After three years of offering fitness and fat loss programs, Crossroads of Fitness has a new offering(!!!!!)

The #Daretoeat Full Experience was born out of passion to help women and men who not only have fat loss goals, but fat loss hurdles greater than calorie and macro tracking can handle. This hits home for me personally, actually, it hits home for all of us personally.

Together, Lauren and I are partnering with Kristin Thomas of Thrive By Food to offer #Daretoeat with a a more thorough twist, called the #Daretoeat Full Experience.

What does it entail?

The program has a longer intake process before the 12 weeks of fat loss begins. You will begin the program by running a simple food sensitivity test* that will uncover if you are reacting to any of over 150 different food types. Food sensitivities can be at the root of weight loss caused by chronic inflammation. *Test fee not included. Price of test: $295 (it’s worth EVERY penny!!)

After the results come in, Kristin reviews the results with the client, interpreting the results and advising them on *what* they should eat and what to avoid.

In example, if you were learn that you’re sensitive to kale, broccoli and spinach, Kristin would coach you moving forward as you eliminate these foods, identifying what other foods you should include to ensure you’re not deficient in Vitamin K.

Why Food sensitivities test?

Kristin advises we start with this to help reduce inflammation. Simply avoiding foods you’re sensitive too can reduce inflammation (puffiness!) and even scale weight! If we know your true weight going into Dare To Eat we can best help you achieve you toward your fat loss goals.

What comes after the test?

Assuming that the test shows a few items you can now avoid, if the client has no other requests from Kristin, they can move onto work with me and Lauren. We are the creators, enforcers and accountability partners in the fat loss portion of the #DTE Full Experience. Upon receiving Kristin’s recommendations we will help clients with the HOW to lose fat, and HOW to apply their new nutrient guidelines to their fat loss goals.

What else?

If you have no for sensitive but have been dealing with gut health issues, or even have sensitive but don’t feel resolve, Kristin will be at your fingertips to proctor more functional nutrition tests like stool tests, urine analysis and more to help resolve you gut health issues. Fat loss cannot be a priority with serious gut conditions.

We want to help you!

The Full Experience launches today, (Dec. 4th) and will be on sale until January 1st. If you purchase today, you can wait until after the holidays to start if that is your wish.

Program Details:

  • Cost: $599, $425 on sale
  • Duration: 14 to 16 weeks, depending on how quickly you take the food sensitivities test
  • One 30 minute call with Kristin to review results
  • Access and follow-up with Kristin on other gut health issues, client pays cost of the additional tests as well as lab fee for food sensitivities test.
  • One phone call a week with myself or Lauren
  • Weekly fat loss program updates
  • Discounted #Daretomove fitness program


Before you sign up, we encourage you to check out and learn more about Functional Nutrition Specialist, Kristin Thomas. You can sign up on her site, or by clicking here on to to purchase on our programs page.

After each of us experienced gut health issues we learned how important having guidance and help is in healing, however, none of us were fortunate to have a team of people offering the FULL EXPERIENCE we needed at the time. Let us help you from beginning to end, inside and out! #daretoeat


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