To put it simply: it’s a fat loss program.

To take it  a step further and demonstrate #DareToEat’s impactful nature: it’s a lifestyle change.

We teach “moderation” without using that word because let’s be real, moderation is hard!

We are NOT a program that puts certain foods/beverages off limits. (Unless of course you’re allergic to something).

We are NOT a program that promises FAST, OVERNIGHT results. In fact, we ask for a 12-week commitment and PREACH to our clients that the 12 weeks is truly short-term in the grand scheme of life!

We are NOT a program that encourages never-ending bouts of cardio or even mandates ___ hours or exercise.

Our goal is to teach YOU how to feed / nourish your body in the even that you broke a leg and could not exercise for three months!

We do NOT subscribe to the belief that food is only permitted after hours of exercise logged.


And, learning to eat this way takes time. Which is why, again, we ask for a 12-week commitment and each week we deliver a “learning sheet” to your inbox so you have something top-of-mind to focus on each and every day throughout the three-month process.

We teach to EMPOWER people and strength their own beliefs in themselves. We love working with clients long-term, however the majority of our clients come for 12 weeks and leave empowered for the rest of their lives.

We are taking on new clients and we’d love to work with you. We’ve intimately serviced over 500 unique individuals (men and women!) and I have personally worked with about 100 brides.

But we are more than what we say on paper… we are dedicated coaches who work to connect with you and build a relationship in order to uncover any blockages you may have spiritually, mentally or emotionally that are holding you back from losing fat. To get a sense for who we are, check out my video below.

I’m the head coach at Crossroads of Fitness. You can read more about one of our other coaches, Lauren Palm, in a more recent article she wrote.

Check out the video below and if you’re interested in working with us or for us, click here to sign up!



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