“Make a goal, and set a date,” they all say. “A timeline will help you,” they say.

This year, however, I challenge you tomato a true resolution: set a goal without a deadline.

[CROF] definition of resolution: An aspiration to change something for the better, add something into your life, or create a new habit that suits you, which you carry out and stick to.

Thinking of a resolution in this light, will help you feel less pressure, and more committed to change, instead of “trying something on” for 30 days or less.

Understanding that the change you seek to make is a permanent but realistic thing will keep you from doing anything drastic. Should it be challenging? Sure. Impossible?

Setting a less extreme resolution is not a bad think! Little, doable things that add to your life–  not like making a crazy 12 step omelete for breakfast every day of 2018– will keep you committed. You’ll never “fall off the bandwagon” again!

At CROF, the Dare to Eat and Dare to Move programs have timelines on them, because the essence of time helps us track progress and gives the client a better understanding of how long they need to be focused on a diet until they see fat loss results that they want. But, if you talk to any of your clients, they’ll tell you that #daretoeat is NOT a short-term fix.

I wanted to send you an email to thank you for changing my life into a healthier and happier one! I was going through old pictures on my phone and found the first pictures I sent you in October 2016 when I first started your program and decided to take ones this morning to see the progress from the last year. I was in AWE! I know I’ve made progress as your program has taught me a lifestyle change and not a crash diet, but wow what a year makes! This also proves how important nutrition is and not just how many workouts you do in a week. You’ve taught me how to live a healthy life while still enjoying it and being able to have pizza one night or some drinks at a celebration. You even taught me to slow down with all my workouts and trust I will still get good results and I have!!

You may resolve to lose weight, and seek our help in the beginning the quest– we would LOVE to help you!

But so you know, our program is a lifestyle change.

And unless you are a client who wants to compete, 99% of clients end the program and don’t feel like nothing changes moving forward! It’s truly a shift in their way of life.

Consider making a resolution this year, not an intense set of goals with deadlines. Comment below with your CROF Resolution



P.S: My 2016 resolution was to be more social. If you have a similar resolution, consider our Dare to Eat retreat this coming June!!!


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