Never, ever, EVER google “allergic to eye-lash extensions.”

I know you’re itching to open up a new tab, but seriously….


It’s gross and actually quite horrifying.

Today I want to talk to you about what beauty means to me because for the last six months I’ve kind of going through a whirlwind of self-discovery and my own mindset makeover about “beauty.”

It all started with buying new makeup last summer.

I was super amped about this new bronzer, new lip color, (like, me? wearing color on my lips?!) it was so. much. fun.


I started to get more into making myself up and by August I got eye-lash extensions.

Let me tell you ladies (and guys, don’t stop reading here because I’m sure this post ¬†letting you into a woman’s mind will absolutely make you a better husband, boyfriend or brother) they were a GREAT investment.

I’m not kidding, I could roll out of bed, maybe throw some concealer, lip gloss and clothes and show up anywhere feeling like a million bucks.

They made my eyes POP.


Anyway, after that I continued to keep up with the lipstick and stuff because it was super easy.

On top of more makeup I was getting leaner and feeling like my clothes fit better thanks to the #bikiniprep, and that was nice…. but the real thing that made me feel *really* pretty were the hair extensions I got for my bikini competition.

I always wanted longer hair.

And, most of the time, (at least for me) when I feel pretty I carry myself more confidently and tend to get more compliments.

However, my family was not into these hair extensions.

Nobody in my family told me they liked them.

There were no compliments given.

In fact there was even a late night conversation in Colorado where my Grandma inadvertently admitted she hated them by telling some story about how my grandfather would have “absolutely NEVER liked her to have ANYTHING fake.”

But I didn’t care, I liked them.

I felt beautiful.


I always wanted “barbie hair,” as three year-old me would describe it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s purple hair, a nose ring, a boob job, a new tattoo or bronze highlights, if it makes YOU feel pretty, GO FOR IT.

We are constantly inundated with what is “real,” what is “healthy,” what is “confident” what is “beauty”…………….

…………….beauty is a feeling.

It’s the way I feel when I am sitting on a chairlift, happy that I am healthy and fit enough to ski.

It’s when my blonde hair that I love so much hangs out of my helmet and makes me feel girly.

It’s when my lipgloss gets stuck to my neck warmer while I’m skiing reminding me that I’m a feminine girl.


I am a girly-girl and I like to feel pretty.

But here’s why understanding that beauty is a feeling is so important: you must feel pretty even when all the shells come off.

And here’s why my theory is true:

Ten days ago my body rejected the new eyelash extensions I got re-done after my Colorado vacation.

Not kidding. I woke up with pink, puffy, goopy eyes and looked like Will Smith in the movie Hitch.


It was terrifying.

After I got that situation under control I sadly had to have them removed.

On the ominous walk down Newbury Street to have them removed I thought about ALLLLLL of the compliments I’ve gotten on them.

Not kidding you, it seemed like more people complimented me on my eye-lashes than anything about me ever, in my entire life.

Would I still be pretty without them?


It was a weird feeling after they removed them. I felt naked. For a second I worried I was less pretty.

(Guys this is the part where you remember that when your gf, sister or wife comes home from any beauty appointment and seems down, SHE IS; just be there for her and don’t tell her it doesn’t matter, tell her you are sorry for her loss or disappointment).

I immediately booked an appointment for six days later to do a test set for different adhesives so that I could get them put back on without allergic reactions.

Well, that appointment happened last week and I wrote this email after spending 90 minutes that day picking lashes and goop out of my eyes.

No luck.

I can’t get them for a while now; my body is not having it.

But you know what?

When I spent 90 minutes staring at my eyes and admiring them while taking care of them I realized, I am pretty.

The lashes are kind of like sprinkles on a cake– the cake still tastes good without the sprinkles right?

Sprinkles aren’t always necessary (but they are so nice!!) and neither are the lashes.


Going through this made me appreciate the fact that despite what I put my eyelashes through the past six months they are all still there–thick and healthy!

They are resilient, gosh darnet!

This got me thinking about some people who may only think they are pretty when they are their most thin.

Can you relate?

You must know that:

1) your body is resilient as ever. If you were once 10 pounds lighter you can actually get back down to 10 pounds lighter, but you have to start with FEELING beautiful in the skin you’re in. Your body listens to you and will respond when you coach it to make change through self-love and self-care in a sustainable manner.

2) You don’t need to be 10 pounds lighter to be paid compliments and to feel beautiful.

3) Do what makes you feel confident, always.

And, in my case, when something happens and you can’t get eye-lash extensions, or you can’t get your hair cut, or you can’t be sun-kissed (because it’s freaking winter!!), OWN YOUR NOW.

Owning the current version of you is step one of self-love.

Going through this silly eye-lash thing that all started just because I felt pretty with them, made me think about what it will be like to go back to shorter hair– au natural…. and I am amped about it!

In today’s world we have options.

You can be what some people call “superficial,” you can be what some people consider “au-naturale,” BEAUTY is up to YOU and nobody else.

Beauty is a feeling. It’s a state of mind.

You are beautiful!

Don’t forget it. And, if you feel pretty wearing a certain eye-liner, blue hair or yellow pants… do it.

If someone tells you that you look pretty wearing “_____ ” or with “____” hair, thank them; but then worry more about how YOU FEEL wearing “___ ” or with “_____” hair.

It’s YOU feeling your best; you feeling pretty. That’s beauty.


Today, remember what you love about you and take a second to think about what makes you feel pretty– doesn’t matter what it is, but whatever it is, don’t be embarrassed about it!





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