Feeling tired, wiped out and unenthusiastic about a 6 a.m. flight on New Year’s Day, 2017, at 12:05 a.m. I escaped a large ballroom, stone-cold sober, while my BFF Shannon and her high school friend went out on the town, after watching the bar drop in a large crowd while DJ Matoma played before our eyes.

Fell in love with this DJ tonight. #matoma

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She handed me the keys to her apartment, and waited for me to flag down a cab before I set off to eat pizza, feel lame and pack. So unsure of what 2017 would bring, (I was still contemplating breaking my lease and leaving Boston), I ate pizza and filmed a selfie video so I’d remember my small and vague resolutions. In said video (this will not be shown for years to come), I proclaimed that I wanted to fall in love, laugh more, and spend more quality time with friends and family. Wistful, huh?

Well, wistful as it was,the falling in love part  was also wishful! And that I did!

But beyond that “goal” I was very unsure of most things. If you follow me on social media, you probably remember this post which basically highlighted more vague things like: “I want to conintue to be a good person, see the positive in people and be a good friend.” All great things, but also all indicative of a very unsure young woman.

If you have your health (or the drive to prioritize doing your best to take care of yourself), time and giggles with the ones you love, friends who call to say hello, favorite snacks that aren't hard to find, someone who even just the thought of inspires a smile, warm cozy sweats and plans to do something fun on your calendar, you're gonna be OK this year. For me, I don't have any hard and fast resolutions this year (gasp!), but I have a short list of habits I'm going to be more mindful of (listed at the end of this). I have some big exciting things on my calendar, but not because I want to make 2017 a "thing;" I have them because they're in my nature and I'm constantly moving and doing what I love. In 2016 I had a LOT of fun. I giggled as much as I did when I was 7 and hunter was 5 (he always cracked me up). I stayed out late. I woke up early. And I worked really hard. But that's the thing, hard work doesn't guarantee success. All it guarantees is comfort in knowing that you're owning your passions and not giving up on yourself. Hard work brings me clarity and happiness, and so I KNOW I'll continue to "grind." For all of you out there without SUPER SOLID resolutions (like me), let's make little baby resolutions. Mine are as follows: be very polite and courteous, continue to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, smile more, hug harder, show strangers compassion, be neater, drink more water. My biggest fear for 2017 is that I won't get to spend as much time with dear friends as I did in 2016, because that was the biggest blessing for me– I got to spend quality time with everyone (I know and love). You've got you and your dreams; that's all you need. #powerfullyin2017 #daretomove

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Wrapping up 2017, I actually know what I want. At least I *think* I know what I want. it can be broken down into five items. How awesome! Before I break them down for you, I’ve structured them a specific way. You see, if you’re on my Daretomove Motivator Newsletter you’ve been learned that there are three keys to goal crushing, and they might not be what you think! To crush your goals, you must:

  • Discuss your goals with someone – NOT just instagram
  • Make them fluid
  • Know that there’s no rush!

So I’ve learned, unless you’re a bodybuilder, a marathon runner or someone with a make or break deadline, not rushing your goals is a major part of accomplishing them. 2017 taught me that it’s in the lulls, the down times and the times I tell myself I should be working more, that I end up having an aha! moment. I won’t discount that timelines are VERY helpful in goal setting, I’m here to tell you that those types of goals are not the ONLY goals.

2018’s five goals are a mix between some deadline goals, and some lifestyle goals without timelines:

  1. Get on a schedule!
  2. Save money
  3. Continue to adventure
  4. Whole30
  5. Successfully publish my book


First up: Schedule

I love routine! But, as an entrepreneur with five jobs, I have no such rhythm. Not kidding you, I pray for this at night. Give me a rhythm to this life, God!

Here’s the thing, when you work for yourself you have to set the tone for each day: you create the work, you do the work and you also have to be yourself and live as a normal person who has leisure time. Sounds easy, right?

Well, I’ve been the 5 a.m. teacher for about 2 years now. While 2017 brought a small change (starting May 2017 I only had to teach three 5 a.m. classes a week), they are still taking a toll on me. I’m unfortunately also not teaching as much in general at the moment. A blessing and a curse: not teaching spinning or as many Barry’s classes leaves me with more free time for Real Estate and my business, but it also leaves me with less blocks of time to build my life around.  Much of each day is “free.” I’ve had to hustle to fill it with random things. The last time I had a “normal” set of four weeks in a row where I did the same thing everyday was October 2015.

I’m ready for a schedule and I’m not yet sure how it will take form. Whether I pick up more coaching hours at more normal hours, or I start doing more real estate, this goal is first on the list because it will take more trial and error, more research and patience as I figure it out.

Second: save money

You may know that I’ve been working on a book called Dare to Move. It’s a memoir about my early twenties and I could not be more excited (and freaked out!) to publish it in early 2018. In order to pay for a self-publishing package, pay an editor monthly (three times a luxury car payment) for over 15 months and spend the TIME on writing it in the first place, I’ve spent a lot of money.

This is a hard and fast goal to make back at least half of what I spent, over the course of 2018.

You also may understand how stressful moving is. Just recently I did a mini-furnishing project on my apartment so that I would have spent money on all the things I need before the new year. This way, I can use the handy new spreadsheet my handsome boyfriend made for me and track what I save! It’s going to be an exciting, competitive project for me!

Third: continue to adventure

Going into 2017, I already had a mother-daughter surfing trip planned. We went to Puerto Rico and had an amazing time (minus my odd foot infection, mishap with surfing into fire coral and sunburn). Every wave was worth every injury!

On January 28th, I had my first date with my boyfriend Jeff, who took me on a snowboarding adventure. Or fourth date was a weekend trip to ski Mount Snow in Vermont, and since then we’ve ventured to Florida, New York City, Rhode Island, Aspen, Indiana, and various parts of New Hampshire all to wakeboard, hike, snowboard, fish, swim, and see family. It’s been a nonstop adventure.

Exhausting at times, we learned to balance all of the travel and we also learned what it takes to do these from trips: ample planning. I aim to continue to adventure with him so it continues to be an integral part of our life together.

Fourth: Whole30 

You’ve read about my gut healing journey. It was a nightmare and to heal, I ate a lot, rested more than usual and increased my fats to help heal my brain and my gut. And doing so caused weight gain. But I’m not on a fat loss mission just yet.

Before I can work on getting back to my lean, mean (confident!) self, I want to do the Whole30.

One week ago, I received test results showing that my inflammation levels are still really high. So beyond simply focusing on consuming anti-inflammatory foods (adding in pineapple, walnuts etc. like I already have been doing), I’d like to try and cut out anything and everything that may be causing inflammation.

If you’ve been a CROF follower for a while, you’re probably laughing, as I am too, because I alway jab at this “diet” as unsustainable and unrealistic– which it is! My opinions on this for fat loss is unchanged. However, I love that it provides me with clear-cut guidelines for 30 days, to make improvements on biomarkers I need to change for the better.

Inflammation is also a sign that something isn’t quiet right, which is why I need to do something a little more drastic (Whole30).  I’m ready to feel good in my own body! It’s been a long journey, but I can see progress, which is oh-so motivating!

After completing the Whole30, I’ll see how I feel, continuing to take all my supplements, drink my celery juice, through the year. My hope is that I continue to lose inflammation in my body, lose weigh on the scale, and by April, be able to start losing a little fat.

Side note: I am doing 98% Whole30, because I am starting today, and taking off 1.5 days to have 2 cocktails for NYE 🙂

Fourth: successfully publish Dare to Move

There’s no recollection of pen to paper or fingertips on a keyboard striking the first words of Dare to Move. I truly don’t remember when I began writing my memoir. A moment from the early stages which sticks out is December 2015, when I looked down in my cozy Colorado bed on vacation and had 89,000 words typed.

Over the past almost three years there’s been times that my memoir, Dare to Move was all I had– the only thing certain. Yet, it’s never been certain. All it is, is my take on my life and some interesting events that transpired in my early 20’s, that I told myself I was going to start, and finish.  It’s got Sex in the City elements, it’s got all the trials and tribulations of a coming-of-age novel and it’s even got an element of conspiracy.

I plan to publish this book in March or April of 2018. There will be three options: Kindle, hard back (signed and disseminated by me), and paperback, available on Amazon.

The website will be live very soon, and to be honest I’m petrified. I’ve been in practice of vulnerability for years now with this CROF business, but never have I stood completely alone telling my story, through my lens, no holds barred.

“Successful” to me, means that you, dear reader, feel something. You ride the rollercoaster of which is my story, you excitedly wonder what happens next and that you feel sad, happy, and probably mad at me, at points in the story. My biggest dream, or the greatest aspect of how I am defining “success” here is: I’d like enough readers to enjoy the writing enough that I can write another.

Stay tuned for updates, IT. IS. HAPPENING!


What’s on your 2018 goal-agenda?

These are all goals I’ve discussed with Jeff and my family. Talk to your friends and family, before posting them to social media. If you want to talk about your goals, shoot me an email, maybe I can help!

If your goals have to do with physical fitness, like getting a chin-up learning to deadlift, getting faster, email me, I can help! If they have to do with losing weight, losing fat or learning more about how to improve your gut health so that you can lose fat, I can also help with that too.

Unbeknownst to many is that I also offer business coaching. In three years I’ve guided nine people into their fitness careers online and in real life, so shoot me an email if you want help with that too. (gwcrof@gmail.com)

I hope that your 2018 goals are focused but fluid, strategic and thorough. YOU GOT THIS!!!




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