Many of you probably didn’t know I was a pole-vaulter in high school.

I was quite good actually; considering I stand a mighty five feet two inches tall.


You can imagine how much I must have intimidated the other pole-vaulters at the track meets and of course, at Regionals, right?

Yeah, right…

But that’s the thing. One of the greatest things I ever learned from pole-vaulting, (and Track for that matter), is to run your own race.

Run Your Own Race [CROF Definition]: to focus on what you’re doing and not let the achievements, accolades, successes and downfalls of others cloud your vision or motivation.

Focus on yourself just enough to not mind others, but not come off as selfish. Do not heed successes of others enough to frustrate yourself, see your current position in negative light, or to distract you from your work.


This is much easier said than done.

However, I learned this lesson in the most simplistic form because I knew I couldn’t win my race (pole-vaulting).

All I knew is that I could be better, for me.

Be a Good one

I knew I wouldn’t place at the State meet, (or even make it to State), but I could do well for me and set a Personal Record.

I clearly remember girls around me at Regionals pole-vaulting over 11 feet.

I PR’d at 9’7″ and proudly set the (brand new high school’s) school record.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not telling anyone to settle, but what I am urging is for us all to be the BEST we can be— for ourselves by pushing ourselves regardless of what is going on around us.


Have you a friend that just got engaged? A friend that is traveling the world and posting incredible pics and you just want a weekend getaway?

What about the single friend you have, but can’t hang out because she is training to run a marathon?

These are all instances when we cannot compare ourselves to others; it is a losing and futile battle with ourselves internally.


But here’s why it [running your own race] is crucial for fitness goals:

Let’s say you and another friend are both working on losing fat– you friend is seeing great success (today) and you are not.

It sucks!

But you cannot let that be your motivation to give up or eat a cake.


Some people don’t start losing weight for six weeks on a diet. And, in this instant gratification lifestyle many of us don’t want to wait six weeks to see progress so we give up or halt our efforts.

We all need to run our own race.

So much good comes from doing this; but it is NOT easy.

Here are three simple tricks to help you run your own race:

1. Be present and #loveyournow

Own your current situation.

If your lifestyle is crazy busy and the only way for you to crush your fitness goals is to go to the gym at 5 a.m. (which means not hitting snooze at 4:30 a.m.) then GO!

Other people call you crazy??

So what!

You do YOU and YOU will see success.

Know where you are and where you are going; this way you can set a game plan.

In order to carry out that game plan effectively you have to make a conscious effort to be happy with your present.

Heeding negative thoughts on how you don’t look good in your workout gear, how you wish you looked differently or how you can’t run as fast as your friend is only wasting precious time you have to carry out that game plan.

Accept your now; #loveyournow, and get to work!



2. Set mini-goals

Here’s the deal: I have 30 some clients and all of them have roughly the same goal when you put it simply.

They all want to lose fat.

But they are all starting from different points, have different schedules and lifestyles.

They also all have different tools at hand to accomplish their goals.

If I gave them all the same workout and same timelines, I wouldn’t be such a great coach or help them at all.


Part of being the best coach I can be is helping my clients set mini-goals.

For some it might be to hit their nutrition guidelines for the next three days.

Blinders on, nothing else matters; just HIT THOSE NUMBERS.

For others it might be pushing them to hit just one more set of weighted pull-ups, getting another client to step outside and move a little more, or another client to incorporate more veggies in their diet.

Everyone takes a different path.

I have one client who makes a “daily focus” for each day of the week; that right there is the quintessence of a mini-goal.

I love it!

Take a second right now and think for three (mini) steps you could take today to accomplish one (mini) goal that will put you one step further on your path to the end goal.

What is it?

Tweet it to @garre26!!! Instagram it with #CROFMinigoals

I want to know!

3. Congratulate others and pick their brains; feed off of their success

When someone else does something awesome let them know.

Watching others accomplish goals is obviously motivational– it helps validate that hard work pays off and anything is possible.

But, take is a step further and start a discussion about it!


When my friend Leigh pressed the 24 kg bell, I wanted to know how it felt!

I wanted to hear what was going on in her head!

It is my goal to press the 24 kg bell and I want to know what it feels like to crush it so I can visualize pressing it even more.

That’s the thing, visualization is key.

Talking through something with a person who has the achievement under their belt is exciting!

It’s like the famous question, “If you could have dinner with one famous person who would it be?”

We ask people that because there are people in this world who have accomplished incredible feats; just because they have done it doesn’t mean it is restricted solely to them — anything is possible.

That person might have insight worth knowing!

So, congratulate your competitors; make your competitors your friends.

Instead of playing the comparison game and sitting in your corner only, talk strategy with others.

Sometimes taking a step outside of your own box will help you!

Even Abraham Lincoln used this strategy when he put all of his presidential campaign opponents in his cabinet after election. It’s a great strategy to learn from other successful, smart people. (Check out my favorite book, Team of Rivals).

Remember: we all have different schedules, past experiences, tools at hand, perspectives and routes to similar end goals.


There is no “right” way to do progress or success.

Run your own race and you can’t lose.


#daretomove #loveyournow #CROFminigoals





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