Happy WARM & Sunny Tuesday (in Boston)!!!!!!

I have a TON of helpful information to give you today!!! First and foremost, many of you have asked about my banana-spinach-cake muffin recipe…. You don’t have to wait any longer! See below!


1 scoop Salted Carmel Quest

1/2 cup egg whites

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup oats

2 handfuls of spinach

75 grams of banana

3 packets truvia

1/4 cup water

***Blend all ingredients in blender and then pour into muffins tins. (I made 10 muffins) Bake at 375 degrees and voila! Spinach muffins that taste like cake!

Today you’ll hear all about how I cheated on my diet (but made progress), how I’ve been also cheating on powerlifting and hear more about my bikini prep deficit.

In personal news it is official, I signed for a new apartment in Cambridge! It’s less than a mile away from my current place, but resides in a different zip code. So long Back Bay, hello Cambridge! Jeff and I are excited for this new change as he will be spending most of the week there with me and we will head to the cabin in Bow, NH on the weekends.

Speaking of the cabin, we are going on a nature tour of his almost-9 acres this Friday and I can’t wait. If you did’t know, I grew up on 40 acres of land in Indiana and I love being out in the woods.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I had to do four low carb days to practice for peak week. You can read more about why in the Nutrition section. The low carb days took a toll on me and further exacerbated my already significant calorie deficit, which has been recently coined “The CD” by Jeff. In order to be empathetic and find humor in this whole extreme prep, he’s been claiming that he too has “The CD” and blames everything on “The CD”.

“Oh, you just coughed, must be The CD,” he’ll say.

All I can say is that I’m ever thankful to have a very supportive boyfriend during this crazy time. The CD is becoming a thing, and I’m not even mad about it.


Last week I completed all six of my cardio sessions, no problem! It was interesting that after two weeks of HATING the extra cardio in my life, last week it finally felt a tiny bit easier.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do my normal powerlifting training. I tried to stay calm about this and keep an open mind. Instead of freaking out, I simply decided to treat this non-powerlifting phase like an added experiment in my already experimental phase of attempting a short 7-week prep. Having Jeff (who always trains bodybuilding) who has seen great results without powerlifting helped me trust the new programming. See below for my modified powerlifting training.

Sunday: weighted vest walk

Many of you are probably wondering why I’ve been using the weighed vest you see on insta-story. The short answer is, because the only form of cardio I do year-round is power-walking, I added in the weighted vest to increase the stressor on my body, without doing anything too crazy. The vest weighs 25 pounds. Instead of normal walking, 3 times a week for 30 minutes, I’m doing 6 sessions of cardio and 2-3 of those sessions are weighted-vest walking. It’s becoming my second favorite workout buddy! I need to give it a name…

Monday: cardio with jeff 40 minutes + deadlift

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Jeff is very dedicated to his fitness routine. Because he has a desk job, he trains before work (typically cardio) and lifts after work. Monday morning we went tot he gym together for 30 minutes of cardio. I did my weighted-vest walk and he did the elliptical and sprints.

In the afternoon I made it to Titan Barbell for a deadlift session and fought through more back pain. I was thankful to get 2×3 at 215 for the sumo deadlift and then spent more time on chin-ups (3 sets of 8), Romanian Deadlifts banded, lateral band walks and barbell glute bridges.

Tuesday: conditioning

Try this one for fun:

Three rounds of: .25 mile run, 10 step-up to a high box (per leg), 10 kettlebell swings, and 16 frog pumps

Three rounds of: .20 mile run, 10 tate presses, 8 diamond push-ups, 10 OH rope extension or 10 dips from a bench).

Three rounds of: .12 mile sprint, 10 toes to bar (hanging leg raise), 10 V-Ups and 10 sec L hold

It was a doozy!

Wednesday: Embo’s chest back and abs + MoveWith test

Embo’s class at Barry’s Bootcamp was on FIRE, as usual. I’m teaching for her tomorrow at 6 a.m. if you are in town and want to join!

Last Wednesday evening I practiced a new, total-body conditioning workout that will launch on MoveWith soon! My girl Dee was an excellent sport! (see above)

Thursday: Squat at Titan

I hit a simple 4×5 back squat at 155 belt-less, because it was all I had time for before coaching. After coaching,  I got the urge to try to pull the 24 kg kettlebell. I went for it and voila, CRUSHED IT!

You may remember this article I wrote about “How to 24 kg” and unfortunately I simply did NOT make my goal last year as planned. But clearly I didn’t give up. After losing some weight with this bikini prep, it made pulling the 24 kg bell easier. The 24 kg bell weighs 52.4 pounds.

Friday: 20 minute weighted vest walk, morning and afternoon

I barely survived the 20 minute morning walk on Friday due to my first day of low-carb on Thursday. I rarely eat fewer than 150 grams of carbs, so having sub-95 grams was tough. By Friday evening (day 2 of low-carb) I was slurring my words and felt like I ran 100 miles and then got in a fight. Supportive Jeff and I did a six minute  workout:

3 minute on, 30 secs off of rowing while he did bike sprints, then we switched.

Afterward we walked 10 minutes on an incline.

Saturday: rest


Last week was the 4-weeks out marker from my third bikini competition. It was a mind F*** because I weighed in 125 almost daily, and 125 is 11 pounds heavier than I was 4 weeks out from my first ever competition. However, by Saturday my waist was down to 25.75 inches, which is about 1 inch thicker than it was for that show. This was a really good sign of progress. I anticipate a 25 inch waist for the show, which will be .2 bigger than it was when I took second place in New England Championships. (see below).

I’ve written about why carbs aren’t “good” or “bad” for fat loss before (read about it here); which is why many of you are probably wondering why I did four low-carb days last week that left me better able to see my abs (below).

“Why” is because Fingers and I wanted to do a mock Peak Week. For a true Peak Week in the bodybuilding world, you want to deplete your body of glycogen stores. When the body is really lean and you deplete yourself of energy stores (aka glycogen in the muscles from carbs), you feel flat and almost like skinny-fat, but it helps you better see what you’re working with. Then, when you carb-up (more than 120 grams of carbs for me), your muscles soak them up and you can see your muscles pop more (stage ready).

Since I’m using every single day (down to the wire) in this prep and feel somewhat behind, it was still helpful for me to try the Peak Week low-carb week so I could see/feel how it will go an my body will react when it counts. Generally speaking, I think it went well.

Notes on nutrition form last week:


Sunday: 1100 Monday 1250 Tuesday: 1647 Wednesday: 1230 Thursday: 1200 Friday 1250 Saturday: 1330

Thursday and Friday I ate flounder. Friday’s dinner was a yummy side of mushrooms at Met Bar with 3 jump shrimp and a vodka soda. I planned to have 2 drinks and ended up having 4….. my solution? Track 2 vodka sodas on Saturday, and account for them in my weekly total.

Over all I ended up about 350 cals over what I’d planned for the week, however, I had more activity than planned on. This is why I achieved my lowest body weight in 2017, 123.4 this morning.

Aside from a ton of flounder and shrimp last week, I stayed true to my oats, protein powder, rice cakes and spinach protein shakes using Chocolate Tripact and banana flavoring. Jeff and I only did one dinner together (when I ate more flounder) so it was simple to track shakes for dinner on my own.

I try very hard to never let bikini get in the way of the true meaning of life: having fun and being social.



chest: 29 (same from march 28)

waist: 25.75 (down one inch and a quarter downfrom March 28)

Bust 34.25 (down 1 inch from March 28)

Butt: 34.2 (same)

Thigh(s) 20.5 ( down .25 from March 28)

What I’m Reading:

  1. Fat Loss Tips for Spring Part I via Crossroads of Fitness
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  3. I dont “do” brunch via Fit University
  4. Week 6: What Started as an arranged marriage via Erin Bailey Fitness
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Client Spotlight:

Marisa’s vulnerability post:

Marisa is a client in the DTE group which most people decided to do a second cycle. She wrote about her experience below 😉

“Long, vulnerable post ahead. You’ve been warned:

It’s been a really great, really transformative year. I’m blessed to have an amazing job that connects me with amazing people. Recently I had the opportunity to guide a group through OTF’s second weight loss challenge and as if my day-to-day coaching isn’t rewarding enough, the joy I got from helping and connecting with members on a personal level pushed me towards taking the plunge I’m sharing with all of you now. Some of you know that for the last year I’ve worked with Precision Nutrition coach Garrett Nicole Wood to manage my calories and macronutrients. I’ve never not worked out, but an all or nothing, deprivation-based, emotionally driven mentality surrounding food was holding me back. I spent about 90% of my time thinking about food and fitness, avoided social situations, and yet my body wasn’t reflective of all the thought and effort. As a fitness professional and a self-diagnosed perfectionist it was beyond frustrating and frankly, embarrassing. Garrett has helped me to find true balance. In the last year I’ve eaten more than ever before, worked out less than ever before, and completely changed my mindset and my body. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. Do I still have one too many glasses of wine or dive into the chip bowl at Margaritas? Absolutely! And I won’t stop. But I know now how to manage my choices and indulge without letting it spiral out of control. Which has let me to make the decision to enroll with Precision Nutrition for my Level One certification. Whether I learn even more to incorporate into my own life or have the pleasure of helping others in the way that Garrett has helped me, I’m looking forward to the road ahead. Not a big fan of these in depth, dramatic, over-sharing style of Facebook posts, nor am I a fan of posting half-naked photos of myself, and yet I’m posting anyway for a couple reasons. In part to keep myself accountable to a demanding study schedule on top of everything else I have going on in my life, but more importantly to remind you that feeling lost is normal, being perfect is overrated, and that EVERYONE struggles and ANYTHING is possible.”

So proud of this girl. She will go on to help so many more people!!

Lindsay’s testimonial:

“From the beginning of my time working with Garrett, she has inspired and pushed me to go beyond myself. About a year and a half ago, I contacted her because I was desperate: I had been counting macros for about two years, and lifting heavy, but I had plateaued. She told me about one of her upcoming Dare to Eat group programs; I quickly signed up and began trying new strategies in the weight room and in the kitchen. After that, she inspired me to try a powerlifting meet. Once again, I learned new techniques and how to adjust training and nutrition to a new goal. I had a phenomenal experience.


Most recently, I participated in another Dare to Eat group training program and I am walking away stronger. Over the past 12 weeks, I have squatted over 200 lbs. and benched 135 lbs. for the first time in my life; I have been able to build volume in my training as well. My weight, however, hasn’t budged much.


While I could look at this as a fail (and if pure weight loss were my goal, I guess it would be), I don’t. I have realized that my greatest area of growth has been my shift in mindset. Ironically, the scale is where I had this epiphany.


One morning, I reluctantly stepped on my scale to send G a check-in, and as I shifted my weight onto the platform, I thought about how bloated I felt (thank you, red wine), and how the number about to appear probably wouldn’t be lower than my last check-in. And before I opened my eyes to look, I realized I didn’t care. Opening my eyes, I was shocked to see that I had lost about a pound.


While that did feel like a small win, I was actually rejoicing about my detachment to my weight. This is something I have struggled with and continue to struggle with. The fact that I knew whatever the number was, I would send it and not worry about it, made me so happy!


Not long after that, I started to see some leanness at the top of my abs, and now, I can definitely tell I have added muscle to my physique, hence the lack of movement on the scale. Garrett has been great about emphasizing mindfulness and listening to my body. She has also pushed me to trust myself more and to be autonomous in training and nutrition.


Right now, I feel really bloated again, probably from the wing sauce I added to my ground turkey and roasted cauliflower at lunch. But I am not worried. When I start to “feel” a certain way about my body, I remind myself, “These are just feelings, and not necessarily true.” I have learned that what I see in the mirror isn’t always accurate. I am currently working on being kinder to myself and acknowledging all of my wins, big and small, rather than focusing on fails.”
So proud of this hott mamma, who’s STRONG AF!!!!



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