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I am short. I am blonde. I love to be outside. I love to lift heavy weights. Mildly obsessed with pull-ups, handstands and flips. I like a good physical challenge or dare. I love coffee. I like to laugh. I think I’m funny.

 I was born and raised in Indiana and attended Miami University in Ohio. I studied Journalism and Business Management and Legal Studies, minoring in French. With a zest for nature, travel and going outside my comfort zone I lived and worked in my favorite state, Colorado, for the entire summer of 2010.

My first ever fitness certification was through Miami. I was group fitness certified over the course of one year. Part of the program was learning how to teach an 80s style step class!

In college I taught TRX and spinning classes with the occasional bootcamp.

After college I coached small group TRX and bootcamp classes. I also instructed at various Shred415 location in chicago teaching treadmill programming and strength/HIIT exercises.

I am passionate about movement.

I care about teaching others how to find their best physique and eat well.

Now in Boston I teach spinning at CYC and HIIT classes at Barry’s Bootcamp.

At Crossroads of Fitness I coach nutrition and strength one-on-one.

This is a website meant to inspire others. It is a place where I pull from my own experiences to help motivate men and women alike to find the best version of themselves by way of movement.

I believe in finding your own strength. I believe there is difference between what you think you can do and what you can actually do– you can actually do more.

I think through confidence in one’s physical strength, one can find mental and emotional strength.


I am a fitness enthusiast, avid skier, sister, daughter and friend. I like to make sense of my experiences by storytelling and I love to push others through group fitness classes. In Indiana I used to substitute teach at Fit Flex Fly. In Chicago I taught small group TRX classes at Rebell Conditioning, taught spinning at LA Fitness, and taught HIIT classes at Shred415 (all locations). Currently in Boston I am training to teach at CYC (which will be open soon),and HIIT classes at Barry’s Bootcamp Boston.

I am an SFG Level I,  NSCA-PT certified, Madd Dog Spin certified instructor, TRX certified instructor and Precision Nutrition Level I certified.


At night when trying to fall to sleep, I imagine myself skiing the trees; I visualize gymnastics skills; and I picture things like this:



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