This is not your average “Holiday Gift Guide,” in fact, my December Faves: Fitness Edition are more informational than anything. Instead of telling you what to buy, today, and tomorrow, I’d like to take some time to share some realistic, sustainable ways to tackle fitness — especially during the holidays– and get results!


I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot more time in the kitchen over the holidays. When things take almost an hour to bake or prepare (I like baking holiday gifts!) my afternoon gym-time is shot.

But fear not, MoveWith has great workouts you can do in your kitchen! I swear!

You must know that many MoveWith workouts are advanced and some involve fitness machines and treadmills, however, *most* of the classes can be done on or around a yoga mat in your living room. I give the kitchen example because unless you live in a tiny apartment like I used to in Back Bay, chances are you have all the space you need for MoveWith workouts in your kitchen.

Even better? The bodyweight ones are very effective!

Expert Tip: don’t just try to take one class at random every now and then. Make a plan to do ___number of classes a week (another bonus: they’re short!) and then do the same ones, trying to improve each time for 3 to 4 weeks before you switch it up! If you want more intensity, get a cheap pair of dumbbell 10-20 pounds online or at Target and you can master the more advanced classes at home, in your PJs while baking… BAM!

Extra Tip: Check out my Body Blitz they are intense, short and highly effective!


I’ve learned the hard way that stress can detrimentally affect your health. Whether it’s chronic fatigue, digestive issues or headaches and pains, it will hit you if you don’t manage it. However, who has time during the holidays to exercise AND meditate?

For me, I’ve been subbing a workout that would have been lifting before, for yoga. I didn’t want to do this at first, you must know. In fact I had to because my favorite strength gym temporarily closed down. However, subbing one mixed lift routine for yoga has had the meditative, de-stressing effects I didn’t know I needed.

Yoga will help you feel better in your own body because it forces you to check in with how you feel in your own body while you move through poses, pause in poses and take a second to be still.

Be still?! 

Right. I know, I have a hard time being still too, which is WHY I’m doing yoga, at least once a week until the holidays are over, or I decide I’m over it.

Expert Tip: Do not think that sweating a lot in a hot yoga class means more calories burned. It means you need to prioritize hydration for many hours. Be safe, drink water 😉

Extra Tip: MoveWith has yoga!

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s is the most intense option on this list. You will perform runs, sprints, lunges, plyometrics, isometrics and many strength moves all in ONE HOUR.

It won’t kill you, but it WILL test you. It’s an upbeat, intense, and sexy environment that leaves everyone feeling inspired. I personally teach at the Downtown Boston location at 5 a.m. Wednesday through Friday and then 7:10 Friday and 4:20 p.m. Tuesday afternoon with subs sprinkled in. If you’ve never been before, email me and I can get you in for a free class, only prerequisite? It’s gonna be early!

Next week kicks off Hell Week at Barry’s the 11th of December through the 17th of December. It means that you get 5 classes at a discount, and are challenged to complete all 5 classes in the 7 day period. Its fun, challenging and exhausting in a good way.

Expert Tip: If you take Hell Week, do double-floor option at least twice. This way you prevent yourself form getting shin splints. Unless you regularly run 5 times a week, it’s best to ease into the running, and focus on the metabolism boost that lifting brings.

Extra Tip: They have amazing merchandise. Snag a Christmas present for your fit-friend and kill two birds with one stone!

Food Anxiety Group

Dare to Move Programs

At CROF we offer individualized strength training programs for you to do at your own pace. The program is uniquely tailored to your goals, skill level and access to equipment. AKA it’s V realistic. Whether you want a two-day, three-day or four-day workout program is up to you and your goals. CROF coaches will get on a call to go over the program they created for you to explain it, and watch video check-ins and comment on form, should you need it.

We’ve coached moms to build core strength post-baby, we’ve coached young moms into powerlifting meets and young men to achieve their fitness goals before age 30. Let us know if you’d like a program by clicking here, or emailing us

Expert Tip: the programs are 3 to 5 weeks long and require weekly check-ins, having a workout program designed for you, and your own individual coach will help keep you accountable during the holiday season!

Extra Tip: Purchase your program now, before prices go up in 2018, and we will honor your lower cost, and allow for a later start date if you want to wait to begin!

Wrapping Up

The holidays are not the easiest time to achieve your life-long goals of fat loss, strength or mass gain. However, just because there’s a Christmas tree in your house doesn’t mean you have to give up on fitness and the gym. It’s actually the contrary. To avoid stress, fatigue and depression with the darker days and colder whether, get active, and stay active with a sustainable option from above! If you have questions let me know!




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