Happy Wednesday!

I’m two weeks out from my bikini competition and more excited than ever! I think if I had to do it over, I’d still choose a shorter prep. Read more about *why* in the Nutrition section.

Aside from forgetting my keys in my apartment last night, the deficit hasn’t taken too big of a toll on me. I feel tired and less enthusiastic (re: Lower TDEE). But I’m thankful that Jeff is super supportive; in fact, and I’ve collected a series of silly “CD” (calorie deficit) quotes from him that will be in an article I’m publishing tomorrow!

Last week I got to go on a tour of Jeff’s new property and on the way there, we hit a DEER!!! He says it’s good luck, I’m just thankful that we were driving his lifted truck–  we were safe and sound! Over the weekend I spent Easter with his family in Rhode Island and got to FaceTime with my family. You might be surprised to know that I ate jelly beans, pulled, pork AND chocolate on Easter… read more about my nutrition strategy in the Nutrition Section!

BIG NEWS!!!! Lauren (of laurenpalm.com) and I have a HUGE announcement coming up… we will be telling you more at our competition in two weeks.


-It will take place in 2018

-will be FUN/edicational

-involves travel

That’s all you get to know for now!

As for CROF, I have two nutrition groups running and plan to take the current Large  #Daretoeat Group into a strategic maintenance phase in two weeks. It’s neat because this group started as an 8-week group, and then almost all of them opted to continue on for a second 8-week phase, and now we are all going to go into a maintenance phase/reverse diet and work our way out of the deficit strategically. I’m so impressed with these women, and you will be too! Check out the Client Spotlight to learn about three #DTE group clients!



Sunday: leg day with Jeff

The week before last I wasn’t able to get any barbell back squats in, Jeff and I did leg day together on Sunday (when we usually rest). See below of a free INTENSE lower body workout:

1a) hip thrust on leg extension machine 4×12

2a) standing long jump x4

2b) bulgarian split squats with two kettlebells, this week we did 8 per leg (instead of 6)

2c) double Kettlebell Deadlift x10 reps

(three rounds^)

3a) standing high jump x3

3b) contant tension goblet squat x10 (use one kettlebell)

3c) 10 pistol squats using the TRX

(three rounds^)

It was a BLAST! (insert eye-roll)

Monday: Shoulders and cardio + Arm & Abs with Derek!

Jeff and I did 20 minutes of cardio Monday morning and 3 shoulder exercises, doing 12-10-10-8 as the reps for each exercise. Monday afternoon we went to Derek’s Arms & Abs class with Jeff’s coworker Sarah, and or may or may not have bene the hardest Barry’s class I’ve done this year. I was SPENT. I fell asleep on the couch that evening at 8 p.m.

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m doing a shorter bikini prep than ever before, (7 weeks). And order to get leaner in a short amount of time, I’ve been doing more exercise and trying to increase the intensity in some way shape or form each week. Yes, this is a lot of exercise but it’s part of the short-term experiment. The competition is in less than 2 weeks and I have enough muscle. All I need is to lose a tiny bit more fat. Read the nutrition section for more on the diet.

Tuesday: power walk and deadlift

I did 30 minutes of weighted vest power walking and then did 3 sets of 3 deadlifts at 225. I haven’t deadlifted this much in a month, it was so nice to get a lot of weight on the bar.

After deadlifts I did the following short circuit:

2a) barbell glute bridge 225 12-10-10-8 reps

2b) glute bridge with a band, pulsing wide at the top for 10 pulses

3a) hip thrust from a bench with 145, banded, 1/2 reps (I didn’t go all the way to the floor, keeping contact tension on the glutes, prying knees out wide)

3b) pull-ups (overhand grip) 5 sets of 3 strong reps

Wednesday: taught two Barry’s classes, did my own Chest, Back and Abs program

Thursday: more weighted vest walking in the morning, back squats in the afternoon

I did 25 minutes on an incline with the vest and then squat day was:

1a) 5×5 with 165

2a) front squat, banded, with 85 for 8 reps

2b) lateral band walks

2c0 bicep curls 10 hammer curls x10

Friday: Barry’s 22 minute “Fun” run, programmed by me!

This run involved high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, hustle drills, back peddles and sprints. I’m going to modify it and put it on MoveWith, so look for it there!

Saturday: booty accessory work, + powerwalk 15 minutes

Quick booty blitz:

10 squat jumps (with weighted vest) from seated position

10 step up to a high box (per leg)

20 walking lunges (with weighted vest0

4 rounds!


Some of the research I’ve been reading says that fat regain post-diet/competition is less likely with a longer prep, and in 2015 I would’ve agreed with that;I maintained close to my stage weight for so long post 2015 show, that I did a powerlifting weigh-in at 112, and then a second bikini competition in April 2016 without really “prepping” aka, doing a strategic diet… I just maintained.

However, if we say that I did basically 5-6 months of prepping, it DID take a toll on me. I went through phases in late summer and fall when I want to eat and eat and eat, and while part of that was inspired by putting up some serious weight in the gym, part of me felt this insatiable hunger to eat for the sake of eating, because for so long I held back.

After a long break from dieting (May-December), with a few bouts of over-eating, I managed to gain up to what as close to 130, a combination of muscle and fat mass, and it was the highest weight I’ve ever been in my life. Most of my clothes still fit however.

Despite beginning to track calories (roughly) mid-january, I didn’t truly begin “prepping” for this competition until March 12th, roughly 7 weeks out. At the 11 weeks out marker I was surfing in Puerto Rico not tracking at all. The following weekend I was in Vermont snowboarding and then I was in Florida. Heck, at the 5-weeks out marker I was in Snowmass snowboarding and having a few cocktails. This has been the most lax prep ever, until now. I’d say post-Snowmass trip is when I started truly cranking down. At one point I swore I wasn’t going to get a food scale, but at the 4-weeks out marker I got one, and it’s been helpful.

Last week’s nutrition was less strict than the previous week because it was my time of the month, which makes me a little more hungry. It also means I’m less energetic. I ate closer to 1400 calories each day but kept my training intensity an cardio volume high.

As for meals, I had some really yummy Shakshouka (tomatoes crushed and sautéed with onions and spinach, egg, and meat), cut out spray butter and quest products, and made sure everything except the pulled pork at Easter was precisely tracked. I cut out Quest products and spray butter because I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed my tummy issues down to Xanthan Gum overload. It’s the one thing I haven’t cut out over the past year of digestive struggles and so far I already feel better. It can be known to cause water retention in the intestines, (aka bloat) for people with gluten sensitivities, which I’ve been dealing with forever, and so I’m going to keep it out of my diet for the most part (Tripact has  trace amounts of it) until after the competition when Ic an try adding some back in.

I took some progress photos despite feeling a little bloated (shown below) and hope to feel better by stage time! My measurements are down again– it’s crazy how fast it goes with this short, intense prep! My chest was 29 inches even today, waist was 25.5, glutes 34.2 and hips 30.2. It’s all happening! Trying to keep level head and happy tp not be dealing with any intense cravings at the moment.

On Easter I knew I wanted Jelly Beans and I knew there would be pulled pork. The day before Easter I did light cardio for 20 minutes and the booty blitz you read about in the training section. I spent 4 hours on the couch that night and an hour in the car that afternoon, so it made doing a low calorie day very feasible. Friday night I’d had some saki and and untracked sushi meal, so it was even easier to do low cal saturday. Sunday morning Jeff and I split some egg whites and a half of a banana (he also had a bagel) so that by Easter lunch I had about 1200 calories to spare. I planned to have a high day and not exceed 1500 calories. I tracked everything, and so did Jeff! Moments when I had a bite of something he’d say, “Are you going to track that?” Boy did it help with the portions I ate!!!

So yes, two weeks before a bikini competition I tracked the following post 230 calorie-breakfast:

-150 calories of Jelly beans

-400 calories of pulled pork

-135 cals for barbecue sauce (overestimate),

-Easter (sweet) Bread (rough estimate) 180 calories

-60 calorie sugar-free chocolate coconut Russel Stover candy

-160 calories of sweet potato mash

-50 calories asparagus

-80 calories hershey’s chocolate and

-66 calories for three hershey’s kisses, carrot cake flavor.

Total was 1511 for the day!

My macros? I think I hit 24% protein… lots of fat and carbs 🙂 but cals were hit, and progress was made. Call it a High day!

What I’m Reading:

  1. The Truth About Fat Loss Coaching via Crossroads of Fitness
  2. Why I Eat Chipotle During Competition Prep via Lauren Palm
  3. Fast Cardio video Laura Conlin
  4. Why I talk to my Parents Everyday via Fit University
  5. 11 natural Ways to Lower Your Cortisol Levels via Authority Nutrition

Client Spotlight:

I’m currently working with 6 brides! One of them was featured on my Instagram last week. In case you missed it, see below!

Robyn committee to fat loss last August. She’s been lifting heavy (and seriously heavy, that is!) two times a week and doing a few cardio sessions when she can. She’s a part of the 8-week turned 16-week DTE group, and she RARELY misses a chec-in. As mentioned on Instagram, she’s lost 11% body fat. The scale has only shifted +/- 3 pounds, but the progress is undeniable. She’s the perfect example of why you shouldn’t care what the scale says! Progress is progress!

Way to go Robyn!

Beth’s 8 week progress:

Beth comes to Barry’s 3 times a week in the 5 a.m. and is currently beginning the second 8 week cycle in the Dare to Eat Spring group. She has lost 3% body fat in 8 weeks! Go, Beth!!

Molly’s Group #DTE Progress:

“I feel amazing. Everything about me has changed since working with you. I make better decisions, I know that a bad day is not life changing and can just move on, my attitude towards food is totally different and I’m sleeping better! The biggest change, I’m not stress eating anymore because I know I won’t feel good after. My measurements are all funky. Some went up, but when I look at the pictures, I know they should’ve gone down. But, my hips are 3 inches smaller!”

Like everyone in the group, Molly has dealt with life stressors and the finicky scale as a new lifter. However, nothing deterred her fro her goals and her progress is evident. She has lost three inches around her hips (and more elsewhere!) and that doesn’t happen on accident. This girl as worked her butt off and I’m so proud of her! Go Molly!



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