This weekend was one for spending time with family and getting much needed sun and sleep. (Maybe a little too much sun).

The week before Easter weekend I was getting roughly four hours of sleep per night.

I went to Florida after the hellish week thinking I could jump *right* back into relaxing, getting more writing done and of course, some good training sessions.

It didn’t go *exactly* as planned.

After getting up at 3:30 a.m. (post AMAZING and LARGE SEDER meal with Jordan’s family), I finished emails and caught a 6 a.m. flight. I wasn’t the most energetic when I finally made it to Florida with Jordan.

However, we had a very yummy lunch to begin the weekend, (see below), and then went to play on the beach with my brothers.

ahi tuna

I ate this exact lunch three days in a row with Jordan’s help. I gave him three slices of tuna for five sweet potato fries.


Enter small win #1.

I put on a bikini. It was not too warm, but I wore that bikini and felt pretty good despite knowing that the night before I had eaten *much* more than what I need (at the Seder) and what I usually do to stay on track with my nutrition goals.

I wasn’t feeling like a super model, but I felt *so* comfortable; I did running races, handstands, jumps and flips.

I was letting it all hangout, unabashedly.

I realized, “this is freedom.”

I thought, “I am me. I am showing off what I work so hard on, and I feel freakin’ awesome doing it.”

If I could have my clients talk to themselves that way and get them to a point where they own their body– I will have won.

After years of training flexibility, yoga is a great way to maintain my flexibility.

After years of training flexibility, yoga is a great way to maintain my flexibility.

It is not so much about having a six pack as it is feeling like a rockstar. Six pack or not, I want my clients to attain the confidence I was feeling through lifting and fueling themselves well and not necessarily because they attain visible abs. If you are waiting for visible abs, you might be waiting forever.

If you work hard consistently, you may coincidentally get abs along with that rockstar feeling.

I can honestly say I don’t know if I have ever felt so confident in a bathing suit.

bird of paradise

bird of paradise

Enter some defense before small win #2.

After the beach my little brother Wyatt thought it would be fun to go lift together and I agreed. I figured Jordan and I could help him with his squatting form.

He was complaining about how he felt like he leaned too far forward.


We took a jaunt to the gym on that same first day in Florida. As Wyatt squatted I decided to do a mini workout.

Here was my mini, “I have little time, less is more, workout:”

-4 x 8 pull-ups
-4 X 5 ball slams
-5 X 5 squats @ 135 lbs

I could barely get those sets of 8 pull ups. After the first set, I ended up only getting 6&2 the second set, 4&4 the third, 5 & 3 the fourth.

Man, I was bummed.

However, with Jordan’s encouragement, instead of 5×5 squats, I went for 8 reps with 135 lbs on my back.

Never before had I hit that many reps with 135 lbs.

The weight was challenging and I will admit, not hitting my pull-ups and feeling the struggle with the squats bummed me out.

Why were these numbers I have been hitting for months now feeling so hard?

I let it get the best of me for a moment. It didn’t feel good. The more I felt the negativity and heeded those thoughts not only was I affected but so was Jordan.

This wasn’t cool. I hated seeing him frustrated too.

He helped me to see that NEVER had I done 135 lbs x 8 before. He reminded me how *little* sleep I had been getting. No wonder it felt hard.

So while I could focus on the negative of not hitting my pull-ups, it would be better for everyone if I could see the small win of hitting  135 x 8, two times, and feel awesome!

I realized then that coming off of very little sleep this weekend was going to be about the small wins.

Enter small win # 3.

I received three emails from college friends over the weekend who want to strength train with me. While I didn’t get to finish working on my up coming eBook– having new clients reach out was amazing!

Also, watching my current clients inspire others to join in was absolutely incredible. I cannot wait to see how these new clients progress over the next five weeks.

Katie I 8 wk progress

My client Katie posted about her amazing success over the weekend. Here is her beginning photos, 5 week and 8 week progress pics from strength training with me. Her photo inspired countless people.


Enter small win #4.

A nice pump! Jordan and I went to the gym on Monday for a serious pump.

We first worked hip thrusters first– sets of 10 with a pause on the tenth rep.

Then we did the following:

Bulgarian split squats 3×6/leg
Seated OH press 3×6

Single Leg Deadlift to lunge 4×8/leg
switch grip pull ups 3×3-2-1

Continuous density work for 8 mins:
Hip thrusts unweights 10 reps
Sumo rows 8 reps/arm
Lateral lunge with pulse 4/leg
Hindu pushups 4

Man! I felt good. I hadn’t felt good exercising in a while due to pure exhaustion; it was amazing to see how much better I perform with 8 hours of sleep– WIN!!

Enter win #5


My abs were sore on the plane ride home from laughing. Jordan and I decided to mimic my brother Hunter’s hilarious Jack Black impressions and giggle throughout the long plane ride(s) home. If you can have fun in the mundane, you will lead a good life. I was thankful he came with me to meet the family.


Traveling for a weekend can be short and sometimes tiring.

However, Jordan and I prioritized sleep, laughing, and movement. While it took a little extra planning and time to prioritize these things, I will say the weekend was a WIN.




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