulls and some unfortunate news, I was bummed out and used my frustration as positive energy to try the 45 pound bell, but someone was using it. I decided to try a 45-pound plate, and failed.

I want to share the fail.

It motivates me to accomplish it soon!!!! Weighted chin-ups are something I have let slip in the past few months, not practicing them as frequently as I used to when the 24 kg chin-up was a breeze.

Time to get back into it!

Thursday: rest (taught three abs classes)

After my third hardcore abs last Thursday I walked around downtown Boston with my friend Meg and saw the Boston Harbor Walk. It was beautiful!


Friday: Glute work *without* heavy back squats

I did heavy hip thrusts for the first time in a while. I didn’t want to go super heavy for my backacs sake. I put on as much weight as I could handle for 8 reps.

Then I hit walking lunges for 20 steps with an 80 pound, mini-barbell on my back followed by 15 squat jumps and 1.5 RDLs.

You know you are well fueled for a workout when you throw squat jumps in the circuit!

See my 1.5 RDLs below! I hadn’t done these with 135 in a while!

My finisher was 2-pause back squats with light weight, 95 pounds. I did three sets of 6.

Finisher: 2-count squats, AMRAP with 95! Now these are fun!!!! #daretomove #daretolift #letitburn #bootybootybooty

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Saturday: Rest and rest!

After staying up until the sun came up I went to get some drinks with my BFF and her BF before we had brunch at Trident.


Grama Garrett cannot handle late nights very well– I fell asleep at 5 p.m. and never really got out of bed until 6 am Sunday morning!

Sunday: Tactical Strength Challenge

Feeling refreshed and motivated my my fellow online fit-pro friends I decided to try the Tactical Strength Challenge.

The TSC is a challenge run by the StrongFirst organization. Despite being an SFG level I, I have never attempted this challenge. No time like the present!

The challenge is:

  • Best 1 RM of the deadlift, you get 3 attempts just like a Powerlifting meet
  • As many pull-ups as possible, one attempt
  • as many snatches as possible in 5 minutes using a 16 KG kettlebell.

Because I did it on my own for fun, I bent some of the rules.

For instance I only did 2 deadlift attempts after my second was a total grinder.

I did neutral grip chin-ups instead of overhand grip pull-ups and for the snatch test, I used a 16 kg bell, even though per my bodyweight I think I should’ve used a 12 kg bell.

The only bell size noted online was a 16 kg kettlebell so I went with that one.

My final Deadlift attempt was 265, 10 pounds less than my 1 RM at my Powerlifting meet last January.

My chin-ups felt HORRIBLE…Wow. I did 16 reps last January, or maybe it was February. Either way I hoped to get 16 and had to stop at 14 reps.

As for the snatches, I did them in an odd way… I set a timer on my phone (so I did not film).

My plan was to do 5 snatches per arm, 5 times before resting and I failed miserably.

I got 5 reps per arm, three rounds before I needed rest. Then I dd three sets of three per arm, three sets of two per arm, three sets of 1 per arm before resting again.

Long story short I somehow ended up with exactly 100 reps down to the second. It was an incredibly hard challenge and made me wish I was better conditioned. I was proud however, to have nailed 100 reps in 5 minutes with the 16 kg bell without training because I don’t think I could have done that the last time I did snatches… at my SFG cert in 2014.


Almost hit my goal!!!

I had an apple almost every day. I had three hard boiled eggs.

My veggies each day last week were cauliflower, shaved brussel spouts and spinach my shakes, with the exception of Thursday and Friday I did not get any cauliflower.

My calories were 1400-1600 daily with the exception of Friday where I decided to not track the night I stayed up til the sun came up 🙂


Saturday I was thankful to FINALLY get some sweet potato fries in my life.

This coming week I have a new nutrition plan. Due to my active lifestyle I should have a slight deficit, which is good because I don’t want to jump back up to maintenance ASAP and regain due to formerly bikini prepping.

I am anxiously awaiting REAL bikini season because one, I hate pants and two, I love my new bathing suits!

(bikini pic)

What I am Reading:

  1. Cheat Days Work via Well and Good
  2. Dispelling the Dysfunctional Kneeling Push-Up via Dr. John Rusin
  3. The Dangers of Today’s Female Fitness Industry via Dr. John Rusin
  4. How to track macros and calories in sushi via On the Regimen
  5. How I quit weekend overeating via Precision Nutrition
  6. How to press the rest button via Tony Gentilcore

What I’m Wearing:

I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, (as my mom), and I am pretty sure I am going to crush my goal of becoming one this summer.

So far I have the long hair needed, the sparkly bikini top and now these rad pants 🙂


I found this top and these kickass pants at Zara last week and I thought I would share!

Not pictured, nor found at Zara: the 4.5 inch stilettos required if you are under 5’7″ and don’t want your bell-bottoms to drag.

Hotel Workout:

Two weeks ago my mom and I had a long conversation during a five mile run about hotel workouts. It jogged my memory (no pun intended) to my travel days of commuting from Chicago to Boston every week and living in the Newton Marriott.

All I had access two were some old dumbbells, a bench, a pull-up bar and treadmills– all other machine equipment was sketchy.

I tried to remember what I used to do for training and wrote it down thinking you all may find it helpful!

Here are two conditioning days and three strength days you can follow for one weeks worth of training while traveling.

Important note: exercising every day is NOT absolutely necessary for fat loss, if that is your goal. However, if you are like me, when I used to travel for work I sat more than ever and I relied on my daily workouts to keep my sanity, break a little sweat and keep positive energy juices flowing.

Read below for your FREE hotel training week!

Monday: Lower body 

  • goblet squats  set timer for 5 minutes and do as many sets of five as possible
  • Next circuit (three rounds):
    • walking lunges 10-16 steps (whatever you have room for)
    • goblet style, weighted step ups onto the bench 6/leg
    • box jumps (jump up onto the bench) 8-12 reps
  • Next circuit (three rounds)
    • single leg deadlifts 6/side
    • 20 sec squat hold, 20 pulses, 20 squat jumps
    • unweighted bulgarian split squat 6/leg

Tuesday: Conditioning 

  • Run .25 miles on the treadmill, fast pace, warm up
  • crawl 20 steps froward, 20 steps backward
  • 1 minute AMRAP push-ups
  • 1 minute AMRAP chin-ups OR bent over rows with dumbbells
  • 5x 30 sec sprints, repeat the crawling, push-ups and chin-ups

Wednesday: Upper body

  • Heavy chest press 5 sets of 5
  • Next circuit (three rounds):
    • slow eccentric (lower down) push-ups 3-8 reps
    • narrow chest press from a gluts-bridge position 6-8 reps
    • reverse fly 8-10 reps
  • Next circuit (three rounds):
    • chin-up OR 3-point row 3-3-3 reps of chin-ups OR 3-3-3 rows heavy AF
    • bicep hammer curls 10 reps
    • diamond push-ups 8-12 reps

Thursday: Conditioning

  • 1/2 mile run for time
  • 3 one minute sprints with 1 minute to 90 sec of rest in between
  • 1 minute of bicycle abs
  • 20 on 10 sec off of high knees (three rounds)
  • Snatch to burpee, 6 reps per arm (three rounds
  • 1/2 mile run

Friday: Total Body – three rounds of every circuit

Circuit 1:

  • Bulgarian split squat with a pause (6/leg) weighted
  • Dumbbell Push press 3-3-3  cluster
  • standing long jump 3 reps

Circuit 2:

  • RDL 8-10 reps
  • Chest Fly 8-10 reps
  • batwing row from bench OR bodyweight style 8-10 reps

Circuit 3:

  • flexed arm hang 10 sec, AMRAP chin-ups (1-5 reps)
  • 1.5 squat, 6-10 reps
  • .15 mi  run

Client Spotlights:

Meet Jenn, the go-getter!

Jenn before and 4 weeks

top is 4 week progress update, bottom is “before photo.”

Jenn has been killing it since day one! She is strength training three times a week and passionately pursuing an unassisted chin-up.

She is keeping tabs on her progress like a BOSS and enjoying every second of this journey.

She is currently in week 7, but I want to share with you a long over due post she made at her four week check-in because I love her positive energy ad strong mindset!

“4 weeks STRONG ‪#‎nowandthen‬

This 4 week progress photo/update (top – now, bottom – before 12 week program began) makes me happy for several reasons but mainly because it’s great proof to why the scale doesn’t provide the full picture.

In 4 weeks my weight has fluctuated at about 2-5lb weight loss but I’ve lost 1.5 in. in my waist and I’m gradually feeling a difference in lifting and noticing that weights that once felt heavy feel too light to get the burn.

This photo also makes me happy because I’ve continued to eat all the things I love (& more) while becoming stronger. & let the truth be known that the top photo was taken this morning which (Coach Garrett, you should skip over this part :P) followed the night that I basically ate a second dinner around midnight after a night out because I planned for consumption of a good deal of calories at that time. I would have NEVER not felt guilty for doing that before beginning this program.

I’d be lying if I said I’m 100% satisfied because I’m FAR FAR from that but in the last several weeks, I’ve learned a great deal about meal planning and I’ve had wonderful surprises for realizing that all the things you hear you shouldn’t do or “can’t” do to become more lean are SO SO SO wrong. I thought that I needed to be in the gym AT LEAST 5 times a week to feel good and I’m going to the gym 3 times a week now but reaching new goals that I was trying for for over a year.

I’m sure progress would quicken if I stopped eating all the things I love or drinking occasionally on the weekends, as all 20 somethings do, but that would defeat the purpose of this program and it’d be the unrealistic approach.

Planning is without a doubt the key to the successes I’ve had thus far and I know it will also be the factor for any other successes I may have.

‪#‎daretoeat‬ ‪#‎daretomove‬ ‪#‎mycoachrocks‬

Meet Sara, again!

SaraK week4

Sara is a fellow Miami of OH girl and currently a senior there. She did a 12 week program last fall and kicked some serious booty. She was motivated to continue on and signed up for a second cycle, however, her winter term was very overwhelming and she wanted to truly enjoy her friends and senior year. She told me she wanted to put fat loss on pause and I was happy to hear that.

The cool part is that despite having a rocky start to her second cycle one month ago, her ability to maintain her progress from last fall until now has actually caused her to get leaner faster this time around because she was continuing to lean out, thanks to heavy lifting, even when her calories were a moot point and she worked on intuitively eating.

See her before photos from last fall, compared to her current 4 weeks progress photos from Cycle 2, and then watch her BADASS squat video!

Way to go Sara!

I asked Sara to give her five best diet tips for college girls and I actually love this piece she put together!!!

Read on to find out what has kept her lean and helped her lean out on and off of the #Daretoeat Program!

Five Diet Tips for the College Girl

  1. Pack your lunch!

You may feel like you’re back in elementary school but I strut around campus with my Vera Bradly lunch box proud! It is so much easier to stay on track when you have all you need right there for you. I pack enough food that will fit into my schedule so I can have a steady flow of energy to keep me going throughout the day between breakfast and dinner.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan

Could I say it again? PLAN! I try to make it a point on Sunday nights to look at the week I have ahead and see how I am going to fit in workouts, calories, and all the activities I want to. It isn’t easy and never goes quit as planned but it helps a lot. I have to make adjustments throughout the week of course but this is easier when you already know what you’re working with. I also plan out my day in the morning so that I can eat what sounds good but also not mess up at any point. It isn’t hard just to wake up 5 minutes earlier every day to make sure you stay on track; it is well worth it

3. Don’t be a party pooper

I know this sounds counter intuitive because everyone thinks that if they are on a “diet” they can’t do all the fun activities we like to do as young fun college girls like go to socials, day drink, baseball games, formals… the list goes on. This is so not the case. It is possible to work it into your schedule if you are strategic about what you are drinking and planning (there’s that word again) on how many drinks you are going to have before you head out. A word to the wise…. Vodka soda is your best friend because there is only 60 calories in a shot of vodka and when you’re on a calorie deficit 4 or 5 drinks goes a looooong way!

4. “Ice cream gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!”

Does this quote ring a bell? Our friend Elle Woods had it all right. Although she was talking about exercise ice cream in my opinion does the same thing. I am not saying you should eat this all the time but if there is a “bad” food that makes you happy don’t torture yourself. You can have it every once in a while when you feel like you have had a long day or the girls just want to get FroYo. Not saying eat the whole pint but I think you catch my drift.

5. Selfies are your BFF

I just realized this one this past week. When I was feeling like I hadn’t made any progress on my diet I put my most recent progress photos and my very first starter photos side by side. This gave me the motivation to keep going and to see what I was doing was paying off because it is hard to see the progress when you are looking at yourself every day and nothing is going to change over night!




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