Hi, it’s Garrett and I wanted to share with you some exciting news Crossroads of Fitness has to offer.

If you didn’t know, I founded Crossroads of Fitness when I moved to Boston in 2014. By the end of the year, I had about 30 clients. Flashing forward from there, I had 60 clients at the moment of the year anniversary.

Since it’s founding, Crossroads of Fitness has helped over 300 people lose fat, get stronger and find the courage to believe in themselves. It’s offered 6 and 12-week ft loss programs, weight maintenance programs and even mass gain programs for clients of ages ranging from 18 to 64.

Throughout the years of working as a fat loss coach I’ve enjoyed sharing my journeys in body building and powerlifting, aiming to inspire others to believe in themselves.

NPC New Englands 2015, I took Runner-Up

As of recent I began sharing my own Gut Health Journey, as another aim of mine is authenticity. Why not write about what it is I’m truly experiencing?

By May of 2017 I hired one of my longtime friends and fitness experts, Lauren Palm. Together we’ve coached fat loss groups, and planned the upcoming 2018 Crossroads of Fitness “Daring To” Getaway. It will be the first CROF retreat of many, and we couldn’t be more excited.

But that’s not all! Today I’m going to list a few exciting updates you’ll see roll out in the coming weeks! I sincerely hope that you’ll find the new offerings helpful, and I want to say that I thank you all very much for your support, encouragement and engagement with Crossroads of Fitness!

Scroll down to see what’s coming!

Food Anxiety Challenge #CROFdteChallenge

November 26th (today!) we’ve set a new program LIVE on the site. It’s FREE and it’s designed to help you gain a new perspective on how to quell your nervousness around food. Whether you’ve spent years counting calories and feel all-consumed by it, or you simply want to have less macro-worries about each meal,  Lauren and I created the program to challenge your thoughts, actions and reflections about how you see food and how you interact with it.

The program is only 7 days long and it’s self guided. Some of you may do it in 4 days, and others? Maybe two weeks! Rest assured that there’s not hard and fast rules to this program, but that it requires genuine commitment to challenging your beliefs and past interactions with eating. The program will live on the site, and can be downloaded and completed at any time! Give it a try!

New Website Launch

December 4th will have CROF looking all kinds of pretty! We’ve worked with our incredible design team to make CROF easier to navigate and a hub to find the new programs we’ll be rolling out, and content more easy to follow! We hope you LOVE it <3

#Daretoeat Full Experience Program

Also on December 4th, our new version of #Daretoeat goes LIVE with a discount offered until 2018! This program will allow us to be more thorough in our coaching. With help of functional Nutritionist Kristin of Thrive by Food, the three of us will coach you holistically to your fat loss goals.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, a lot of us may see the scale increase, feel puffy, bloated, etc (read this to understand!), but feel like we are exercising regularly and eating the right things. Others may feel they hit a plateau, but cannot drop their calories any lower, or might even be gaining weight without explanation. Well, this could be due to gut health issues.

The #Daretoeat Full Experience will start with a longer intake process. The client will work with Kristin to do a Food Sensitivities test, to understand what they might be sensitive to without realizing it; this way, by avoiding the right foods, they can decrease inflammation (which can make that scale creep up) and then CROF can help guide them through fat loss, based on meal suggestions and supplement protocols given by Kristin. As Lauren and I coach the client through their #Daretoeat Program, if stomach issues arise, Kristin will be their as the expert to administer tests like stool tests, breath tests and more, to diagnose potentially larger issues at hand.

In the coming weeks Lauren and I will be doing our own food sensitivities tests and completing the full experience ourselves!

The program will come at a higher price, however, it will be discounted from $599 to $425 from December 4th to January 1st of 2018, you do not want to miss this sale! Don’t worry we will be launching the sale on the new website so you’ll be kept in the loop! Email us for your spot today, if you want in before December 4th (crofdaretoeat@gmail.com)

Fat Loss Jumpstart, 2018

Launching January 2018, and piggy-backing off of the Free Fat Loss Jumpstart ebook on the website, Lauren an I will be launching a seven day jumpstart for clients to follow at their own pace. This will be less than $30 to join, and an ability to take steps on your own to handle The Five Pound Fuss on your own! #Daretoeat Self-Guided!

CROF #DaringTo Getaway!

This retreat is discounted all the way through Cyber Monday (tomorrow!). The retreat takes place in Snowmass, Colorado and will feature two guest speakers, Brittany Diamond and Abbie Elsner.

Crossroads Of Fitness Retreat Leaders

The getaway is not only going to offer much inspiration and information on fat loss, gut health, strength training and courage, but it aims to push you to “dare to ____” outside your comfort zone. We hope that you’ll make friends, enjoy the outdoor challenge hike + meditation, and connect with other like-minded people who’s goal for a vacation is self-improvement, and not just eating and drinking. If you click here, you can still get a single room or shared room at a discount! #DaringTo Let’s go adventure!

Snowmass Colorado Womens Retreat

#Daretoeat grandfathered prices

Beginning January 2018 our prices will increase, as they have yet to change since 2014. If you’d like to join a Group Program, 6-week fat loss program, 12-week fat loss or weight maintenance program or strength program, email us between now and December 31st and you’ll be grandfathered into our old prices in 2018! This is a great time to sign-up so you save more 🙂


Personal note

I’ve been arduously working to heal my gut, and I can gratefully say that I’m doing much better. Aside from all of these exciting new features at CROF, I’ve been working tirelessly to finish my memoir, Dare to Move. the book is in the final editing stages and I cannot wait to publish in March. There will be a resale coming on a new website just before Christmas <3

Wishing you all the best holiday season!



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